Nokia Lumia 900 out of stock at AT&T?

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We had received several reports that the Nokia Lumia 900 was out of stock – I wasn’t quite sure myself what the reasoning behind that was, whether demand, stocking issue or due to removal of the phones to update them with the data fix. Well news of that has reached all the way to TheVerge who also comment on how both the Lumia 900 has exceeded AT&T’s expectations as well as also being out of stock at major AT&T stores. Quite normally, they also question why it might be out of stock, to which the first few commenters seem to be a little too sensitive on.

Actually looking back at the comments for the Nokia Lumia 900 update fix, there is a surprisingly huge and overwhelmingly positive response from the majority of commenters there, both at Engadget and TheVerge.

This is so strange to see for me as a Nokia fan looking at how markedly different comments are regarding a Nokia story. I don’t check much on Gizmodo, but even their 900 story was oddly quite positive.


Pretty much a lot of the sites reporting the bug and how Nokia handled this were also quite favourable about Nokia. (All but one really. Looking at you, IBTimesUK, ‘dogged with problems’, ‘affect uk sales’, ‘not so great reviews’). BGR even went on to say that Nokia was appeasing an Angry mob, but gained life long loyalists. Honest about problems, accepting them and letting the public know, giving options to swap or get a software update that arrived 2/3 days early, with a good will gesture of $100 (that turned into an opportunity to get more customers as potential customers were also offered this until April 21st).

Looking at Amazon, it shows at least some good demand remaining at the top of the chart. Black more popular than the Blue which has dropped to 4th. The position of both may remain in higher ranking if they were set as one device. It is no longer in the top 100 of cell phones and accessories, but it was very good to see it debut at reach that list. Many new phones don’t.

This is really, again, just quite astonishing for a Nokia phone in the US of all places. It’s achieving something that even various other stronger brands will find it an achievement were they to repeat what the 900 is doing. I sincerely hope it is translating into solid sales.

Thanks mitun for this tip and thanks to others for the previous tip on this! Apologies, I cannot find those initial tips right now.


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  • mitun

    Nokia CEO Says Multi-Core Processors for Phones Hurt, Not Help Users

    • deep space bar

      that’s why he’s gonna do it for WP7 lumia XD friggin guy is a goof

      • J

        Circle jerk.

        • Saul

          The 1st poster was genuine with his posting of the story.
          (albeit somewhat misguided)
          He was the one that tipped jay to this one…
          So no, no circle jerk….

    • Mark

      Relevance to article?

      But he’s right. No point in having it if you don’t use it.

    • Jay Montano

      This story is familiar because he was supposedly quoted as saying such things. But it keeps changing with each iteration.

      What did precisely did Elop say (that wasn’t a retranslation or paraphrased?) It’s like the story where Elop apparently bashed sales people or called them stupid when that wasn’t what was said.

      Let’s look at this from the tune that even some Symbian fans have been singing. Does the 808 appear to be lacking with its single core? What about the N9? What about the Lumia? All single core platforms that work just as fast, if not faster, that dual core counterparts for the main basic operations. What things are taking advantage of dual core at the moment?

      I can see the advantage of dual core. Nokia needs them now more for bragging rights mainly. 808 is already doing 1080p with single core.

    • LW
  • M

    Even on the verge story, there were a couple of social media Nokia representatives (Jeppe and Jason i believe) responding to some of the comments.

  • J

    Shit happens either way and always will. It would take a delusional person to expect a company to never make mistakes. That being said, the true test is how well a company deals with these issues. I must say I’m extremely impressed by Nokia. They handled it like champs, regardless of the OS. I hope people will start waking up and see that this is how companies should do things (instead of blaming the user).

    Awaiting trolling in 3…

  • Bloob

    The blue one on amazon has been in “backordered”-state for a while which might have effected it’s position.

  • edsaldano

    They would sell more if they had made a 1700 unlocked version to work on t-mobile USA which i have to work with.I won’t go to at&t for any phone i like t-mobile better just wish i could have one with the 3G working but i’m still using my old n900.

  • DKM

    Is it a good sign or a bad sign, i think the product should never be out of stock if they want to sell. This give time for customers to rethink and go for another product.

    I understand Nokia is flashing all the devices which went back from ATT but why cant they just sell and ask them to update from zune. My honest opinion is they are losing customers and money when a product is out of stock. It never should be the case.

    • Bloob

      They are out of stock most likely because the second shipment was delayed due to reflashing. Seeing how the 22nd is closing in I think they want to be sure there are no affected devices on the store shelves on that date.

