Facebook buys Instagram for $1B – Instagram for Symbian/WP/Lumia? (MS buys $1B AOL Patents) Sepia Cats for all.

| April 9, 2012 | 34 Replies

According to the trending topic on twitter, Facebook has bought instagram for 1 Billion dollars.

Well, first thought: Thank you facebook – because my wall didn’t have enough Sepia Cats. Sepia cats for all! It was not enough to bring along the Android phones (to the sheer disgust of some very elitist iPhone users, lol).

Being Facebook, they’d sure want more than iPhone and Android handsets right? Perhaps then we should see a Qt instagram app? Or maybe a Lumia app?

Doesn’t MS have a stake in Facebook? Whilst looking that up, I came across another purchase. MS too has wafted away $1 billion for some AOL patents (800 of them). Such patents were apparently similar to ones Yahoo possessed which they used to sue facebook.

Perhaps MS could work out a way to help bring Instagram to WP? Or maybe official apps may not be needed if there are APIs opened up? Perhaps as John suggested on twitter, some integrated Instagram features to Lumia?

Not that either Symbian or WP is lacking in apps that provide that photo filter features, the main difference is that Instagram is a growing social network.  It makes sense – people like jazzing up their photos. Why not bring it to the largest photo resource in the world? That way everyone in the world can have the benefit of Sepia Cats. Also, no preferential sepia cat treatment for Flickr, Twitter, Apple, Google etc. The world’s biggest Sepia Cat factory is now in Facebook’s hands.

Jokes aside, some people do really make some wonderful pictures with Instagram. Folks on my feed however, I think they just add as many filters as possible to the worst pictures in the world to make them look slightly interesting. On a rare occasion it does work. Most of the time, no. And there’s only so many times you can take cat pictures with vintage sepia before it just gets out of hand.

One more thing.

PureView + Instagram. 38 MP Sepia Cats.


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