Lumia 900s Out of Stock??? #NokiaWinning

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Here’s a nice sign for future things to come; some people who have pre-ordered the Lumia 900 from At&t are reporting that they received emails telling them that the current stock of Lumia 900s isn’t sufficient to fill their orders. I know it must suck to be one of you guys who got cancelled on; but this is great news for a strong Lumia 900 launch in the US!- Maybe it has something to do with being able to get the 900 for free through At&t; free phones never hurts! (Having the 900 sold out is the only way HTC are going to move those Titan IIs)


– Anyone else get a soldout email? share your sorrow below-



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  • Kops

    Yeah on WPcentral people are telling about this same.

    I do love the news ratio and AT&T page having Lumia 900 on the frontpage…. while there’s absolutely no mention of Titan II or even possibility to preorder it before it comes out (same day as Lumia 900).

    • marketingelf

      Well there is nothing more simple then communicate loudly “we sell at 99” and sell a small limited number of units, and then “sold out” effect is very easy to obtain. Advantages: 1) sell of limited number of units at 99 price 2) make impression on people with “sold out” that is is so popular – but perhaps limit of units was to low? 3) We can have another great marketing success! to promote our subject of marketing. Sad.

      And now please allow people in U.S. to buy Nokia N9 normally or even at 99usd promotion and you will have orders for nearest 2-3 years. When Nokia N9 will be in regular distribution in U.S.?

      • Suave

        My god! Get over it.

      • Hypnopottamus

        Predictable and Pathetic. N9 fans have every reason to love their phones. But must they always troll WP articles?

      • Stound

        L900 is a good phone as is the n9, stop trolling its annoying anyway why would they do that plan of yours 😛 having something on contract will be more expensive than buying a phone off contract IN THE LONG RUN (based on my experience in the philippines)

        • abcs

          For us in Asia is different, we buy phones straight off. They go through carriers

          • DesR85

            In Malaysia, if you sign up on a 12 or 24-month plan with an operator/carrier, you’ll have to pay an upfront payment (half or 3/4 the original RRP depending on the plan and may include a small additional amount) which is followed by monthly payments. Small monthly amounts are also offered without the upfront payment depending on the plan. Do the math and you’ll end up paying more for that phone.

            Another option is to buy the phones from the local mobile phone shops. Way cheaper than getting it on contract.

            The sad fact is that not many people will realise this until it is too late since they are attracted by the phone’s lower than RRP price plus low monthly payments for the 3G internet, free calls and messaging (which all have limits). Worth it if you have a huge social and online appetite, but outside of that, a waste of money in my opinion.

    • Bsnews

      Sow why did noone add an e-mail? This is just bullshit, repeating news from another site without checking sources..

      Sounds like bs hype to me.

      I don’t see people lining up for this a la apple.

  • viipottaja

    Darn it, they better be back in stock when I get to a better internet connection or back in the US!! lol

    Great news for Nokia though!

    Greetings from Pantanal, todo mundo!

  • Hooray! Rolling Thunder is taking the US by storm.

  • Kops

    Reading some more about this, it seems like that back order email people have been getting, simply means the phone is approved for pre-order.

  • lol

    I am SO glad I bought Nokia stocks a few weeks back!


    can’t wait for the lumia campaign to start around here… the amount of android/samsung billboards is sickening

  • Paul Grenfell

    If it comes to OZ, i may consider it for my Wife..But im sticking with 808..

    • masood.alkhter

      ME 2

  • RVM

    I think Lumia might be big success in US (and elsewhere). I got Lumia 800 (black version) for long-time testing and that device looks absolutely stunning. Display is so black, it looks like a polished black diamond and the device looks like a jewelery.

    And it’s same inside. I am not WP fan (and i don’t really like Microsoft), but i was really surprised how elegant and smooth WP is. It may look boring at static photos, but u have to see it runnning, all these transitions… it’s really beautiful. Especially with that ClearBlack screen. Other OS’s are often loaded with UI visual effects, but they just feel inconsistent and even obsolete. Now, in WP it’s all consistent and original design approach.

    Still, there are many reasons why i will keep my N8 until i buy 808 PureView. First, im Symbian fan. Second, WP in it’s current state simply cannot offer me all those features i need (usb mass storage mode, usb otg, sd cards, hdmi output, fm transmitter, Symbian-like on-screen clock, some applications like Opera Mobile…).

    Anyway i think Nokia has bright feature, especially if they will be able to fit some of these features (along with new technologies like PureView, Rich Recording…) and use WP8 (Apollo) at it’s full potential (multicore CPUs, higher display resolutions, NFC, SD cards support). Such devices would beat anything in the market (including Samsung and Apple), and really Nokia deserves this, since they spend so much in R&D.

    • sam


    • Paul Grenfell


  • stylinred

    well the amazon wireless page lists the 900 as “backordered”

    i imagine att didnt order that large a number of 900s then

    • Suave

      Funny that you choose to assume the worst.

      • stylinred

        is that really choosing the worst?

        or simply a reasonable, educated, assumption?

        i imagine most of us aren’t children? so it would be silly to assume the opposite

        • migo

          T-Mobile’s minimum order for any phone is 2 million, that’s one they don’t plan on making a big push on. It’s safe to assume AT&T has the same minimum order. The Lumia 900 is their flagship phone, that has enough hype that it’s winning awards and march madness competitions before it’s out. They ordered a ton of them. That doesn’t mean 2 million already sold, but it does mean their first shipment from Nokia is already sold out, and that first shipment isn’t going to be a small number.

