Leaked: Nokia Lumia 719c

| March 17, 2012 | 59 Replies

The Nokia 719c was a CDMA variant of the Nokia 710. Up to now it was thought that it would just be a 710 but it’s a little different.

The design styling and colour scheme somewhat reminds me of the Nokia 801T


Here is a comparison with the 710. The 719c is expected this month and would be heading to China Telecom. As you can see in the picture, this design already seems to lend itself to trapping dust.

It possibly resembles the 610 a bit more.


Source: Tieba.baidu.com

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  1. Viipottaja says:

    Nice to see another Lumia design emerge – wonder if this is the same design the Verizon Om was suppoded to have? Looks like it could be, based on the little I heard of the Verizon model.

    • Marianooi says:

      wow another lumia, wow is very similar to the other.
      Wow im so excited :|

    • BellGo says:

      I don’t think this is a good thing.. Nokia used to make way too many models with minor differences.. this seems to be one of them.

      • Viipottaja says:

        Some truth to that yes. However, there not that many WP models yet and they do need to crank out a few models for different price points and its also great they already have CDMA phones out – something they oddly did not seem to get right with Symbian. And, the more important point is that they are making carrier variants (as I believe this was a design intended for Verizon initially) which is something they had more or less refused to do as well. So, it seems they are a bit faster and more responsive.

        @Marianooi, so, I am not exited about the phone per se – its not like I live in China, or that the specs of the phone are great or have a contract with a CDMA carrier even – but I am exited, or rather, happy, to see Nokia’s roll out of WP strategy continues at good pace to CDMA as well and into the largest smartphone market (by value) no less!

  2. KF says:

    12+ mm thickness?? if yes, there should be something wrong inside Noki’s design department (10-11 should be very fine)

    • aikon171 says:

      2010 C6-01 13.9mm
      2010 N8 12.9mm

    • Jon says:

      Thinness is a preference. I find the N8 to be much more comfortable to hold than a iPhone for instance. I can cup the N8 in my palm, while i have to hold the iPhone with my fingers. For me, a phone is thin enough when it fits your pocket, and anything after that is debatable. But as always, what Apple does is soon seen as a requirement.

  3. ICEman says:

    Now that is 100% 701/C7 clone…

  4. Mushfiq says:

    I like it. I wanted 710 in full cyan n pink. I think this is the answer. Bring it on nokia.

  5. Chen Zhe says:

    It looks so similar to Nokia 801T! I guess the very same design team has designed the two carrier subsidized phones for China market. Anyway, it is really interesting to see how Nokia will begin their marketing for WP7 phones in China.

  6. Madratz says:

    Yuck..!! Put an HTC badge on that, I’m willing to swear that comes from the Taiwanese company. So glad Its powered by WP.. If its Symbian, I’ll be mad..!! Haaah..!!

  7. Kaizer Allen says:

    Hopefully, the Lumia 719 isn’t just exclusive to the Chinese territories. This phone should have a GSM variant for the other regions (especially Europe and North America). It would make a good successor to T-Mobile’s 710, if the 800 is not coming to it at all!

  8. ms.nokia says:

    the 719c looks more cheaply manufactured than the 610

    • Kaizer Allen says:

      I think it will all change once the official press shots are out. Remember that when the 600, X7-00 and E6-00 were leaked, people complained about how ugly these phones are (it then all changed after launch).

      • Twig says:

        Do we start seeing these c’s at Verizon’s?

        • Viipottaja says:

          There were rumors of a 719 coming to Verizon. Whether it was this exact same design or not, not sure. Probably something similar if not the same. But Verizon, again reportedly, has decided to not carry it. Hopefully they pick some Lumia Apollos.

        • Kaizer Allen says:

          Probably and hopefully, not. It is better to see it named just the Lumia 719. Without any suffixes — or if they should, keep it internally. And not as the main product’s official name. That way of naming just doesn’t look “clean” to me.

  9. aikon171 says:

    according to the deep level black display, i guess it is Clear Black AMOLED, as same as 800′s

    • A-S-D says:

      AMOLED screens are blue not black

      LCDs appear black when not on, AMOLEDs appear blue when not on

      Not sure how distinct it is on its own but next to each other they’re extremely noticeable. I find it pretty noticeable on my N9 as well. You can only see it when the screens off but not when its on but with black parts which just appear black.

  10. indonesian says:

    as a blend lumia 710 with lumia 610

  11. indonesian says:

    as a blend lumia 710 with c7

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    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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