Video: Nokia Lumia 900 at AT&T store? $99, 2 year contract?

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Someone was apparently at their AT&T store and recorded this video on their blurrycam ( it’s an iPhone, you can see the apple logo and the old curvy back visible on the 900’s reflective camera part) of the Nokia Lumia 900.

The video is brief, looks to be in a store. The description states some info we’ve been hearing a lot. I wonder if they’re reiterating what has been said online or if this is confirmed from AT&T


I’ve played with the Lumia 900 at my local AT&T store. It’s scheduled to come out on Easter Sunday, April 8 for $99.00 with a 2 year contract.

You can hear some children in the background (so it’s not a reupload at some mobile event) and the lady at the end asks the guy to ‘Please don’t run away with it’ and then both laugh.

They seem to have a Heart Radio tile on their main screen. That’s usually the placement for Xbox. It seems they haven’t set up any emails yet either so possibly just fresh out of the box.



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  • jason

    *sigh* Another person who doesn’t know how to hold a camera/video recorder.

  • jonnyjl

    If it comes in 16GB I would hope it would only be $99.

    I don’t know how people get by with so little, but I guess if its only Apps it would do.

  • Joana

    That is boring phone! Better tell us when Nokia N9 will available there! There are 18 mobile phones with Windows Phone and all are identical. This is obvious that when all the rest of them are nothing special then also Lumia is so so cheap staff – and this is why it is at this price – it is just unwanted mobile. Only enormous marketing keep this zombie-phone alive. That smells for me with smell of nothing good.

    • I agree.

      No wonder they are not even including headphones, as they are trying to go with the 99 dollars. If they really go with that price and no headphones, it really feels cheap, which for some strange marketing reasons is a bad thing nowadays! It won’t feel premium, and people are going to leave it in the shops…
      Also the package design is not very nice.

      • Kops

        How it will feel cheap?

        The build quality has already been said to be amazing.

        Would super cheap one dollar headphones somehow improve the build quality. I’m confused.

    • J

      You are aware that more people want this than the N9? I like mine, but really let’s stop being always this or that. Just buy whatever you like, you just come off as a retard when you assume the whole world feels the same as you.

      Then again this is mynokiablog I’m probably expecting too much…

      • KeiZka

        Don’t mind the rabid ones.

      • Harangue

        It is the same story everyday, N9 lovers hate (bar some exeptions) Windows Phone and everything and everyone that has something to do with it.

        Windows Phone lovers/buyers tend to see the potential of the N9 but also see some of the potholes in the road it would inevitably hit if it were the main strategy.

        • Shilow

          That’s the indomitable truth right there, not.

          • Mark

            Actually it is.

            • Shilow

              Says one of the biggest hypocrites at MNB.
              I’ve read most of your little BS spiels.
              You’re not fooling anyone as some kind of impartial bastion.

              • Shilow

                Take a look at this thread for e.g.
                Couldn’t help yourself, such a hypocrite.

                • Mark

                  Yeah… one topic. Got any other examples or are you just throwing around baseless assumptions?

                  Shoo. You bore me.

                  • Shilow

                    “Shoo. You bore me.”

                    Oh your superior intellect is just too much.
                    Wow I better back-off or your huge brain may squash me.
                    LOL whatever matey…

                    I’m not wasting my time running around finding all your biased little remarks.
                    They’re pretty damn common, at least when I was last following MNB regularly they were.

                    I know what I’ve read… People can dig-it-up if they want to be sure.
                    I couldn’t give a shit if they believe me or not, it’s on the public record.

                    Now there could be two or more Mark’s that post in a similar fashion.
                    But I very much doubt that…
                    If there is and I’m recalling mostly his/her posts.
                    Then I offer my unreserved apologies.
                    But it’s doubtful….

              • Mark

                Right. A couple of posts in one topic – on topic and in response to an absurd statement – is the same as ranting in pretty much every topic about WP.

                Oh wait, it isn’t.

              • Twig

                I own a N9 and will licking the Nokia 900 in white. The 900 offers me a os I love and the potential with Microsoft for a greater hardware/software growth for Nokia, working together to bring us the future. My N9 offers a os I love minus the app selection I desire out the gate, however I would love to see the N9 grow its line as long as it can use ice cream sandwich for useful growth of its apps without having to be a Android device,still able to be MeeGo. Think hardware without having to pay for ice cream plus MeeGo. Big margins. See no reason not to be a multiple software user. Its just hard, if not impossible, to build a meego app store that could compete with the 3 ecosystems.

          • Harangue

            Ofcourse it isn’t the be all, end all truth. Yet the people that love Symbian and the N9 show far more hatred towards anything and anyone that likes or uses Windows Phone.

