N9 Apps: Spotify demoed on the Nokia N9

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Here is Spotify demoed on the Nokia N9.

I recorded this two days ago during my lunch break, just after recording the Lumia version. It wasn’t planned but I thought I needed to give it another go. This means that it was the first time I had used the N9 version. It’s only posted now because these demoes take ages to do:

Recording, Processing (which can take up to 3 hours), Uploading (which can also take 3 hours, or more if YouTube decides to give you ‘upload failed’. Also I can’t always just upload when I want as it kills the internet connection for the rest of my house.

I thought this was worth mentioning as I keep getting asked the same question about doing N9 videos. If you want to share your demoes with us, please do so 🙂 You know if I find a N9 video, I share it asap :).

  • It’s markedly different from the Lumia version, though quite appropriately, very in line with the N9 UI.
  • You will need a Spotify Premium account
  • Can also store tracks offline – has neat progress bar to tell you how much
  • Not a spotify feature, but N9s – the scrollbar, for quickly jumping to a particular area on your playlist
  • Tabs at the bottom to switch between the features
  • Currently playing button at the top
  • Very easy to go back to your playlist
  • Quick button to view currently playing
  • Has the Spotify Radio option but I can’t get it to work
  • Has Search but I can’t get it to work :/
  • No quick music controls (Lumia versin – it integrates to volume buttons so you can pause/skip anywhere)
  • No lockscreen music controls (Lumia version has spotify controls on the lock screen).
  • Not sure why scrolling stutters sometimes.
  • There’s social integration which I’ve not tried – or at least I thought I had not since I told spotify not to connect my facebook account and share all my music. After looking at reviews, apparently this is not set up well and everything you listen to is shared on facebook (if you connected them).
  • Not been using long enough to talk about stability but I’ve not really encountered


I just noticed my video template doesn’t have linked titles. The word Spotify only got updated for the end screen. 🙁




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  • buzzinga

    its not available in store, im from Philippines

    • ILoveElopLikeSovietUnion

      “its not available in store, im from Philippines”
      Store does not show properly when you search for in it with internal search option. Better use Google to search it, and most probably it will show you the link directly to the store. I know this is sad but true unfortunately. It happens a soft is in store, but to find in one must use the Google to search it, internal store search may give false result that there it is not. And always you can additionally find developer’s site with download option or link to download, not always of course.

  • IHateLumia

    spotify is shit on the N9 compared to other phones… maybe because the OS is shit.

    • Tiv

      I find it’s the best of the lot.
      But I’ve only tried iOS, Android and Symbian version.

      • James

        Yeah this guy just posts the same stuff.
        He’s a fanboy in the purest sense…
        No real experience/understanding let alone interest in most other platforms.
        His clueless posts serve well to illustrate that.
        And yet he regularly lambasts others for being “fanboys”.
        Such a massive hypocrite….

        • James

          I’m not talking about you Tiv.

    • Jay Montano


      What other phones have you tried Spotify on?

      What makes it bad compared to other platforms?

      The OS isn’t ‘shit’ though perhaps it is not to your taste. It has several merits, enough to be warranted as ‘pretty darn awesome’ actually.

      Can you clarify what it is about Spotify on the N9 that could be done better?

      • incognito

        Jay, you out of all people should know that feeding the trolls only leads to huge dumps all over your lawn…

        • jody / buzzinga

          when you try to talk to someone with some level headedness, you may just convert those people to be a little less negative with their insights. 🙂 so jay is actually doing the right thing

          • noki


          • incognito

            Do you really think you can calm down and reason with a person that has chosen for his/her nick: I Hate Lumia, and that utters sentences like ‘the OS is shit’?

            I’ve spent too much time trying to reason with such people – no matter what approach I took, the effect was almost unanimously the same – more crap coming at my direction. YMMV.

        • a3x

          GOOD GUY JAY

      • IHateLumia

        really its slow like snail and ugly. And most of you who say am a troll look your self in the mirror…. I don’t use lumia and I wont use meego or belle!!! am on E71 and once the L900 get to Europe I will buy it. why you see this its because you guys are trolls and since they say if you can beat them join them. I am not a fan of lumia, But you guys hate it like its the reason meego died… meego died because they cant compete with speed with other OS. same as the very old symbian.

        • Fail

          +99999999999999999999999 to u “IHateLumia”……….. really well said

          • James

            Not really, not at all actually, zero brain cells were used.

        • vlad

          lmao, in terms of speed,i reckon meego is as good as ios and most droids. it was the one thing most praised by reviewers. bet you have never even seen an n9 let alone used one. gtfo troll

          • IHateLumia

            Vlad this video shows that its slow… and I never claimed I’ve used it!!! its not something one have to do to see its slow. But I have a friend with one… And if he goes a day without restarting it… he will buy beer for all his friend. before lumia lunched there was atleast 3000 apps waiting for it… N9 was well advertised and yet there is less than 3000 apps till date. and someone should correct me if am wrong.

