N9 Vs. Lumia 800- Social Network Integration #MeegoVsWP

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Okay down to the gritty nitty stuff, now that we’ve covered the basic Unboxing/setup as well as the basic gestures & multiasking on these two gorgeous devices we can get to where the differences really start to show. As you probably should have guessed from the title today’s video is an in depth look at the different social networking capabilities of each phone.

Before anyone bites my head off; some people on twitter who got a sneak peek of this first are telling me that the N9 in-fact does support Twitter notifications (my settings are all on but I haven’t ever received any mention notifications nor DM notif. even after multiple reboots )

Random points:

  • Once again the N9 gets extra points for showing off its’ FB & Twitter Notifications on the lock-screen
  • However a big point reduction for the N9 by not supporting tweet replies/FB commenting WITHOUT having to open the default FB/Twitter app (admittedly the N9 twitter app is quite decent, although it does tend to get stuck, pretend to crash then fix itself again; and of-course there’s QNeptunia for the N9 which is the equivalent of Gravity on Meego).
  • Another major issue with the N9 is that there is no quick option to update your status/tweet/check-in as there is on the Lumia 800 (which is where a majority of the WP smoking comes from)
  • One point I forgot to mention in the video is that the some 3rd party apps on the N9 can also publish notifications onto the Feed screen; so it that gives it a bit more versatility.
  • I forgot to show off email in this video BIG MISTAKE- but in multiple tests the Lumia always loaded emails faster (I’m not referring to the delivery time, as they were both almost in sync when set to retrieve as soon as possible); on average the N9 took 3-5 seconds to load just plain text even though it was set to retrieve entire email body; while the Lumia 800 has everything pre-loaded and ready to read.
  • The N9 supports Notifications for FB Friend Requests but once again requires you to open the actual FB app to confirm friend requests; which doesn’t give it much of an edge over the Lumia 800 which has the same functionality through the Default FB app as well.
  • The peoples hub on the Lumia 800 gives you almost instant access to anyone you might want to contact (as it’s just one panoramic swipe away)- once you find your contact you can choose to email, text, mention, FB message, or Write on their wall which is as good as social networking gets.

Once it comes to Social networking what should be a fair fight (or even something tipped in favor of the N9) is tipped to WP favor due to the fact that Meego doesn’t support Quick reply/tweets without loading the twitter app; and the fact that for some reason they seem to think changing you chat status is more important than tweeting? (I honestly think this is one of the aspects that shows where Meego was rushed, that’s not even mentioning how uploads to twitter weren’t supported before PR1.2).

As usual guys any more suggestions of what you want me to compare just let me know down below (I plan on doing Camera + Camera UI next) also I saw that some people were suggesting I compare speaker/sound quality- however I’m not sure how to do that without violating youtube copyright laws (as well as the fact that it would depend my N8s Audio recording more than anything- so if you have a work-around/idea let me know please).

And I can’t believe I have to say this but CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS ONLY– If you want to say how superior your favorite OS without adding anything relevant while simultaneously trashing every other OS in existence (that’s not the same as personal experiences regarding the devices); I suggest you leave those comments on one of the multiple dedicated blogs for each OS.


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