            There are exeptions on both sides ofcourse. Like WP lovers that say MeeGo/N9 is dead, Symbian needs to die etc. That isn’t very nice either. Just like the Symbian/N9 lovers often say that tiles UI sucks/is boring.

            What does that help? Right, nothing at all. I won’t deny I don’t like Symbian, I think it is slow and cumbersome and just annoying to use at times. Yet I can acknowledge its good battery performance and plethora of supported things and standards.

            BTW; your reply kind of proves me right, just a single sentence that is kind of condescending and adds very little. I’m not by any means implying that every single N9 lover acts that way, yet it does appear to be the MO for the majority.

            Like I said, there are also WP lovers that can be like that. Yet I see a little more constructive comments from some and also more respectful ones.

            • Shilow

              [“BTW; your reply kind of proves me right, just a single sentence that is kind of condescending and adds very little.”]

              How was your OP any better…
              You’re not posting anything of substance in relation to the article that helps/informs WP/Maemo/Symbian usrs.
              You’re merely fanning the original trolling by continuing a “us & them” debate.

              [“Like I said, there are also WP lovers that can be like that. Yet I see a little more constructive comments from some and also more respectful ones.”]

              No shit, because there’s now (almost) 3x times as many Nokia WP devices than Maemo6x ones.
              And it’s being pushed harder “overall” around the world “LT”.
              Even selling “far better” in every market according to the most rapid WP fans.
              And I tend to agree in most instances it is, or will be in shorter order.
              Shit it better be….

              So all this means what? More users!
              Which means far more of the content on this site is shifting towards WP as are more of the usrs compared to Maemo.
              Which means you tend to have far more users that are agreeable to your viewpoint.
              The Maemo6x platform’s slowly being marginalised, so naturally you’re going to get more users that complain/troll or ask Maemo Qns in WP content.
              That surprises you?????

              The same would be true for WP users had it been them that were in the same position.
              It’s got nothing to do with WP usrs somehow being innately better behaved (less evil) people.
              Which is what you seemingly tried to imply with your OP.
              Which is what provoked my supposed “condescending & non-substantive” response.

              Anyway I’m done….
              I wish you luck in your quest for total WP domination at MNB & at the top-end for Nokia “forever”.
              The war’s not far off being won, so you can buy the champagne soon.
              If you’re truly a Nokia supporter 1st, then I hope you’re happy w/the spoils.
              I hope that small victory doesn’t quickly turn into annihilation LT at the hands of iOS/Android/other.
              I really do….

    • You’re obviously a fool

    • Jay Montano

      Hi Joana,

      I’m interested to know what you are trying to gain from your comments. You appear to be very angry about Windows Phone devices by Nokia and love the Nokia N9, spreading your vitriol far and wide. Is everything ok?

      I love the N9 too, but I can also see that Lumias, as the 900 here in this post, is a great phone too. I’d like to ask you about the identical phone to the Lumia that HTC /Samsung have. I looked at their websites and I can’t see one that looks like the Lumia 900.

      BTW, I would recommend going to a doctor if you’re still having problems with your olfaction.

    • joex

      All identical? iPhones are all identical.

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  • Prasenjit Bist

    who told u they all look same are u blind or what i am guessing u are not a troll… and who said a headphone won’t be included… this blog is becoming rumour mongers paradise wat a shame…. you guys N9 wont come to states and then waste time bitching on taht if u really want it get it onlin e…

    • Twig

      It close to release date so trolls always come here to try to put negative spin on it.

      • jnokian8

        well you can always buy it unlocked for like 460 dollars? my only problem with that is that the galaxy nexus is also going for around 460 dollars. I need a new phone and i’m on that fence right now… Galaxy Nexus vs N9.

        • Doffen

          Google and Samsung seems to stick by their OS…
          Appart from that the N9 is a great experience. If you are not very app centric I would recommend the N9.

  • I hope they release details for Windows Phone 8/ upgrade path for current devices before Lumia 900 launches in India.

    I would hate to buy the 900 and then come to know a few days later that something much better is due soon.

  • troll

    +1 but dual core wp seems nice. Especially if there is some new features that runs better on them.

  • Prasenjit Bist

    Already announced for April 8 debut at AT$T will cost $100

    • Viipottaja

      Will stop by a store today to see if I could find someone in the staff that already has one. 🙂

  • Twig

    Jay says the blue is cool so I’m getting the blue,cyann. Jay I see an article on bing search of nokia the N9(yes got one) is going to be able to get ice cream sandwich. So, does Nokia already have another OS with limited change? Another Samsung with multiple of big 3 ecosystems?