    • Janne

      I think overall conclusion is no shipments went back from AT&T stores but are/were sold (and sold out in some cases), but new shipments were delayed a little to get the reflashed – and will be in stores by Monday.

      Costco or somebody may have actually sent their shipment back for reflashing, if I remember reading correctly.

      I agree on both counts: very well handled by Nokia (other than having the bug in the first place), but of course unfortunate that delays in supply happened. Some damage to sales for sure.

  • Hildo

    But who cares about all of this? You hardly appeal to 0.4% of market with involvement worth to use for better things. Who cares about Windows devices called Elophones? They are more toys for boys or gadget for free gifts. Nothing interesting.

    • arts

      is it you annethe?

      now is 0.5 it drops to 0.4? HOLY SHIT.

  • xyz

    Yesterday I realized Windows Phone isn’t able to do VPN. Wtf.

  • Dave

    “Quite normally, they also question why it might be out of stock, to which the first few commenters seem to be a little too sensitive on.”

    Well there are 2 reasons:

    1) Theverge silently edits their articles without any mention of the change, in the first version they literally advised not to buy the phone because of this issue, even though the fix had already been released. Then they edit the article later and commenters seem ‘whiny’ for pointing out something that isn’t there anymore.

    2) There is no actual source for this rumor. It’s not like when the iPhone is out of stock, they speculate it is because of the battery flaw. It is bias, antannagate affected “a few users”, yet the lumia is “plagued” with this issue.

    And of course their editor in chief has called windows “a cancer”.

    • Bloob

      Also, originally their recommendation to not buy it, because it was “plagued” with the connection problem, had larger font than the topic of the article ( that it was sold out ).

  • jcar302

    I’m not surprised to see this phone sell out after owning it for over a week.
    It’s fast, it’s easy and blows the doors off anything symbian, maemo or android.

    I know some of you guys just love to hate it, but it’s really a great device, so far i haven’t found any notable things missing.

    Gadget geeks love to complain about the specs, screen resolution etc, you know what? None of that crap matters once you try the L900 out. I don’t think it matters to the average guy either, which makes up at least 90% of the purchasing public.

    So far, i love the browser, seems to be as good as the one on the n900, except it’s 3 times faster on a bigger screen and you don’t need the stylus.

    • twig

      I can’t wait to get mine too!! I hate all that spec complaining crap also. Looks fantastic, works better than any phone I’ve ever seen, great apps and useful apps in the store and I love that big screen and how it looks better than the display on my n9. Even like the display on my E7 better than the n9.

      • noki

        so you don’t have one but you already know that “works better than any phone I’ve ever seen, great apps and useful apps in the store and I love that big screen and how it looks better than the display on my n9” cool….

        • migo

          Some people know what they want. I knew I was going to like the Lumia 710 more than the 800 before I bought it. I’ve since had a chance to compare the two, and not surprisingly, I like it better for the reasons I thought I would.

          • Dave

            Why do you like the 710 more than the 800? I haven’t played with a 710 yet, curious.

            • Saul

              He thinks the screen’s better, that’s his single-biggest reason (among others).
              It is ofc entirely subjective, and usage pattern dependent…

      • Saul

        “and how it looks better than the display on my n9″

        It doesn’t actually…..
        The only RW use that it’s notably better, is for reading large amts of small text.
        Especially certain txt/background color combos.
        Beyond that there’s no other advantage, except for maybe the extra 0.4” surface area.
        But that depends more on the person and their preferences.

        • Dave

          N9 and L800 are Pentile, L900 is not.

          • Saul

            That’s right….
            But it’s effective resolution isn’t hugely more because it’s PPI is notably less.
            The only use case where one will gain any RW advantage is as stated.
            Same for the countless comparo’s between the SGSII & the L800/N9’s screen*
            Or are people only selectively remembering here.

            *cept the latter was also known to have better brightness range, & to have better readability in direct light exposure. (SGSII does employ something similar to N9/L800s polarizer though)

  • Dubz

    Well I went to the closest AT&T store and talked to a store rep. Apparently they got one of the largest shipments of Nokia Lumia 900’s in the area, 300 of them, and they’re all sold out. The store rep was actually really surprised that it sold out so fast. There’s currently a 48 hour backlog for people that are ordering to have it shipped to them. Granted, this store is known for selling the most smartphones out of all the at&t stores in the area so this is probably above the norm, but I will take this as a good sign.

  • Abhay

    The replacements at AT&T are marked with a green dot on the packaging.

    However, these re flashed devices are not updated to xxxx84 version on the software. They still show xxxx82 version.

    I got mine exchanged and in return received one with xxxxx82 version, updated mine on the same day