Community Port of Whatsapp for the Nokia N9

| March 31, 2012 | 15 Replies

If you want to see how the port of Whatsapp for the Nokia N9 the community is doing, head on over to TMO.

A lot of progress, though equally still a long way to go. But the goal is in sight.

Seems there’s also a website where the folks working on this are looking for donations to keep the progress going.


Progress update from tgalal

Hey guys, here is quick progress update:

  • Message delivery indicators – Almost
  • Chat logging – Done
  • Editing Status – Not yet
  • Only 1 to 1 Conversations – Done
  • Contacts sync – Done
  • Integration with Accounts manager – Done
  • Integration with Meego’s notifications – Almost
  • Running the app in background – Not yet

And adding to the done list too:

  • Registration which is done too via native Accounts manager. It also automatically parses the received Whatsapp code so you wouldn’t enter it manually.
  • Contact is typing indicator
  • Contact presence

I would greatly appreciate any advises concerning running the app in background. I’m looking for a behavior that would be pretty much similar to how original Whatsapp works (almost un-exitable). PS: I’m using python + PySide.

Thanks Edmund and Mohammed Ayman for the tip!


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  • can’t be helped

    so this unofficial whatsapp is better than the official ebuddyxms?

    • weirdfisher

      so it doesnt matter if it is unofficial

  • Madratz

    Personally, I can’t be bothered to use this app. although 80% of my friends use it. But I’d sure like to see the Community succeed porting this app. to the N9.

  • j

    fine i don’t use whatsapp. But the more services for my n9 the better.

  • Trexus

    I’m supporting XMS until this port prompts Whatsapp to pull their finger out & support maemo6x.
    If it doesn’t, well, XMS all the way…
    It’s functional, stable, & enables me to contact most friends/fam.
    The issue of it’s user base not being large enough simply isn’t true for me and others.

    Only reason I might drop XMS, is if decent updates drop right off.
    The have a bit lately….
    But they’re still committed LT, at least that’s what they’re still saying.

    • Nokia N9 is the best!

      I don’t care xms, sooner or later. I was waiting for Nokia N9 even longer, and it was worth to wait for it. I am happy more and more app ports are coming. If it will be needed I even can pay for this particular port. This is interesting to observe how N9 creates whole ecosystem, awesome phone!

      • Trexus

        No thanks….
        I prefer apps that are supported by the co. that designed them.
        Have fun with the world of disappointment that’s coming to you.
        This is coming from a long time N900 user…

        • Trexus

          It’s still a +ve development though…
          In that it’ll trick the masses into thinking they have whatsapp support.
          Overall that’s more +ve than it is -ve for the platform.

        • Trexus

          It’s still a +ve development though…
          Because it’ll trick the masses into thinking they have whatsapp support.
          Overall that’s more +ve than it is -ve for the platform.

  • Rafael Vinicius

    perfect wazapp

  • Nokia N9 is the best!

    Yess this is needed and expected. Looking foreward for this! I even signed petition for this.

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  • pablo

    Hola me gustaria sabes si wazzap para n9 , se puede tener conversacion grupal , saludos

    • Trexus

      Meaning what?
      This thread’s ancient, it’s poor netiquette to post in such an old one.
      There’s been way newer whatsapp stories at MNB since this one.
      Rude necro-poster….

  • chris

    erm hey i have a problem , i come from South Africa and i’m trying to send off my request but i allways fails . could the next update plz fix that 🙂 I woul be truely greatful and i lovewhatsapp 🙂