Video: Nokia 808 PureView vs Nokia N8, Belle FP1

| April 26, 2012 | 85 Replies


Here’s a video comparing the Nokia N8 with the new Nokia 808 PureView. The N8 seems to have some Belle FP1 style mod going on there.

The N8 is the oldest of the S^3 bunch, so performance difference would be a bigger gap than say, the 701. It might just be the wallpapers, but the 808′s screen just pops out in terms of the vividness. And that’s through video.


Cheers Zymo for the tip!

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  1. ilan says:

    808 pureview is N8 killer

  2. PleaseConsiderMyArgumentsFirst says:

    How about compare 808 to N9? People are comparing them. That would be more interesting IMHO.

  3. Dave says:

    The screen difference could also be partially down to brightness settings on the N8 – but I doubt it can be dialled up as far as the 808s newer screen.

    That 808 is definitely a bit of a beast in terms of size, strikes me that it’ll hopefully seem nice and solid.

    Any ideas where’s likely to be best to pre-order in the UK? Currently undecided between Clove and, including delivery prices are pretty much the same between the two.

  4. Rick Rogers says:

    This CFW works pretty well in the N8.

  5. deep space bar says:


  6. VICTOR says:

    It’s odd that I can’t seem to watch any videos posted here from any of my 3 Nokia phones. Fix this shit.

  7. Scelero says:

    Think the colors are better looking on the 808 due yo it having CBD which the n8 is without.

  8. bluecheesified! says:

    yes yes yes please if ye can sort this out video would be perfect on my n8 love this place

  9. viktor von d. says:

    i can’t wait to get the 808

  10. paul says:

    Just picked up a galaxy note as I wanted something with a bigger screen to read books in addition to my N8. The lack of quality in the galaxy note really surprised me. Compared to the n8 it really feels like a piece of rubbish. Actually feels like one drop would finish it. Can’t wait for the 808.

  11. stylinred says:

    is it just me or does the 808 look waaaay too thick in comparison to the n8? (the ending of the video with the comparison shots)

  12. Johnny Tremaine says:

    The 808 looks great, but I can’t see myself getting it for its current unlocked price.

    I’m looking for an unlocked phone to ride on my AT&T contract in the U.S., but at $660 dollars, approximately, from an importer here, it’s way too much. It costs almost as much as unlocked iPhone 4s and *double* that of an unlocked Galaxy Nexus.

    At $350 unlocked, I would jump on it, but at almost double that? No way, it’s totally over priced, Pureview or no Pureview.

  13. Johnny Tremaine says:

    Galaxy Nexus it is, I guess, directly from Google at under $400 unlocked.

    • Deaconclgi says:

      Then the camera is NOT your top priority. If it was, you would not be considering the GNex at all.

      • Johnny Tremaine says:

        I never said that it was.

        A decent camera is good enough. The most important is an operating system that won’t make me want to toss the phone out a window.

  14. disguy says:

    This is a pretty terrible “comparison” video. First problem, checks multitasking, 808 only has 2 apps open vs 5,6 on n8. A true comparison should’ve wiped the n8 clean and then compared it to the 808. The n8 had more music, apps, widgets of course there would be a lag between the two. Which makes the 808 seem like it’s not much of an upgrade. Screen looks amazing though, although I’m sure he didn’t change the settings on the n8 to match the 808. But with the cbd display the 808 wins hands down anyway. I’m still going to get the 808, as ugly as it is, but this comparison just sucks and wasn’t thought through.

  15. DKM says:

    If FP1 for Nokia N8 and its brothers are ready why cant they release it. Not sure how long to wait…………………………………..

  16. JGrove303 says:

    I’m currently using Tylor’s Pro Edition V7 version 1, Granted, it’s custom firmware based on leaked beta and it’s got bugs, big so far, i’m really not impressed with the build of this new web browser, despite html5 compatability. Loading, say, takes a LONG time. Certain menu options like share link are gone (wtf?), although the copy & paste options are much better (better than android’s imho)
    Still haven’t handled the new camera UI (looks trick) and the new task manager is cool looking, but really doesn’t add anything. I also already have a few more app compatibility issues ontop of the incompatabilites that Belle has with apps as it is. That really falls on the app devs though.
    I’d love to handle the finished product.

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