Accessories: Nokia 808 PureView Picture Frame, + Could 4K video recording be possible by 808?

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Well, not really but Gerii who tipped this in pointed out that this would make a good companion for your Nokia 808 PureView as it could show the pictures from the 808 at 1:1.

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This features an 8K screen, 7680 x 4320 or 33MP.

Now whilst 145″ might be impractical for everyday use, 8K is certainly where we’ll be heading in screen resolution. This reminds me of a post I intended to make some time ago where James Burland talked about the possibility of the Nokia 808 recording 4K video.

There’s no one quite like James Burland when it comes to speculations about technology. Whether it be about Apple or more appropriately for us, Nokia, if you’ve been following him for a while, he’s freakishly always on the money.

James, Mr B has long been passionate about mobile imaging, and for a very, very long time, Nokia has been at the forefront in driving innovation in imaging forward. Here were some links I dug up from his archive, some very, very smart speculations (well I thought I had more links but seem to have lost that draft).

On 4K video, James says it’s about Future Proofing. We’re always hearing now how some phones ‘aren’t doing 1080p’ as if it’s now a standard, but so many years ago, that would be considered crazy on a phone. If you jumped back in time to 2006, I’m sure you’d also get asked why on earth you’d consider recording 1080p or why even you’d have HD screens on a 4.5″ device. James reckons 4K displays will be the norm soon enough.

Imagine if screens would eventually have the same pixel density as the latest HD phones. That would be some insane screen (requiring some insane powering) but it wouldn’t be impossible.

Sources:, jamesburland

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