Symbian increases share in March says Statcounter. Still top Mobile OS worldwide (image heavy).

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In the space of one year, according to Statcounter, there’s more users on Symbian now then a year ago.

By statcounters values, it is still top of all mobile OSes. iOS and Android are consistent at the top. Windows Phone does not even make a presence on the list, mixed in with ‘others’. Note this is not sales, this is all the user base.

Looking back from December 2008 all the way to April 2012. The steady decline in Symbian stopped at the very end of 2010.

Here’s what’s going on in Nokia’s home ground. iOS and Android are already dominating. Note, iOS, Android, and Symbian on a slight decline. Look which is growing.

Look where it was free falling from. In Finland of all places.

India is still a stronghold for Symbian. The decline is least severe here with iOS and Android no where near the top.

Something happened around August 2010 in China for Symbian to start falling too :s What is ‘unknown’. If it’s the same one for India, it might be something Nokia related.

Apparently in the Netherlands, iOS has been top for a while.

Philippines, similar pattern to India.

Pakistan, Symbian still very strong.

Wow, in the UK, Symbian was already 4th by summer 2010.

Symbian was not going anywhere at all in the US. I suspect Symbian was a touch higher if we had data from 2004?


Strange. In Canada, a brief decline in iOS was caused by a resurgence from Symbian.

Iraq. Symbian quite high, everything else, not even close.



Jordan – Symbian in decline though nothing comes close.


Mexico. Not correlating with the graph key


South Africa

Australia – Quite erratic.


By Continent:



North America

South America



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