Video: Nokia Lumia 900 vs Samsung Galaxy Note

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Another comparison for the Nokia Lumia 900 with the behemoth that is the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Now, if I ever had to go for an Android device right now, it would have to be the Note because the size of the phone is ridiculous! I might as well go the whole hog with those huge screened Droids and go for 5.3″ no? I’m sure that’s much too big for some. To me this is possibly one of the better Androids to go with. Well if you’re after a small tablet.

As for AMOLED vs Super AMOLED, apparently the name super makes it better (what about CBD?). Samsung AMOLEDS though are fantastic. Credit where it’s due. Though obviously Nokia’s AMOLED CBD is by far no slouch! (Apparently it has the least reflective surface…or something like that. A good trait to have. BTW I think the lumia should have been set to a black theme where the blacks are really deep black)

Phone Arena finds the screen to be better instantly because it’s bigger (personal preference no?) and higher resolution (yes, like I said previously, I’d want 720p displays too!). I think that the Note might be the one that takes advantage of the 720p display the best (is it Pentile?) because it is a larger device so more of those extra pixels can actually be seen.

Again, the dual core Droid is still not as quick or smooth as the single core Lumia.  They find the music player more snazzy looking with Zune on the lumia – a lot more appealing. Playback of DivX was tested. Not sure how they managed that with the Lumia.

They find the pictures to be better on the note because of higher saturation >_>. I’ve only made that face as I scheduled a post to appear where Walt complains about the ‘over saturation’ on the Lumia compared to the iPhone (the king of over saturation).

Weak earpiece on the Note.  Lumia’s is pretty strong. More battery apparently on the Note.  2days on the Galaxy note and 1.5 days on the Lumia.

On specs, they reckon the Samsung wins.

$99 for Lumia, $300 for the Samsung Note.

Oh I just noticed the video I was watching was a stolen video. The original phone arena video was uploaded a couple of days ago and is the first one in this post.



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