Visualized: Nokia as we knew it, striving for survival.

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I came across this video and upon watching it, many memories of Nokia rushed through my mind, its old struggles and new struggles, competition from rivals Samsung, Apple, OS rivals-Android, iOS and basically the media at large. Maybe it is just me and my memories of using Nokia tech, TV-out via RGB, GPUs back in the OMAP24xx era, Zeiss 5MP Xenon packing camera, playing One via hardware buttons, advanced Bluetooth profiles, HDMI and USB-OTG and other technologies that I was introduced to via Nokia devices. I am NOT saying Nokia was the first or best but hey, let me reminisce!

It was a little sad, especially with the musical score, to remember the iconic Nseries devices that did it all and more, to see the little Nokia car that could, struggle with the competition, going through harsh environments, getting damaged, dirty along the way, a refreshing wash in the river (Belle update? lol)and power sliding the turns, showing a clear determination to stay relevant in the (Smartphone) race.


Ah, it could just be me….mesmerized by my time off from work, spending way too much time oogling at the Pureview, flashing N8 Belle Roms and being baffled at the Lumia cab update files. Regardless, I find this video symbolic of Nokia’s past, present and future, loading up all it has (livery on the car), giving its best shot, among a sea of fierce competitors.

Our dear readers, what comes to mind about Nokia when you watch this video, looking at the detail of the car and the races at hand? Do you have any fond memories of experiences with Nokia? Did you secretly wish the Nokia car would crash and burn? Did the music “take you back” to the glory days of Nokia, where in your own experience, Nokia could do no wrong?

If nothing else, congrats and great job to the creator of the Nokia livery in Dirt 3: 

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  • Deep Space Bar

    stop drifting off course and putting yourself in a ditch…as in same look new engine….that means go back to squirkle icons/personality/original OSs and your own personality and get your shit together

    • steelicon

      I was waiting for a BIG ALMIGHTY HAND OF ELOP to put a GIGANTIC MS WP7.5/8 WALL in front of the Nokia car, making Nokia crash and burn…

      • JD!

        +1 ha ha

  • Poosana

    Nokia just needs to keep being in the game and playing it. Then, learn from the mistakes, get up from the fall and going forward quickly. Nokia must understand that it is in the new playing field and they must adapt to the new game with the new rules. If it is not willing to adapt death is certain.

    I want to see Nokia in its glory day again. It is not impossible. Nokia can make this happen, but it has to happen fast. It is like the Rally car racing, it takes more than just a fast car. Nokia has great product in my opinion, it needs support from retail channels among other things.

    • Poosana


    • Deaconclgi

      Very well said and I agree.

  • Tiles suck

    Fuck Elop and his Windows Phone crap! Android and MeeGo are better

    • Heh…

      unless.. UNLESS, he change plans to go back to Nokai’s roots which were Symbian and Meego.

      …wtf talking me.. =.=

  • jmlion

    Nokia wants to give priority to WP? Ok.

    – Symbian Belle is great, but it’s too late. People don’t believe in Symbian anymore, and it still has some things other OSes don’t have or simply do in a better way. (and viceversa: Symbian is the best in some things, some of which being important, at least to me)
    – Meego is beautiful, and has few apps cause it’s been declared a “dead” platform. I think it would have many apps if it was sold as flagship phone to create a new “ecosystem”. And of course, now that Nokia wants to give priority to WP, Meego would be self-competition
    – Everyone want Android. Still, again: problem of self-competition with Nokia “flagship” WP (lol) models

    – Sell 808, see if people forget about Symbian past. If sells VERY good, dont make Symbian die. But I think that will be partially covered with Meltemi. I think it will be something like Meego+Symbian+S40.
    – Android: yes, as I said there is the self-competition problem against Nokia WP flagships. So: do no-flagship Android phones. Those sell a lot, Symbian doesnt anymore.

    • jmlion

      “and it still has some things other OSes don’t have” -> should have been “it still hasnt some things other OSes have”

      • Heh…

        Didn’t have to correct it. Your original sentence is still correct.

