NaviFirm Leaks: “Nokia Reaction” BT Headset & RM-568

| April 30, 2012 | 9 Replies

Prashant sent us the following NaviFirm screenshots which show off two unannounced items in the list, one is something called the “Nokia Reaction” or BH-907, this is obviously a bluetooth headset; but what’s interesting is that it’s the first Nokia accessory to have  FW support; possibly a new item in the range of the Monster Puirities?


The second device is RM-568 (listed as N/A), which is probably NOT a WP device as almost all of the released WP devices start with the code RM-8XX; my guess is that the 568 is probably a Symbian device possibly even an Asha/S40 device; but most probably a low end device.


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  • DKM

    Interesting find,

    I am thinking more in the line of like Nokia glasses and some heptic device

    • Dave

      We’re probably just talking about a regular set of headphones, be it bluetooth or wired.

      I’ve still got a liking for the old Oakley Razr Wires, gorgeous looking glasses, along with what are hopefully a good set of headphones built in.

      Damn shame that they’re practically unavailable. But then they were made by moto, who made some of the best mono BT headsets on the planet, and then decided to make some of the most unreliable A2Dp headsets shortly after.

  • twig

    I think you may be right.

  • Orhesdity

    Would be good if that would be MeeGo either Harmattan or Meltemi device IMO.

    • Marc Aurel

      Could perhaps be a Harmattan device with such an RM number. If it was a Symbian device, the RM number would indicate an S60 3rd or 5th Edition device, and I doubt we will get any new ones at this point. Even for S40 it looks like a very low number; the recent Series 40 phones have been numbered RM-6xx and RM-7xx.

      • Shaun

        N9 is RM-696 so I don’t know what logic they have in the naming schemes.

  • Patata

    And the RM-807 (Nokia 808) already has an entry under “QA” in Navifirm, but not Firmwarefiles are available yet

  • Shaun

    BH-907 is hopefully an update on the BH-905(i) headphones. It’ll be great to see another true set of Nokia headphones instead of the Monster rebadging effort we’ve been subjected to.

    I’m hoping they’ve added in the technology from the Essence (BH-610) in-ear headset. ie. Active Noise Cancellation on the Microphone, NFC pairing and apt-X.

    Then again, the BH-610’s were announced in August 2011 and I still can’t buy them in the UK!

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