Accessories: Nokia Purity HD, Cyan Monster with Nokia N9 (Huge Gallery)

| April 28, 2012 | 34 Replies

So, third unboxing, second Monster for the day. This is the official Nokia Purity HD headsets, in Cyan. This arrived just as I finished recording the unboxing for the Beats, but the latter was a replacement so I had some experience with it already.

With this post, I’ll leave it as an unboxing for now, and I’ll get back to it in about a week for some real thoughts. It’s quite a bold attention grabber of a headset, especially in Blue/White/Magenta. Very comfy, very light, almost feels like you’re not wearing it at all.

Thanks Nokia Connects for the trial (I think I still called them WOM in the video ). There are 46 pictures in the gallery, but here are some I’ve selected.

Amazon Prices for the Nokia Purity HD varies with colour. As of today::


The packaging is very much Monster Like: Sleve on outside (with a flap) and folding cardboard box inside. Seems sturdy.

Nice case that stores the Nokia Purity HD

There’s actually a sleeve where you can pop in stuff like the extra cables.

You would find the cables in that box that says Purity HD


Now the headphones

Partnering perfectly with Cyan Nokia N9 (headphone cables with buttons don’t seem to work)

Here’s the 46 picture gallery:

The case/headphones have a curious earthy smell about them, as in it actually smells like soil for some reason.



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  • Alvester

    These pics gave me Cyangasm. 😀

    • Jay Montano

      Haha, they’re super photogenic 😀 Good call from Katie at Nokia Connects – I was unsure between the white or blue ones 🙂

  • efekt

    While we’re at this (welcomed) Nokia accessories review spree, may I ask if anyone knows when will the Nokia BH-221 be available to buy, and how much will it cost?
    I’ve been looking to buy one @ Ebay since last month when I heard it’ll be available to buy on April, but we’re already at the end of April and Googling for stores that are selling it returns 0 results…

    I really want one, I reckon it’ll look just great with my (future) white Lumia 900 🙂

    • #@!

      BH221 is available on JINGDONG online in China, for 428RMB(~£40)

      • efekt

        Can you please give me a link to a page in English where I can buy one? I can’t find it…

  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    Sound wise what’s better? This or Beats? I want to get some but can’t decide and don’t have the money for both hah

    • Jay Montano

      Vs Pros? The pros are almost 3x the price. Vs equivalent beats, the Purity is better. Maybe better even than Studios but I’ll have to check again.

      The Pros have heavier, fuller bass.

      • Michael Faro-Tusino

        You have studios don’t you? I am leaning towards Beats but if there isn’t much different, I will go for Purity, as I like the design better

        • Jay Montano

          No, I have the Pros. The Studio is one down from the pros, features active noise cancellation but apparently leaks. I know there’s an immediate harsh reaction to beats/monster headphones as just gimmicks, but I think the Pros do have decent sound.

          I looked around at audiophile reviews of it, and they weren’t that harsh to it. It’s obviously not going to be for purists, though I’m not quite sure that everyone putting them down simply for being Monster related may have tried them. Checking the Amazon UK reviews, they complain of tinny sound from the Purity, but I’m guessing they used the wrong cable.

    • stylinred

      what sounds better? a paper cup with a hangar as wire 😉

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  • PleaseConsiderMyArgumentsFirst

    This brilliant piece of tech and spirit of pure Nokia. Monster is reliable.

    I’ve tested and those are one of bests headphones I’ve tried. Very good idea is jack instead of just a wire. This allow to exchange damaged cable, and in case of accident allow jack will disconnect. If there would be just wire it would be broken.

    That flat cable-wire-ribbon is really flexible but also a part the most ha surprised me. I don’t know why even. Just something different.

    Audio reproduction for me is without any problems. They isolate from surrounding noises in background very good. Comfortable and solid.

    Certainly everybody will notice this blue something on your head even in the biggest crowd. And this is very elegant design also. @Jay: White one if you want them fits to any clothes, situation, society. Blue one if you want to be noticed for sure. Hmm pink one – I don’t like this – so I would say if you would like to underline immaturity… For unknown reason they are to strange for me.

    If you like to hear music or FM radio with your Nokia N9 you will be satisfied IMHO.

    I am afraid of scratches on shining parts, but who knows. Also I am afraid how durable cables are, especially when hardly used. I think replacement can cost, but who knows.

    As I said they isolate from background noises so I think for safety reasons they should not be used while driving etc. and any situation when sounds can be used as alarms.

    Very good for long learning or reading books.

    They are not cheap but worth of their price I think.
    Last but not least, if I am right, they were among accessories for Nokia N9 together with NFC loudspeakers Nokia Play 360 and Bluetooth Nokia BH-220.

    • Dave

      I’m sceptical that you’ve listened to many others and decided on these; is there something wrong with your ears?

