Accessories: Wireless Music Receiver, Nokia MD-310 Review/Unboxing

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So, I found these whilst clearing out my room. It was the MD-310 Wireless Music Receiver that we got at Nokia World. I hadn’t used it as I thought I would need a NFC handset, and also, I had something similar a while back and found it awkward to connect to my speakers.

Box contents:The Nokia MD 310 is a lot easier to use than previous similar Nokia accessories of this nature. Just a couple of RCA adapters or, even easier for me, 3.5mm jack which I can feed into the line in of my laptop (which is then subsequently connected to a monitor which is then connected to the speaker). This way, I can play music from the phone onto my normal audio set up. If I connected to the speaker/monitor, I’d have to keep switching settings/wires. For some people their speaker system might be separate anyway.The MD-310 is a shiny, piano black pancake. The material seems to be some durable plastic with a cold metal base at the bottom. At the top you have an LED ring that lights up white when on and blue when connected to a device.


At the side, the 3.5mm jack loops its wires around the recess. When empty, it will glow a soft white light whenever audio is being transferred. At the bottom you have a small rubber ring which allows it to grip to your surface. This is powered by a 2mm pin charger. You connect to your speakers either via RCA adapters (which attach to the 3.5mm jack) or via the 3.5mm jack directly.

Pairing is easy, either traditional bluetooth (though all I had to do was select pair, no password necessary) or tap with NFC. Note, NFC needs to be switched on (not on by default) and you may need to just rest the phone onthe MD 310 for a bit in case you miss the initial NFC contact. You can also use the NFC tap to disconnect.

This plays pretty much all audio except calls/alarms. This means, music, games, videos and even incoming alerts. The quality is very high and the range is quite something. Where WiFi is normally killed by our ancient super thick walls, the bluetooth oddly manages it. In Nokia’s own promo video they mentioned getting as far as 100m.

You can connect multiple bluetooth devices, though not simultaneously. To switch to a different device, just press the button in the middle. It will blink as it tries to find the next device in the list and it will connect if it’s available.

You can grab a Nokia MD 310 on Amazon for as cheap as £34.





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  • Johnny

    Bought the MD-310 a few weeks back and i love it. As you noted very good sound quality and range. So much easier to listen to your music via a hi-fi system in contrast to pluggin in a cable every time…

  • hoi


  • Laborant

    I have it, I use it and I love it!

    Also to stream Music from my PC / Laptop. For my N9, I cloned the NFC-Tag and attached one on the Doorframe 😉

    Nice Sound, nice Design.

    • MontyN95

      How did u do that? Please share!!

      • Laborant

        PC/Laptop? Just with Bluetooth.

        And the NFC-Tag – okay, not really cloned (the Tag in the MD-310 isn’t cloneable) but with the N9’s App “NFC Tag Writer” has the mode “Write Bluetooth Audio Tag”.

        Then Connect, and Tap your NFC Tag (you can get some from ebay). That’s It. 😉

        • twig

          Geez, you should put that on youtube. Thats a great idea. Start a Nokia nfc idea channel.

          • Laborant

            Ehm… I think, it’s too easy. Just get a N9, load the App, Buy some Tags and pair the device 😀

        • MontyN95

          Can it only be done with the N9 or any PC or even with symbian?

          • Laborant

            Your Symbian must have NFC – I only have an N8 with Symbian, so I cannot test.

            For C7, 701, 500 808PureView and so on, it should work. With the PC it won’t work without an overpriced NFC-Tool. Far too expencive. (N9 will be cheaper 😉 )

            There is an NFC Writer for the 701 in the Store, but I really don’t know if you’re able to Write Bluetooth Audio Tags with it.

            It works with any Bluetooth device, so I can pair my N8 with the N9 😉

            I’ll buy a 808PureView – It has NFC and I’ll Test it 😉

    • goosepig

      Excuse my dumbness – but what exactly is it that you are doing, when you say clone a tag on the doorframe?

      I am really intrigued (as I am about to by the MD-310) and also an 808 when it is out, so I would like to know! 🙂


  • Saul


  • Tim.L

    I have been interested about this quite some time. Is it able to actually stream 320kb on the fly?

    That’s the thing i love about Air Play plus Airport Express as you don’t need to sacrifice the quality.

  • Xpress0705

    Has bought the MD-310 last week, and only one word: AMAZING!!

    The receiver has a simple yet classy look. The build quality is excellent with the use of premium materials like piano black plastics for the top & cold metal for the base.The blue light ring and the white receiving light gives it a nice look in the dark.

    The sound quality is CD quality like despite using bluetooth. It has a large range and the sound does not get cut by obstacles like walls in its way!

    Having the NFC enabled N9 makes it a joy to pair with. Other phones using regular search to pair work well too. To select between paired phones, you just need to press the centre button. And voilà! Its connected to another phone in less than 10 sec.

    For those like me who wants to have the freedom to move around wirelessly and give your home theatre a second life, its definitely a buy. Overall, its highly recommended given the price, features and sound quality it offers!!!

  • sven

    whats the name of the music player on nokia n9 ? pls

    • noki

      think that’s one of the spotify apps, right jay?

  • jiipee

    Forgot this completely after checking prices 6 months ago. Now its a must have, if I get it for a reasonable price. 60€ in Verkkokauppa, Finland. Thanks for the review, Jay!

  • Hey Jay, just wanted to know, which music app you are using on N9? It isn’t the native music app for sure!

  • Iw

    pls…where i found that driver for windows 7 —-i cant listen music from laptop …