Windows Phone 8 (and Tizen 1), Nokia Belle FP1 for Nokia 603, 700, 701 spotted at HTML5 test

| March 24, 2012 | 61 Replies

Yesterday there was a post well Belle FP2 was noticed on the Nokia 701.

Now we can also see Windows Phone 8 on the test as well as Tizen (the spawn of Samsung and Intel, with history in MeeGo and Maemo).

The HTML5 score has improved significantly to 298 for WP8, though I place much more importance on real life usage performance for browsers  (speed, fluidity, stability) than HTML5 scores. I still somewhat wish for flash for mobile.

Something else that is there shows Belle FP1 for the Nokia 603. Some folks weren’t sure that was going to get the update (despite Finnish NokConv saying so, it wasn’t in the English one).

Cheers Akhil for the tip!

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  1. Diogo says:

    if nokia stop meego and symbian, Symbian and N9 users will change to samsung Tizen. Nokia will die!

  2. Paul says:

    Tizen has a high score. A hint for strong GPU/CPU-Power?

  3. Arun says:

    maybe tizen is using that new intel atom 10nm processor?

  4. Kaizer Allen says:

    Samsung knows there is a future in open source MeeGo, that’s why they were quick to continue where Nokia left off and changed it completely to Tizen. Somehow I’m still hoping that one day, Nokia will announce that their Symbian and MeeGo products will co-exist with Windows Phone on their device portfolio, and there is no need to drop Qt and their homegrown platforms.

    • Titanium says:

      In someway they did. Meltemi will replace Symbian and MeeGo and only later S40. In any case Qt and Linux will leave on Nokia

      • Pdexter says:

        Nokia didn’t ever even make MeeGo phone as the development of it was slow. Harmattan is totally based on… harmattan/Maemo 6 with MeeGo layer added. Something that was never needed in the end.

        Qt is the thing Nokia has been developing for years and where the resources have gone. It’s way too of a big peoject that Nokia will drop it.
        It will live on Meltemi and if Nokia gets itself to safe waters we might see something else from it as well.

    • Pdexter says:

      Qt is nor present on Tizen. It’s all HTML5 based and already laughing stock on the dev community.

      It has receiced zero interest from anywhere, not even from Maemo devs.

      • dakedk2 says:

        It is still possible. Qt is largely used by open source/linux devs to deploy their apps. Even android support is there too, via community port like Necessitas. And Qt has 3 main programming language, you can choose qml, c++ or html5

        • Joana says:

          Qt is what can allow devs to write apss for more then one platform and easy to port between them, now MeeGo/Symbian/Meltemi/SXX/Tizen and would be good to add Android among above. This would lower costs of development and could help Nokia. But not any Windows shit!
          I will not change to Windows Phone even if Nokia will continue wasting of resources for hopeless Windows Phone. Perhaps Steve and Stephen are having fun but obviously they are not willing to pay for consequences of catastrophe and destruction of Nokia as mobiles manufacturer. There are 18 (yes: one eight) mobile phones with Windows Phone available on the market. Why next one 19, 20 and 21 so Lumias are to be different? Because Steve and Steve are having good fun? In general this is artificially feeded mobile zombie, don’t bite me please!

    • lordstar says:

      Yep Nokia stressed the “until AT LEAST 2016″ for support for Symbian. So I’m guessing if enough people still prefer the platform then I guess Nokia will carry on with Symbian support.

      And now we see Belle feature pack 1 and 2. More updates for Symbian so yeah that’s good for me.

      • Kaizer Allen says:

        Developers are having a hard time writing apps for Symbian and Elop stressed that it will be hard to adapt to future technologies using the platform. I have no idea what’s it called, but I heard it has something to do with the codebase or structuring of the operating system, due to it being ancient. Whatever that is, I know someone’s gonna get my point. Now, the question is, “Is it possible to distance from the programming language where the OS is based as of this very moment, use Linux instead and still call it Symbian?” RIM did the same with BlackBerry 10.

        Version numbers of Symbian are entirely confusing. They really should start all over again.

  5. Dave says:

    Slightly off-topic, but what is know at this point about the status of WP8/Apollo ?

    Will it have the same interface as WP7? Is it expected to be first introduced at Nokiaworld 2012? Etc :)

    (yes I googled/binged, just mentioning it here to see if I missed any rumours)

    • Joana says:

      Dude, who cares about all this Winws shit? We are talking about mobiles, but now that boring close creap, ask best friends of destruction Elop and Balmer they will better answer you. And will answer why if Windows is so fantastic, and there is 18 WP mobiles available + 3 Lumias, and there were (or is) about 200 (two zero zero) Windows Mobile devices from 2002 – then why Windows for mobile devices still has 0.78% share in the worldwide market of mobile OSes? And why Nokia from leading worldwide mobile manufacturer is going to start existence among all that other Windows devices in 0.78% worldwide market share?? Then tell all of us effects of your researches. Now go, and don’t disturb please.

  6. Chen Zhe says:

    It seems that Belle FP2 is corresponding to S60 5.5, while we have known that Symbian^3/Anna is 5.2 and Belle is 5.3. What about Belle FP1 then?

  7. yemko says:

    AFAIK FP1 will be 5.4

  8. yemko says:

    fuck Nokia, let see what tizen will be like. HMMM!!! I smell OS maturity

  9. paul says:

    I would like to have symbian carla soon as windowsphone is obsolete package really.

    I like n9 desgin but with symbian carla on it.

    • Joana says:

      I was thinking about this. Nokia N9 could be multiboot and have MeeGo and Symbian and Android together. For masochists: also Windows phone. Symbian on N9 would be more then fantastic, especially from Bella and above. Am I right, tell me please??
      (Balmer/Elop twins – please go where ever and don’t disturb)

  10. farhan says:

    do you think Nokia will give any meego in future ???

    it is a Linux based and only OS can destroy android and iOS FORM THIS WORLD in 2012…

    just they have to launch at least one more n9 successor and one meego teb these two product can boom nokia just 2 dam things

    • Joana says:

      This is obvious. But Elop with Balmer are self focused on Windows toy-shit and got Nokia customers in the bootom deeply. Almighty God save Nokia from shit of all kind!

  11. muhsen says:

    hey Jay Montano, most people knew that nokia 603 will get fp1 upgrade as it was mentioned in nokconv(the english one)
    but what we don’t know is :will it get the cpu boost from 1ghz to 1.3 ghz like 700 and 701? as u can see in the last paragraph(where it mentions the cpu boost thingy) the nokia 603 is not mentioned.but before that article u mentioned that heidi something(can’t remember her surname) replied to someone about saying that the 603,700 and 701 will get fp1 upgrade and the fp1 will bring cpu boost(without specifying 700 and 701). so which is correct? would u please try to get any piece of information regarding this?

  12. Regine Velazques says:

    Samsung developing Tizen from 3 years ago

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