Nokia Fluid spotted at Occasional Gamer.

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Handsets often make at appearance at occasional gamer before being officially announced. This is because handsets playing those Windows Phone games reveal their model identity. You can see here the upcoming Lumia 719, 800c, 610 etc. But something new is the Nokia Fluid.


What’s that?

Lower down the list, there’s also something called the Qualcomm Fluid. Connection? Isn’t that a nickname for one of their chips?

Source: Occasional Gamer

Cheers KF for the tip!



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  • Ronny

    Mmm wth is that? a qualcomm chip only for Nokia phones?

    • Marianooi

      The nokia windows phone with nokia interface is called: “Fluid”

  • Aliqudsi

    Are these phone names user submitted or device automated? cause theirs alot of different Lumia 800s, sometime Nokia 800, nokia Lumia 800, lumia 800. etc (also there’s 719C – china variant?)

    • prashant

      yeah that’s rea!ly confusing bt this tym i hope that it is a qualcomm s2 phone.

    • J

      They are device automated. I don’t know what it means much though, one of the apps I have have about 150k downloads and when I go through the logs there’s some crazy phone names and models out there.

      Oddly though since December/January, there’s been Lumia 900s that show up always as Lumia 900, I haven’t seen any variations of them. So maybe this Nokia is a totally new variant? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a tango device too.

    • Maybe

      From here we can see different region have different demand. Hope Nokia able to fulfill the different demand. Maybe this device is only going to test the performance of Qualcomm Fluid so they just simple call it Nokia Fluid. IF it is fluid enough maybe it’s going to Nokia devices and I bet Symbian going to have the taste of Qualcomm fluid first as Symbian is popular with its flexibility. Then, if it works perfectly surely WP will stole it again. Symbian is the innovator and WP is……

      • Marc Aurel

        Actually, you are not right with that. Symbian is not particularly easily portable OS for new chipsets. That is one of the reasons why Nokia Symbian phones even today use the ARM11 derivatives they have used since 2006. Linux-based operating systems (Android, Maemo, MeeGo & Tizen) on the other hand are easily portable.

        The portability of Windows Phone is a question mark. Microsoft has until now allowed only Qualcomm chipsets, but Nokia has already announced that they will probably use ST-Ericcson chipset in future WP phones. Probably rinning Apollo, though, which will have Windows 8 (i.e. NT) based kernel instead of the Windows CE in WP 7.x.

        • yasu

          “Actually, you are not right with that. Symbian is not particularly easily portable OS for new chipsets. That is one of the reasons why Nokia Symbian phones even today use the ARM11 derivatives they have used since 2006.”

          It’s more of a question of Nokia being Nokia :

          Samsung had a Cortex A8 Symbian device in 2009 :

        • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

          Actually, Symbian is easily portable with different chipsets. It is just Nokia who are stuck with ARM11 processors.. SE & Samsung had Cortex-A8’s in 2009/10 and IIRC ST-Electronics did their initial testing on the U8500 using a version of Symbian back in 2010.

  • Peter

    Nokia: I’d like a Nokia WP7 phone with a physical keyboard please..

    • Me too. If they are not going to release the N950 as the second MeeGo device, I hope the design won’t go to waste; use it instead on a future Windows Phone.

      • Annethe

        Better make it dual or triple boot (as N10 prototype was expected) with MeeGo and Android and Windows – this way everybody will have his prefered system which can be choosen at boot. One device mean less costs of productions but doubled or tripled base of customers potentialy. Does this make sence for you? Technicly this is quite possible. I still want MeeGo and don’t care Windows at all, by all means.

        • Good idea, but that isn’t going to happen. There’s always one operating system that will be installed in a device by default.

          Are you referring to the prototype they’ve used in the movie Real Steel? I wonder whatever happened to that phone, it looks interesting and futuristic.

      • Mac

        Wonder how the N950 design would look if it was polycarbonate?? Sweet I think but would it be possible?

  • rueaka

    What if this is the name of a dev plateform for a new ui :

    Maybe this “design concepts inside Nokia that has UI layout that will work in all form-factors from tablets to smallest screen phones.” :

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  • Svedu

    Sea Ray, Champagne, Fluid… Any connection between all these codenames?

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  • Thomas

    Nokia forgot about ipv6 compatibility, with symbian it was almost 100% with windows phone it’s close to zero.. Here in europe RIPE has 40 millions IPV4 addresses left, IPv6 is must have feature…Nokia sorry you’ll be ruled out by samsung and android…

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  • ahmed

    Regarding Qualcomm Fluid, it is the name of the Development device that Qualcomm uses to showcase their latest chip for phones (Qualcomm Liquid is the tablet equivalent). Currently Fluid runs an MSM8960 chip, or the S4, a dual core 28nm chip based on their new Krait architecture, which will be the flagship chip for WP Apollo.

    Source: Qc employee

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  • One device mean less costs of productions but doubled or tripled base of customers potentialy

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