            • James

              No shit there’s not heaps of apps…

              That’s what happens when there’s no longer a concerted/coordinated effort to ensure that your app ecosystem is your primary one, & growing strongly.
              That’s what happens when you dont have followup devices in the pipeline ensuring that devs can see a future.
              That’s what happens when you don’t encourage development on the platform to anything like the scale that’s happened for WP.

              And you’re clueless once again…
              There was “at least” 1k by the time it 1st started rolling out.
              Now there should be “at least” 3k, & that’s not counting the side-loading one can do.
              But you wouldn’t even know what I’m talking about there.
              Who gives a fuck about massive no’s of apps.
              That argument is soooo dumb, even WP fanboys are forced to counter it against the masses of Android/WP fanboys.
              Be more specific, what apps do you honestly need right now that you can’t find?
              Having 10 gazillion apps means fuck all.
              What matters is if you can find the generes of apps you’re interested in.
              Plus the built-in functionality of Maemo6x is without Qn greater than WP7x (at this point).
              Usability being better is debatable, utility/functionality is not.

              • IHateLumia

                as you corrected me about the apps on n9… I took it in good faith cause I asked someone to correct me if am wrong… but can you correct me of something am write about? i.e. meego is slow and its shit. crashes like its a reliable functionality.

                • James

                  WTF are you talking about… define more clearly what you’re saying.
                  “Shit” & “crashes like it a reliable functionality” doesn’t mean anything.

                  • IHateLumia

                    It means it crashes like its part of the functionality of the operating system… shit in the sense it has nothing compared to other OS… it has got it fanbots though…

                    • James

                      And yet it doesn’t, you’re full of shit.

                      “It has nothing compared to other OS.”

                      WTF are you taking about? BE SPECIFIC or you have NO argument.
                      So far you’re achieving nothing.
                      Other than to prove what an idiot you are.

                • Tiv

                  You must have a faulty unit then for as far as I know my N9 has never crashed But then again I’ve only had it for 6 months.
                  The iPhone users I’ve shown it to usually says, with surprise, “It doesn’t lag at all”.

                  • James

                    Don’t worry about the guy, he’s utterly clueless.
                    Talking smack about OS’s he knows zilch about, & has never used (in their recent forms).
                    And yet somehow he’s an expert on how they’re so bad compared to what he thinks it the golden cow.
                    Which he also hasn’t used, LOL.
                    He hasn’t even used iOS/Android but would probably be just as quick to say how “shit” they are.
                    Amazing how weird/dumb some people are.

            • JohnnyB

              lol, i own an n9 and the thing is a tank, i currently have uptime of over 2 weeks – we can install updates without reboot and can view uptime via screensaver mod.

              seriously dont know where your cusses for the n9 come from, its a solid handset albeit lacking on the apps front. has a great camera, gps, ui and battery life – all i need from a phone.

        • James

          [“really its slow like snail and ugly”]

          That’s it, really?
          And this from someone who hasn’t actually used it for any extended period, wow.

          Ugly is in the eye of the beholder…
          With enough market force & over time, entire populations can be convinced that WP’s UI is the 2nd coming.
          That doesn’t mean it is….
          In fact it’s a very polarizing/subjective UI, esp. aesthetically speaking.
          Perhaps less so usability-wise…

          One thing it does do to great effect, is transitions.
          That gives the impression that it’s rarely/never laggy.
          It’s true that Maemo6x would benefit from more of such effects.
          It would’ve had more by now if the team hadn’t shrunk by 90%+ since last Feb.
          Plus it hasn’t been out for as long as WP, derr.

          To distill “any” OS down too simply “laggy/slow” displays nothing but ignorance.
          I use it every day & that is simply not the case.
          It’s prone to looking “laggy” slightly more often than WP7x, that’s true.
          But really, that’s an extremely facile argument why it’s “so” inferior.
          Surely even you can do better than that.

          [“meego died because they cant compete with speed with other OS”]

          This is your amazing reasoning why Maemo/MeeGo/Symbian’s shit?
          I get it now, how could have been so mistaken, for so long.
          Thank-you for helping me see the other side of the argument.
          I am now converted, anointed in the church of Steve… /S

          Never have I seen such a dumb argument, doesn’t even make any sense.
          There’s nothing worse then people who’ve formed strong opinions on topics they “clearly” know little about.
          One of my pet hates, right up there with people picking their noses.

          Thanks for re-enforcing everyone’s point…
          You have zilch knowledge/experience about any of the platforms in question.
          And yet you profess your undying love for one.
          Try to use your brain at some point….
          So far you’ve failed to outline a solid set of reasons why Maemo6x/Symbian is “shit”.

