Videos: Grand Theft Auto 3 on Nokia N9 (NITDROID) + other Android Games.

| April 16, 2012 | 31 Replies

I came across these over the weekend but didn’t get around to posting them (huge backlog of things to write :S)

Here’s another collection of videos showing Android on the Nokia N9 with some pretty cool games, the first being Grant Theft Auto 3.

I also really like how the touch faux capacitive buttons work, as the Clear Black AMOLED display melts into the bezel. There were rumours that the first ever Lumia would have that (though there were outcries by some that it should just be left alone). I’m liking this approach myself.

So, again, for those who asked why on earth would anyone put Android on the N9? The answer is why not. If people want to, they option is there.

There’s also Shadowgun

Real Racing 2

Soul Craft

Counter Strike?

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  1. galaktus says:

    so N9 nitdroid will use instagram :)

  2. N9 Fanatic says:

    Nokia N9 is a modern piece of history

  3. noki says:

    Porting most of the android opengl engine based games to the N9 should be trivial and, was it not a declared dead platform I would expect to have a great deal of games on the platform.

    Unity games for example. the engine was working on the N9.

  4. farhan says:

    i think, you will see N9 successor soon

    haa , now you will say nokia was saying they closed n9 bla bla bla …

    note one thing when the people have the big one near there holes they use to run away from there as quick as possible >>>

    NOKIA has seen there Annual report this year ,
    also they have many reasons to hide there future projects from you also by misguiding like you have …

    so you never no when they make shit of other companies ( recently we both seen this at 27th feb by 808 pureview ). no one expect this, they give nitro bomb of 41 mega pixels …



  5. farhan says:

    I think the game and apps can cross barriers


    Software like Alien Dalvik owners can sign the contract with Android and iOS and OS giants …

    they can do 3 things

    1. create a special app store which sell the apps and games for $5 to $25 which divides according to the contract …

    2. the advertising on the store can be profitable cause of high traffic on these type of stores

    3. the hardware of a particular brand always say this is not for me it is for high end of my company SO, THE RACE AMONG THE COMPANIES never ended .

    as we will say “this app is not supported in Samsung but in 808 it is supported because of Graphics Card.”

  6. Ruben says:

    In Nitroid, do we get the android market to download games and apps?

  7. zlutor says:

    They should make it official – I mean N9 with Android…

    That would be a HUGE hit…

  8. Nikolay says:

    What happened to “alien davic”.. It was supposed to bring Android apps to n9 without it being an Android.

  9. Fail says:

    Fail……jay r u moving to android :(……i think yes!!!!! Well u should………….

    • james says:

      chill man! he’s not moving to android!! it’s the power of N9 which has staggered him to post these stuff to inform people about the awesomeness of N9 ..

  10. JGrove says:

    I thought Qt was supposed to make these kinds of ports a lot easier. Yes, Android does has special coding for triggers and calls, but it’s all Java. Same with iOS. Qt can use Java in it’s builds.
    For example, I use GPSPSymbian for Belle, a Game Boy Advanced emulator by Summeli. It was originally written in Java for iOS, then recompiled with Qt framework by Summeli for S^3. I’ll tell you what, it works almost flawlessly, too.

    • james says:

      if I knew how to do it, i would definitely port some useful apps and some great games to meego. thing is, developers have no motivation …

  11. Ali says:

    How are you guys. Just how to install nitdroid.

  12. fff says:

    i found it hard to get nitdroid on n9! and i dont want to install beta app on my phone!

  13. DesR85 says:

    GTA 3? Jeez… sometimes I wonder if these people really want a phone to behave like one or for it to become some mobile gaming computer. Getting a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

  14. Edmund says:

    am not really familiar with ics’s interface but i guess certain apps don’t really work well with the N9 unless amoled screen burn in is what you want.. :X

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