        • jmlion

          yes ahah, but wouldnt make sense since I said that in the next sentence 😉

  • twig

    Into the turn it looks like car Nokia has just passed a car and forced it into crash and burn. That car is car LG. Out of the windows line and one might also say they might be out of android soon too. Car LG was ugly . Perhaps it will be going into the pits until the new joint LG and Samsung OS is announced. Dont expect Samsung android then as they would have to make another ecosystem and who thinks google would help them. Perhaps google would sell them android .

    • Deaconclgi

      Lol. Great description and visualization of LG! Going into the pits….too funny.

      • SF

        can you plz tell me what features it still dont have??

    • Reonhato

      Ironically, some of LG’s phone are better built than Samsung. And at less price too. All of the western world an mostly in the USA can’t get past the image of LG just making feature phones. It is the same as people still think Belle is S60 and WP7 is WM6.5 (the latter mostly general consumers not in the west).

      You see all the comments from westerners in USA sites about LG. It’s okay though, they can afford the more expensive Samsung. Which is as plastic as LG. (not that plastic is bad)

      • Bloob

        Well, it’s not like Samsung produces very high quality phones either. Some of them are well built, but many are just crap. Of course, this is just of the ones I’ve personally tested / seen, which is about 1% of their phones.

    • J R

      LG’s mobile phone division and the company as a whole posted a profit last quarter.

      And Nokia?

      Nokia’s more like a large truck trying to change direction and make a u-turn than a fast, nimble rally car.


    Hey,folks. Do you remember Colin Mcrae 2005 on N-Gage.I think it is still the best mobile racing game,except for graphics.I think maybe it is J2ME,but developers actually,destroied Nokia.when developers could do hd games for nokia,they only develop java games in order to cover more users.because of java games piracy,when iPhone came out.developers moved to iOS,which can only do hd games,and they earned more,so abandon nokia who “made” their games profitless because of piracy,when hd games era came,nokia’s much inferior hardware could no longer handle hd games,and develop nokia versions is not profitable,so no hd version just java version for nokia or even no version,so more people moved to iOS.POOR Nokia,when hd gaming is the future,develops mostly gave it java,when hd gaming is present,they can only give java to it.when N-gage classic was future,no one saw it.including nokia,and nokia don’t know how to handle and improve that platform.

  • Rudeboi

    The problem with Nokia was management in delivery time. Yet people fail to realize that Nokia caters to a larger amount of consumers before iOS and android combined at one point and that’s quite difficult, along with the fact that they were the only company using symbian operating system. Apple only makes one cell phone while android uses many hardware companies. If Nokia only made one phone this discussion wouldn’t be taken place. Along with Nokia being years ahead base off it’s contribution to the smartphones period!

    • outdated os

      Now, they are only catering to the Americans.

      • steelicon

        100% of 1%

      • Grendell

        It’s like Nokia had a monopoly on rice and ditched it to concentrate on hash browns. As an Asian that’s how I feel Nokia has abandoned me. I would have bought an iphone (simply because after Nokia, it gives the 2nd greatest user experience) and may do so eventually when Nokia gives up the ghost but it’s these pocket’s of brilliance like the N9 and 808 that still rekindle memories of such a great relationship.

  • dss

    I am afraid that the internal changes (damage) caused by the huge strategy shift are so severe, that Nokia will never be the same.

    They are going down the same mundane road that LG, HTC, and Sony are on… To be honest I see this as real dark times for us the consumers, but there is nothing you could really, just wait it out and see how things fall into place.

  • manu

    rather than sticking to old way of launching too many phones with with some missing features over other .nokia should strategically
    1.launch device to price point which sells.look at galaxy y,ace,s,s2 and note .brothers placed at various price point,which caters need of customers with different purchasing power.

    2.remove s60 devices from market which is fetching bad name for nokia and symbian,replace it with belle based device.

    • manu

      oops double comment.

  • manu

    rather than sticking to old way of launching too many phones with with some missing features over other .nokia should strategically
    1.launch device to price point which sells.look at galaxy y,ace,s,s2 and note .brothers placed at various price point,which caters need of customers with different purchasing power.

    2.remove s60 devices from market which is fetching bad name for nokia and symbian,replace it with belle based device.
    3.launch an all out flagship device which directly compete with competition flagship.saying things like dualcore is not needed our os runs well on single core is not gonna fetch customers.good specs=good sales.