          As far as everyone else being trolls, so that’s why you’re one, nice logic.
          So if you see someone being murdered, that makes it okay for you to do the same.
          Nope you’re just a fanboy, the saddest kind.
          When anyone says something that hurts your soft fanboy underbelly, you feel threatened.
          And instead of offering a calm insight why you agree/disagree, you spout crap.

          You’d be a more interesting fanboy if you actually were knowledgeable/articulate.
          But sadly you’re none of those, you’re right up here with the most clueless Symbian/Maemo fanboys.

          • IHateLumia

            fanboy… I don’t care about what you just said… onless you want to tell me the video was played in slow motion. Meego is slow and its ugly. if you don’t like it go plug a ring boiler in an ocean. If you guys can love nokia and allow them to do their thing without bashing any os it will be great. I use e71 and before that I use other nokia smartphones even if I hate the OS I like the company… when Symbian was the best I like it… now they offer too little to what the competition put out. and you must be fullish if you say I have to use it first because many of you haven’t used the lumia you batch… hypocrisy against troll… I don’t care what you guys think. but meego is shit. as for jay I see you are trying… you are the only one and few others who love nokia… the rest are not nokia fans but Symbian fans.

            • James

              Wow you really are dumb aren’t you, you prove my point.
              You’re actually worse than any of the worst maemo/meego/symbian fanboys.
              Not a single rational/technical argument for why WP’s “vastly” superior.
              Just blind fanaticism….
              Meanwhile I’ll appreciate the respective strengths/weaknesses of my L800/N9/other phones.

              • IHateLumia

                Lol… at the end, you are also dumb!!!! because you are having a nice discussion with a dumb person. all the people who is not meego fan is dumb… Go and hug transformer.

                • James

                  Nope, trying to get some kind rational argument out of you.
                  But that is clearly never going to happen.
                  It seems your IQ is very low, happy fanaticism.

                  • JohnnyB

                    ignore this ignorant waste of bandwith..

            • j

              well you know that the n9 is running on 1ghz compared to 1,4ghz at lumia. the n9 has also a weaker gpu.

              • Diogo

                N9 = Linux

                Linux >>>>>>>>>>>> Windows and OSX.

                Sorry baby!

              • James

                Actually it doesn’t have a weaker GPU in real world terms.
                In benches there’s a slight adv to the lumias, but the diff. is so tiny that it means zilch in RWT.*

                The diff. in performance between the two CPU’s is real however.
                But clock-for-clock the N9’s CPU is actually better performing.
                Oc’ing is quickly becoming a trivial exercise on the N9.
                Once users hit 1.3Ghz easily/stably, the N9 will actually perform just as well or slightly better.

                *Lumia’s video perf. is better, but that has less to do with the GPU.
                N9’s perf. can be made more acceptable with improved sw.
                There’s no reason the hw can’t do as well in that area.

  • James

    ^Not really, it sounds like you’re technically illiterate.
    Anyone that “has” used other phones heavily, would know that’s very solid -even superior- in many respects.

    • IHateLumia

      If I can read and reply your comment plus hate the N9 because of you fanbots and still be an illiterate… then so be it. I don’t have to deeply use it to know its good… Like my grand mum or girl friend she is not like you that will deeply use a phone or use it as a usb stick or hack it or transfer over Bluetooth to know its a solid phone… she just need something that wont give her headache.

      • James

        Yep & that’s precisely what the N9 did, it dumbed-down the N900 in many ways.
        It was to be the 1st mass-market, commercially focused derivative of the N900.*
        “Step 6 of 6″…..

        *Well, the N950 would’ve come slightly earlier if it hadn’t been killed.

        • IHateLumia

          N900 is a bigger shit…

          • James

            You’re not knowledgeable/experienced enough to articulate how/why.
            Yet somehow you still think your opinion really matters.
            You’re funny…..

  • akse

    Is this a new version? People said that Meespot was better than the original spotify version..

    • James

      Yeah MeeSpot is better by all accts IIRC.
      There’s actually at least 3 spotify clients now.
      Don’t think all are in the store though.
      Haven’t tried any of them yet…

  • jody / buzzinga

    thinking it over, hmmmmmmmm i dont tihnk ill be using this type of app anyway ahehehe, so its okay.. what im really waiting for at, is shazam(?) an app that would identify a song by just letting the phone ‘listen’ to a part of the song. 🙂

    • vlad

      would have thought it would have been ported over seeing as the s3 version is qt..

  • deep space bar

    hey Jay you might wanna read this

    very positive

    • Jay Montano

      Thanks, I’ll check again later.

      At the moment it says:

      “Service Temporarily Unavailable

      The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.”

      • deep space bar

        yea it’s weird you’ll have to refresh the site to see it ? not sure why

  • sepp

    I prefer meespot, both could need further improvements though

  • can’t be helped

    what is the best remote controller for n9?