Lumia 610 & 900 Available for Pre-Order through Clove UK

| April 4, 2012 | 12 Replies

Now that we’re just days away from the Lumia 900s launch in the USofA other countries are popping up with their own pre-orders for the gorgeous  poly-carbonate slab of 900 goodness and Uber affordable 610. Clove UK (seriously how many UK providers are there???) has just a released a pre-order page and pricing for both the 610 7 the 900 (the HDSPA version not the LTE obviously) off contract the 610 will cost you £190 (228 inc. VAT), & the 900 steeper £405 (£486 inc.VAT). (competitive pricing on the 900 is great, even off contract; my biggest beef with my N8 was that I payed near $800 for it yet it dropped to half that in less than 6 months.

Anyways, no official release date has been provided, but since their taking pre-orders it can’t be long now; although one of my “sources” said that it comes out some-time in Q2 so I doubt there’s going to be an April launch/release.

P.S.- message to CloveUK (or whoever was responsible for the 610 image above) WTF WERE YOU THINKING!!!!!- seriously those girls in the people hub are freaking me out (Full size horror here).

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  1. Jay Montano says:

    £228 for a Nokia Lumia 610? Lol, I’m glad I got a 710 for £150. I want to check how much it is now (if it’s gone back to the same price as competitors) but their online shop is under maintenance.

  2. kan says:

    The 610 is an idiotic addition to the Lumia line. The 710 is already £135 including £10 top up from Which is fantastic value. How much lower does Nokia and MS want to go? The 610 with its restrictions on the o/s and hardware will provide as less than stellar experience all to save what?

    MS did not need another chassis design to hit the lower price points. It’s not about how low you can go. Apple is selling 100m phones a year at £500 which shows the market can sustain higher prices.

    • manu says:

      yep its another waste device with some extra restrictions on top of already regular ones.610 will be a laughing joke infront of other androids and symbian

    • Heron says:

      The 610 is targeted for the crowd that will rather buy the Galaxy Ace, it feels.

      Considering the off-contract pricing of the 710 in Singapore which is around SGD439 though, it feels expensive.

  3. The Game says:

    WTF WERE YOU THINKING!!!!!- seriously those girls in the people hub are freaking me out

    I though the same LOL

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