          • inept

            But they don’t get millions of phones in a great big box for day one, except maybe for iPhones. The L900 is very likely being delivered on a schedule with modest initial quantities.

            • q

              You can pooh-pooh the story all you want, but at the very least it indicates that interest is higher than AT&T expected, which is a good thing.

            • migo

              I was addressing the very misguided claim that AT&T made a small order, and that was the cause of it being sold out.

  • Nokia (no more mokia)

    That`s it! The tables have finally turned. There is still things to be done, but both NOK-foots are between the door now. The stock itself is rising day-by-day the following months, around 6€ and 7,50$ in near future – even closer than expected. Good news for stock holders. Glad to be one.

  • N9 is dead

    Haters gonna hate! Did that POS dead phone (N9) sell out? NO!!!! Matter of fact the price keeps dropping…. Why? Because the N9 is garbage!
    Like I said… The USA saved Nokia! All you stupid Finns bow down to your savior! All hail king Nokia 900! Microsoft= nokias savior!

    • arts

      whoever you are please quit your retarded trolling. .!.

      • N9 is dead

        Kiss my dick, N9 crap boy! You mad cause the N9 didn’t sell out? Lmao.

        Meego sucks! That’s why it’s DEAD! Hello WP7!

        • stylinred

          the N9 isnt using meego dummy….

          and it wasnt released in the usa…..

        • arts

          somehow i got a feeling you are annethe. but whatever.

        • abcs

          N9 16GB current price is more expensive than Lumia 800. And the 64GB was sold out in countries where it was released,reported at this site too some time ago.In my country, it’s hard to get/find the 64GB now, many retailers say ‘sold out’. N9 is not released officially in US.
          Lumia 800’s price dropped faster than N9 16GB, 10% in less than 3 months, mainly due to the announcement of Lumia 900. We shall see when the 900 is released globally how the price goes.

          US does not represent the rest of the world

    • manu

      lumia is total shit N9 is king of kings.

      • N9 is dead

        That’s why nobody buys it! The Lumia 900 is sold out! Do you know what that means, retard boy? Sold out!!!! The N9 price keeps going down! It’s garbage!

        No surprise that the Lumia 900 is better than the crapN9!

        • Chill out.. Whether it’s an N9 or a Lumia.. They’re both from the same company… Nokia..

        • migo

          If the price keeps going down enough I might pick one up just because. It would be sweet if the OS community merges some of the Harmattan code with open webOS.

        • ah

          “The N9 price keeps going down! It’s garbage!”

          Dude, the Lumia 900 is cheaper 🙂

        • Mike

          The Nokia 900 is no where near sold out according to 4 att stores in Miami

      • poiman

        N9 doesn’t even have apps! No one wants to devellop for it.

    • RVM

      Dude, Nokia was saved by Microsoft as much as Microsoft was saved by Nokia. If Microsoft didn’t enter mobile world with new OS (WP) their stock price would fall down. Many people are really not that much interested in W8 if there’s W7 which is pretty good and not that old. Not to mention the tablet impact (especially iPad) on PC business (and thus on W8 sales). Same goes even for MS Office – many people in my country simply moved to free alternative – OpenOffice (Now LibreOffice). So Microsoft had no option, but to find a strong partner in mobile business and push their mobile OS.

    • RVM

      Also… you should move away to some teen whining forum. This one shouldn’t go down to your “national insults” level.

  • rockxx

    i wonder if its a april fool

    • XtiaN8

      Best guess EVER!


      the fools are ios and droid users 🙂

  • phoni

    The whole AT&T Nokia 900 ordering process seems so convoluded and cumbersome, their emails are just confusing and non-informative.
    I’m begining to think it’s all just hype…

  • BG

    Got the email yesterday. Ordered the L900 Cyan on Friday.
    AT&T – Wireless Order Status Update

    Thank you for your recent order, we value and appreciate your business!
    The items in your order are currently out of stock and will be shipped when inventory becomes
    available. When the items in your order ship, we’ll send you an email with the ship tracking number(s).
    Order Number: K006-O-xxxxx
    Check Order Status or call (877) 782-8870

    • migo

      With that wording it does suggest that’s just a standard backorder notification. It makes sense that a phone not scheduled to launch for another week would not be currently in stock.

  • Deep Space Bar

    um it’s a marketing ploy which is obvious with everyphone they heavily promote

    make a ship a small amount out then wait and say sold out and then flood the place

  • Rustyknight17

    DSB , u nailed it !!

  • jcar302

    Ordered 2 lumia’s in the store today (had to, had a bunch of issues with my account that needed to be fixed).
    ATT customer service says the 900 doesn’t exist lol, so you can’t order on the phone.

    On the computer, the 900 is listed as back order in store.
    On my Email when i got home:
    “Thank you for your recent AT&T order. Your equipment has been reserved and is expected to ship within the next 3 to 5 business days”.

    I just think the term “backordered” is being misused by ATT.

    On a side note, i tried the phone in the store (saleperson’s) and i’ve got to say, all that talk about the beautiful blacks, is completely true.
    It’s also the best feeling phone i’ve ever held, almost seems too perfect.
    The live tiles animations were cool too.

  • Mike

    I just called the att store and they said THEY WILL BE CLOSED SUNDAY APRIL 8, thought this phone was to launch April 8… then the rep proceeded to tell me that you can come in on Monday, that their will be plenty of stock and the phone will not be sold out.