  • Srikanth

    Crazy video.

  • Mantej Singh

    My family’s first Mobile Phone was…Nokia…
    Its a Legacy phone…..
    Don’t go, Symbian…ur r still best for me and for all….

  • mythbuster

    It’s over for Nokia (as undisputed leader) for good.
    Nokia is gone.
    It will be a real achievement if Nokia manages to hold on to number 3 (in overall phone category.. as for only smartphone maybe number 6)

    Let’s get used to it.

    • Hary

      Let’s burst your myth. 😉

  • Reonhato

    That’s a Subaru right?

    • Deaconclgi


  • steelicon

    Nokia needs the proverbial everyting-in-it-including-kitchen-sink, heavily subsidized “SJ phone” to resurrect it. Make it Symbian Carla with PureView and quad core 1Gb RAM, we’re good to go.

    • Grendell


  • To be honest, for sake of Nokia and its loyal users and for Nokia’s survival, it is very important that Nokia as we know it, giving timeframe of last 3 years shouldn’t survive at all.

    Aside a few bumps of joy every once in a while (like 900, N8, N9 and 808) there is nothing much going on for the market. SO We need new Nokia, world needs a new Nokia because whatever Nokia’s game play has been, wasn’t good enough and it is clearly more visible now as there are real competition that took down this mighty firm like it was nothing and all is happening because of Nokia as we know it for now.

    To realize what Nokia is up against, Nokia need to get down and hammered hard (but not hard enough) so they could get up with new strength. Now their first move was to go with WP, which is paying off – slow but steady. Penetrating US market as second step also paying off some good names for them and all I could say right now is to have a good luck doing it and I really wish them success on those grounds too.

    They still lacks on some departments too and so far there are no sign of improvement (like no rumors or no official announcement). But sometimes having no sign is a good sign. perhaps they are keeping things under tight wraps to give us surprise like they did with 808. BUT those surprises need to come fast.

    And while they are toying with WP, they really need a stronger (or let’s say Open) OS, stronger Specs, stronger price range (aka low price devices) with better OS. And they need to get them out in our hands FAST.

    Strong, FAST and Comfortable are really the keywords here for winning. Old Nokia or the Nokia we know right now has Ideas but those 3 items are not in sight.

    • Having said all that, Nokia will never go out of business knowing the huge company it is, they must have good money in stock to keep on moving so they can take themselves out of rough time on their own if they start doing things right. I am not worried about them of vanishing. So they will never vanish, at least not anytime sooner as some said 2012 or so. But they really need to get up.

  • Torcida

    Just wait a few more months..
    *having fun surfing on my n9* 🙂

  • steelicon

    Who will take the torch from Nokia? Who will champion the excellent I/O and hardware that Nokia has been currently offering? This is really the saddest chapter in mobile history.

  • steelicon

    Nokia’s poor results with Windows Phone are not due to Nokia’s failures. The Lumia devices have attractive and differentiated industrial design, in a smartphone market where every handset maker is struggling to stand out. Nokia shipped the launch devices on time and at attractive prices. Nokia’s problem is that Microsoft appears to have stood still. A year and a half after Windows Phone 7’s debut, it has changed little. In effect, the gap in features between Windows Phone and Android or the iPhone has widened and not shrunk as Nokia needed it to.

    Nokia and Microsoft need Windows Phone to ship in large volumes. Smartphones are a scale business. Without sufficient consumer adoption, Windows Phone will not prove attractive to App developers. Without large numbers of quality apps, a smartphone will struggle to deliver on the promise of smart capabilities.
    This current second quarter is the critical time for Nokia and for Microsoft. The Lumia 900, Nokia’s first Windows Phone flagship in the US has just gone on sale. The Lumia 900 has to succeed. With large US sales will come a large attractive market of consumers that will encourage the US-headquartered Internet companies to build the quality apps that Windows Phone so desperately needs. With US failure, Nokia will be locked out of the premium part of the US handset market, again, and Windows Phone will need a complete rethink.

    When CEO Stephen Elop made the brave move to embrace Windows Phone, he said there was no plan B. Given the results to date, IHS Screen Digest believes that now is the time for Nokia to create a back up strategy to the current Windows Phone endeavor.