Reader Generated: Nokia N9 overclocking at near 1.4Ghz :)!!! – part 1

| April 27, 2012 | 32 Replies

lmiked shared these screenshots with us detailing experiences with overclocking the N9. It’s in two parts as this was mailed directly from the N9 and apparently there was a 5MB limit.  1350MHz seems to be the sweet spot, stable and fast. Anything above might cause problems. Note, overclock at your own risk. It is not covered in the warranty should faults arise.

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you guys know that, by using the hack mentioned here a month ago or so to overclock the N9 to 1.1Ghz and by changing a few digits and experimwnting a few times with it, I was able to overclock my N9 up to 1.392Ghz (1392Mhz).

As of last night, after experimenting several values, I set the overclock to 1.35Ghz (1350Mhz) and have been running it like that until now… No problems so far… Though, I can say that the highest stable OC value is 1.38Ghz (1380Mhz), and I was able to keep going up til 1387Mhz without problems, after which my N9 froze, and rebooted automatically… I then restarted switching OC values from 1387Mhz and went up to 1392Mhz, after that, everytime I enter that value for overclock, it just freezes and reboots.

After all this, I got the feeling that it might be possible to make it run at 1390Mhz stable enough… At 1380Mhz, it ran perfectly… Although, to be on the safe side, I set mine to 1350Mhz, and have been running it like that as I mentioned since last night, and wouldn’t recommend anyone going above that value or at least 1380Mhz, cause it isn’t that much of a diference, and it runs perfeclty, and very stable at 1350Mhz, so…

As for noticeble differences, basically it just fells smoother than usual, snappier, more reponsive, less laggy when you check for updates on notifications menu, and the transitions also seem to be smoother, the menus also, and launching apps also feels a little more responsive and faster… Although it might be my imagination haha!!

Just let me know if there is any other details you want to know.






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