MS and new back screen moulded e-ink display; in Nokia Lumia in distant future?

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Microsoft has applied for a patent to have a low powered secondary display that would appear on the back of the phone.

Perhaps not too unlike the Nokia GEM concept?

What I like is that the second screen might be ‘e-ink’ basing information from the main screen. Now why would you want a screen everywhere?

There could be many reasons. If it’s E-Ink and can stay on the back with little or no power then it could be a nice added customisation that could be left there or it might be easier to read in super bright sunlight.

  • Skins/Tattoo’s are already given as sugestions
  • If it could, it might be useful for self portraits.
  • It could be, however, like the Nokia always on screens. A clock with quick info on your incoming messages, calendar appointments, temp, weather , widgets etc. The status bar is already on show there at a glance.
  • Low power display may be powered by its own low powered processor but use the high power when necessary. With the low power back display, it might help save battery apparently, by taking tasks from the main display.
  • Can be moulded onto the contours of the device surface, so the e-ink display is all around the corners or edges of the device. Device areas otherwise unused would be a display.
  • Could be a lock screen if touch enabled. Back display like interactions that old Moto and now the new PSP?
  • Filed October 2010

These phones would of course eventually be Windows Phones so something the Nokia Lumias may have in the distant future.

Video from November 2011


Source: USPTO

Via Patent Bolt via Engadget

Thanks Simrat for the tip!


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