New Review Series: N9 Vs. Lumia 800 (Unboxing & Setting Up accounts) #MeegoVsWindows

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Quick heads up guys; as some of you might know I recently got my hands on a N9 and have been trying it for the past couple of weeks or so- for a while I wondered if I should bother reviewing it at all; because it’s been done- the N9 isn’t exactly the newest handset out there and there are plenty of reviews. I’ve come to the decision of instead of making one review of the N9 I’d try and create a series of comparison reviews against it’s genetically modified twin brother.

The point of these reviews is NOT to make one OS look superior to the other; me saying Meego is better won’t make Nokia change it’s mind- so please if you have any comments about Elop being  a *censored* then please keep them to yourselves 😀  The real purpose of these reviews will be to showcase the Pros & Cons of each device/OS- and hopefully answer alot of questions for some of you who are torn between these two might have.

Another important note is that I WILL NOT be running any tweaks on the N9 as the point of this is to show off what it does when running straight out of the box- I know alot of features can be fixed by tweaks but many users don’t know how to do that (feel free to explain in the comments though).

Since no Review can be complete without an unboxing/First-Boot here’s one of the N9 (Cameo by the Lumia 800):

  • The upside-down phone is due to the fact that Jordanian customs love playing with people’s stuff.
  • When I first booted the  N9 there were no prompts/notifications to set up my accounts (be it Nokia or Gmail or anything else) once it was on- Personally I prefer that it urge me to set-up my Nokia store account; but to each his own.
  • The clock setup on the N9 although really nice is a bit of “Form over Function” as I have to scroll all the way through the cycle to switch from AM/PM- would have been easier to include a toggle button.

Once I got the unboxing out of the way I decided to set-up my accounts on the N9 (it was running PR1.1 at the time so some features might have been missing)- Keep in mind that this setting up vid is being done with no experience whatsoever with Meego (same as the Lumia 800 was set-up) ; it acts more as a scale of how easy it is to set up then it does as a set-up guide.

  • One issue that gave me alot of trouble on the N9 was trying to get my contacts from my Windows Live account to sync with the phone; this was due mainly because my live account is set up with a  “@gmail” domain- so it took me about 3 hours and >200 tweets to help me figure it out. Basically you have to download you contacts from you PC as a CSV from you live account then load that onto your N9 (N9 supports opening .CSV so you shouldn’t have any trouble).
  • One point in favor of the N9 is that it supports ALOT more accounts than the Lumia does (which is supposed to be the great social OS)- n9 out of the box supports: Emails, FB, Twitter, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, Skype, Youtube, Mail for Exchange and many more.

And here’s the setup of the Lumia 800 on Windows Phone (taken from my Previous Lumia Review)-




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