Nokia Australia’s Month of Little ‘Amazing’ Mix. Aka the out of focus compilation. :S

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Nokia Australia have compiled together a list of the Little Amazing every day things that might be taken for granted but are possibly amazing if you look at them from another context (Beginning Feb 28th, ending March 28th). I get what they’re trying to do.

It’s a shame no one was there to vet the videos for instances where autofocusing (even in broad day light) is obscenely horrendous.  It seems no one cares for consistency and they really want to push this mix of some crappy, some ok, some interesting compliation turning into a somewhat sad mediocre ‘amazing everyday’.

I guess the redeeming part is the family movie feel, perhaps, with the out of focus parts seemingly when they’ve left Grampa with the camcorder.

I get the concept guys. It’s actually a good one. But, it’s a very Classic-Nokia like execution, leading to what I found, unimpressive result.

  • First, imaging is not currently what Lumia 800 excels in. (900 seems to be better in this regard)
  • Second, there is clearly a bug in particular Lumia 800s affecting autofocus, yet that is ignored. It’s embarrassing to see when users upload videos of poor focus videos, but rather disturbing when it’s the official Nokia (Australia) account and they do it again, and again, despite possible being aware they’re out of focus, they’re still annoyingly uploading crap. Why? Perhaps this is Nokia being truthful. The bug is here at the moment and if  you like it, good for you. Maybe they should have marketed it (like some others would have in this situation) as a feature :p PureBokeh, the only thing in focus is one pixel)
  • Third, I’m sure some of the scenes they’ve picked out could have been a million times more interesting. What about just taking a very different perspective on something we see EVERYDAY but looking at it from a new angle makes it all the more interesting. Like super close ups on flowers from low down in the grass?
  • Some consistency please! When on the official Nokia channels, the best samples should be picked. If they’re not good enough, they should never make the cut.



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