      Your comments barely touch on sound quality, which is the primary function of headphones. I’ve listened to most of the Monster range, and they’re all without exception sub-par on sound quality.

      Everything sound muddy likes there’s a thick veil between you and the music.

      Anything from Sennheiser, HD-228 and up, will sound considerably better.

      Nokia really should have teamed up with Sennheiser, Koss, UE, heck – even Skullcandy – Monster do *not* have a good name in the audio arena, even audiophiles don’t like them.

      • James

        Not on some of the makes you suggest though, cept for Senn.

        • incognito

          Koss is pretty OK for the price, tho. No Sennheiser, but close enough. Don’t know about UE or Skullcandy, but I’m willing to give Dave the benefit of the doubt knowing how Monster is mediocre at best.

          Either way, the headset in this article is definitely not worth the price – I don’t even like the design, but as they say – beauty is in the eye of the beholder – however I’d expect something better than Monser for that amount of money.

          Of course, I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt as well to the people that used them and said they sound great – but I’m highly skeptical given that I’ve tried plenty of Monster wares and the general impression was ‘meh’ at best.

          • James

            Never tried monster, but I’m a regular at several audio forums over the yrs.
            So I know well what others experiences have been, compared to other makes/models.

  • MyN9isMyLife

    Why oh why did Nokia go to all this trouble with Monster to make quality headphones/in-earphones that don’t allow controls to work with the N9, only Lumia phones? Does anyone know why this is? I’d like to get these, but not if I can’t use the in-line controls. And I’m about a million light years away from buying a bloody Lumia!

    • James

      It’s been explained before, can’t recall full detail…
      IIRC it’s because the N9 uses a Nokia 3.5mm jack standard.
      Whereas the Lumia’s adopted the one used by the iPhones.

    • James

      It “may” be possible to make the N9 fully compatible with an adapter etc.

  • JustinB


    As you can see there are two cables.

    The one with the button controls only work with the Nokia Lumia.

    The other cable is the one for N9/S^3 – with no controls.

    The reason is due to the contacts used on the 3.5mm jack.


    • PleaseConsiderMyArgumentsFirst

      For me standard 3.5 jack is advantage as allow to use standard devices, this means I can attach much better device which I would never take to walk with outside. This mean I can use much better and professional staff which would be useless with not standard jack. Also 3.5 jack is port for audio in/out and video out. Standard jack allow to use N9 as source for many systems not using NFC standard. Also this allow to use N9 for recording from external source or from professional mics. Not standard 3.5 jack would significantly limit N9 functionalities and features. An adaptor can be used. However more comfortable solution is NFC or Bluetooth headphones, which have better controls, N9 is more sophisticated then wires and cables only. iPhones standard can’t act like this, or with much highier prices. I think a little bit more knowledge about N9 endless possibilities will help a lot. Note you can attach to headphone connector an Bluetooh-, NFC- ,or WIFI- -controler. NFC controller would be the best IMHO.

      • James

        Err no….

      • a3x

        You should use the Enter key a bit more often.

  • Banderpop

    I managed to get my hands on a Nokia Essence headset about 3 weeks ago.

    Alas, I’m not really an audiophile, and this is the first Bluetooth or Active Noise Cancellation audio device I’ve ever owned. Likewise I don’t have much stuff that I can test them with. But since I can’t find a review of them anywhere, would my writing one be of interest to anyone?

    • anton

      Hi Banderpop, I just got mine last week, after a mad hunt for them in Switzerland.. I couldn’t find any review either, so I think you writing one would be very useful. I’m no audiophile either, so I’d feel uncomfortable writing one myself. On the other hand I happen to have a Sony X1050 Walkman that incorporates noise reduction, and from what I can hear, the Essence are clearly better in isolating low frequency noise and they have the advantage of producing no hiss (in that respect the Sony are lacking) while the fact that the Sony reduce noise also in the mid and high-freq range helps in certain environments, such as in a bus when the motor is revving up.

    • Dave

      I”ve been thinking about getting one, can not really find a review for it, only an unboxing promising a review. Please feel free to share your opinions 🙂

    • Banderpop

      Yeah, I’ve seen that unboxing vid that didn’t go anywhere. It was quite worrying really, as I wondered if the lack of review meant that the Essence was rubbish.

      Anton, thanks for the extra info. I’ve found them to be good on buses most of the time, but with one exception, which I’ll be sure to mention.

  • Oh my God! Those two together are just sooo sexy! I love the N9!!!!!!!!!!

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  • akse

    I might get these.. also 360 would be nice for summer 24h of music with battery 🙂 nice on the beach etc.

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  • Jose

    whats that app on the pic? jej thanks

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  • indigo

    hi i really want buy this item for yellow colour
    but i search eaby
    just find this:
    only this

    what u think? is it real or used?

    btw what u think different of wh930 and bh940?
    what u advise?
    i use yellow 1520