Rumours: Nokia Lumia 900 coming to T-Mobile USA too?

| April 17, 2012 | 16 Replies

WMPoweruser reports that T-Mobile USA might be getting the Nokia Lumia 900 too, which thus far has shown to have some demand for AT&T.


When? Apparently around summer. AT&T may have an initial exclusivity period with the 900. Hopefully they will still continue to back it if it also becomes available to T-Mobile.

Source: WMPoweruser

Cheers meh and Prashant for the tip!


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  • bubu

    But who cares about this?

    • meh

      Possibly t-mobile customers?

      • Doffen

        And Nokia. They wan’t to sell the Lumia phones at least, the others “mai pen rai”.

        • Nokia N9 is second to none! Best from 10 years!

          “(…)Nokia Lumia 900 is arguably the best Windows Phone handset out there. It is great looking and well put together. It even manages to add a couple of exclusive software touches to an otherwise generic experience with Microsoft’s mobile OS. Internals are as cutting edge as they can be, given Microsoft’s ideas about smartphone hardware these days – especially with the presence of LTE connectivity on board.

          The phone’s OS is its biggest limitation. Windows Phone is definitely gorgeous and smooth as silk. When it comes to functionality however, it has a lot to catch up with Android and iOS. This has nothing to do with the sheer number of apps, which are available for Windows Phone. It is their quality, which is lagging. The ones, which are actually any good, are priced much higher than their Android and iOS counterparts. (…)”

  • JGrove

    People who are on T*Mobile USA, want a Nokia Lumia but not the gimped in comparison 710. The other bonus for tricky cheapskates like me is to buy a like new T*Mobile branded phone at half the price of unlocked branded. Unlock it and use it on AT&T with my $10/month unlimited data.
    Also, T*Mobile USA was the only carrier to have Nokias in their lineup after everyone else bailed. 2011, they had the C7 free on 3 rat contact, $300 off contract. The 710 replaced it on the lineup.

    • Kaizer Allen

      There’s a product for everyone at T-Mobile.

    • twig

      Where’s the $10 month unlimited data plan? ATT has that?

    • migo

      The 710 isn’t gimped, the 900 is just an upgrade.

      Good news for Wind and Videotron users in Canada. (Mobilicity doesn’t have the APNs set up to support Windows Live ID services).

    • xNokian

      T-Mobile arguably has the best line up of the phones (lets omit that iPoop for a sec) Unfortunately their network has holes. In some places that ATT has more or less stable signal, Tmobile has trouble holding it. Myself and some of my friends had to switch to another carrier because of it…

      • James Scott

        That’s kind of ironic, my wife and I had to change from AT@T to T-Mobile for the same reason, I guess it is just where you are.

  • erzhik

    Sorry, but I can’t take sales rep’s words even as a rumor. In my experience, sales reps never know anything productive.

    • bogdo

      The TMO variant of the Lumia 900 was rumored for some time, i believe it appeared originally on paul thurott’s windows supersite. Apparently a verizon and sprint lumia is in the works too.

      as a tmo customer, i’m thrilled. i was going to buy the att variant but the lte chip in there isn’t backward compatible with tmo 3g so all i would get is 2g, which is no good. Looking forward to a cyan 900!

  • James Scott

    This maybe the reason for the new T-mobile commercials they are coming out with, previewed one here.

  • eddie

    I hope so because i want to buy this phone on T-mobile and i’m not going to AT&T .

  • Keith

    Now we need some Verizon rumors. Yeah I know they are idiots but they sell a lot of high end phones.

  • JGrove

    AT&T’s feature phone data plan is $15 and unlimited. That’s 3.66Mbps average unlimited. Not 5Mbps until 2 GB, then throttled down to 288Kbps there after. AT&T does not throttle their HSPA+.
    They also don’t know what is what if the handset isn’t branded by them, thus, they have the imei on file as such and such. The think my N8-00 is a Sony Ericsson w760a. I tether, I wifi hotspot, I rack up over 8 GB a month some times.