Nokia Fluid/Qualcomm Fluid with Windows Phone 8/I.E. 10 for Verizon?

| April 22, 2012 | 25 Replies

WMPU reports seeing Windows Phone 8 on DSLReport’s mobile speed test.

Right now it shows up just as Qualcomm; Fluid with IEMobile 10. But earlier WMPU captured this as saying Nokia Fluid.

This might sound familiar as that name was spotted at occasional gamer, March 27th.


Both Qualcomm Fluid and Nokia Fluid appeared. The former might be a chip, the latter – a handset with that chip? But with Windows Phone 8? I don’t know much about it, but wasn’t there a 800MHz Qualcomm Fluid a couple of years back?  Unless there’s been an update, it might mean Windows Phone 8 on 800MHz? Recent rumours suggest WP8 is being tested on the Nokia Lumia 610.

The speedtest apparently suggested the Nokia Fluid possibly having LTE on Verizon.  You might still be able to see something on the google cached pages here and here. A WP8 LTE Nokia Lumia PureView is rumoured to appear on Verizon.

Source: WMPU

Cheers DKM for the tip!







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  • Andre

    Based on the screen resolution feedback it could be a number of things, including dev boards, which is the most likely at this point.

  • dss

    Can someone with some knowledge comment on this:,0

    Maybe this is how they are planing on running the old Wp7 apps in WP8 ? If this article is correct, and if they use WinMin core instead of CE, they can implement the Hyper-V virtual machine, which is covered in the article. Question is, do they need to do that for the mobile platform ?

    • Andre

      Not likely, Virtualisation requires hardware resources (not just CPU clock speed) that mobile devices quite simply do not have.

      As for older Windows Phone apps, they’re based on Silverlight, XNA and C# AFAIK, which WP8 will support at least a subset of if not the entire thing.

      • migo

        It’ll be the whole thing. Supporting Silverlight and XNA isn’t a stretch at all, and won’t be anymore taxing on WP8 with the MinWin kernel than on WP7 with the WinCE kernel.

    • mdev

      No, there is no need for virtualization to run old 7.5 apps. They are in C#, which is interpreted language and therefore can be easily transferred to new CPU architecture.

  • s2korpio

    There’s just too much rumours swirling around, with some sites few sites being hopeful, some sites being pessimistic and most being neutral. I think I’ll just sit back and watch the show.

    • DesR85

      Same. Starting to get a headache reading them until I start to tune out of their rants.

      I’ll take the ‘wait and see’ approach in the meantime. 😉

  • Prashant

    Thnx for the tip dkm.

  • Kan

    To be perfectly honest whether it is WP8 or Apollo or whatever is missing the point.

    WP needs Native coding so that you can use a games engine like Unity or UDK.

    Also Nokia needs to hit it out of the ballpark with a powerful GPU.

    • migo

      That’ll happen when (not if) they make the switch to the MinWin kernel. They’re keeping that from happening right now so that 99.99% of the WP apps written currently will run after they make the switch. If they allowed native coding now they’d be chaining themselves to a separate kernel to ensure backwards compatibility, which would be a bad idea. Moving to MinWin means they’re only working on one kernel for 3 things, which allows them to move faster and more efficiently. That’s also the exact problem Nokia had – S40, Symbian and Maemo were all entirely separate.

  • Unlocked bootloader?

    • migo



    You should start use PC forum instead of Nokia. And also you should know Qualcom is cheaper supplier but due to worse quality. So worse hardware will be tried to sell at prices of better hardware. This is case of devices currently in sell. That is why worse use design of better. On the unibody there is no any sign what chips are inside, right?

    • Saul

      You are an embarrassment to Maemo/MeeGo/Symbian/WP supporters that strongly disagree with the “WP only” for the top-end strategy.

      Besides, it’s probably too late for change now, even if Nokia wanted to :-/

    • migo

      Qualcomm isn’t cheaper, it’s better. Power usage, particularly when it comes to UMTS and especially LTE radios is lower with Qualcomm chips than anything else. Low power usage is the most important factor for a mobile.

    • Tim.L

      Hmm that’s not really true. Qualcomm has been in the forefront of implementing LTE radio inside the SoC, saving massive amounts of battery.

      Also S4 already runs rings around Tegra 3. Nvidia maybe is the worst example of only marketing nothing else.

      TI has unfortunately mosty droppen off. Not many manufacturers use them anymore.

      • migo

        Mainly because of LTE and very fast HSPA. But it is unfortunate, since they do have pretty good chips. I expect them to be more prevalent in devices that compete with the iPod touch (Walkman Z series, Galaxy Player and the like), WiFi only tablets and ARM ultrabooks.


    For sure it will be to late only when Nokia will be dead completely. When MrElop want to be a manager of 0.4% niche market of windows on US market – fine – he wants to try to make windows crap the best OS – fine – want to this, this, this and also many other things with windows – fine, let Nokia have just one more OS in collection. But driving Nokia to catastrophe – NO, idiotic focus only on widows crap – NO, disturbing customers demanding MeeGo-Metemi-Symbian-PureView-nonwindows devices – NO and definitely NO. Company when I am employed has build infrastructure and way of communication with our customers around Nokia devices, customers are satisfied and we are doing our parts. Elop’s jokes ma hurt our existence and we are just simply PISSED OFF and we will eventually switch to android if not to MeeGo/Tizen, certainly not any windows. I love Nokia and this is difficult to goodbye after all past years of experiences. MeeGo gives a better standard then all the other Nokias, and boosts performance and satisfaction. Elop and Microsoft are don’t live from money related to Nokia. We must care for our customers and our incomes. So we will not jump on head into empty pool. We want already working and accepted way like MeeGo. As this works also Tizen will if MeeGo will not be continued (what would be total stupidity). And also seems Tizen solution will be more reliable for business supporting. I was asked to let you know about this, after we were discussing options for us. I hope some wise ppl may note just expressed position. May Nokia survive, and will not sink with sinking Windows.

    • viktor von d.

      SPEAK ENGLISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      AND STOP TROLLING !!!!!!!!!!!!
      repeating the same thing, over and over again, makes you look like a imbecile, sorry to say it, and i apologise in advance

      • REMOVED

        It’s OK English is not my mother tongue and I make mistakes, however I think more important is the essence of arguments. Try to discuss arguments, not invectives only. And I read not this blog only. And not one expert only. And not one language only. And over all picture is repeating and in general seems that with continuous falling of Lumia everywhere Nokia is dieing also. And here seems to me some bloggers just deny to see the reality and consequences. I still think if Nokia wants unneeded windows division it can exist, but if don’t support demanded products like MeeGo-Meltemi-Harmattan-Symbina and don’t offer needed products then Nokia can’t exists. I write here because I like and used to use Nokia. But had to refuse Microsoft Lumia as this is beyond any possibility and good will to use. So for me this is like to point to good friend or perhaps better would be to say partner-husband-wife: hey look our relationship is dieing, we are falling apart each other. Could we do something to repair it my dearest Nokia? If there will not be such possibility of course I can look around for new partner if there will not be a chance to repair it. Read my posts in above context, even if language is horrible. And perhaps I repeat the same things as Nokia is repeating the same again and again? Nothing new and interesting hasn’t happened. All the time there are the same accusations for trolling and hating this or that, and Nokia still is getting worse and worse. And this is first time in history I have been treated this way in context of being Nokia fan or being at Nokia forum. Panta rhei as Heraklit said (most probably).
        Whatever: I want Nokia N9 and N9 successor. Don’t need any windows mobile for anything. And get used to live with this. Period.

        • Eddy


          WILL NOT READ

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