Finnish MP’s Nokia E7s breaking often?

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A smartphone, despite all of its advertised features, must do the core applications people rely on flawlessly. Keyboard, email, calendar, browser, and all other aspects of the phone as generally stable, reliable, and quick to use.

A story on yesterday points to some phones used by Finnish MPs whose phones never worked properly.

  • Freezing
  • Keyboard failures
  • something that got translated as ‘charging contact failure’
  • calendar
  • email problems etc

The translator is rather hard to follow. If you’re lucky enough to understand Finnish, you can click that link above for yourself.

These phones, in the hands of Finnish members of parliament, have been replaced countless of times and some seem to have gone and bought themselves their own phones that would work. It seems only in the last update with Belle have things began to work properly but that might be too little too late.

Nokia mobile phones has been a huge amount of bugs. That has been discussed many times among my colleagues. Either the telephone or was not broken, then the properties were poor. Now that I got a new software update, E 7 has finally begun to work properly.

Although the E7 was capable of many awesome things, the underlying S^3 made it problematic. As I replied to a user a couple of days ago, initially, it seemed like an ok experience.

But over time, I don’t know why, things eventually break requiring a hard reset for maintenance. There shouldn’t have to be any special way we would have to interact with our phone to minimise the need for hard reset. Things should just work. My N8 unfortunately after a month or so, started locking up, freezing, mails not opening (or taking ages to open) and my HD games crashing or not starting up at all. The keyboard was a sad affair, though E7 users are saved from this as they have a physical keyboard. The browser was always an unfortunate experience given that Nokia had spoilt me with MicroB and promised they would do better than this for Symbian – even with the latest iteration, they have not.

Belle FP1 seems to have changed things a lot for the better and were this what N8 came with in April 2010 when first announced, or even October when it was available, perhaps things could have been much different for Nokia.

BTW, was any hardware problems mentioned? My N8 is now not working and I still haven’t managed to get to the awkwardly located repair place.


Cheers Janne for the tip


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