Nokia Lumia 900 in AT&T’s 4G commercial, + Lumia AT&T’s best seller after iPhone in April?

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Shame the simulated screen is not completely correct.

AT&T are using the Nokia Lumia 900 again in their ads. The significance again is that this is not about the Nokia Lumia 900 at all.

As we said before, this is great because of all the choice of handsets, the Lumia 900 gets a little shot in the limelight. Even if it’s not mentioned (since this is about the 4G) people will become more accustomed to this design and this phone.

It’s what we took for granted in the past, that all ads would use some generic Nokia (though in the US it tended to be a Moto, no?)



Do such things make a difference? Apparently marketing and gaining awareness does help. Nokia’s Lumia 900 is apparently AT&T’s second best selling phone after iPhone for April

Note the numbers based on Q4 2011 shows 9.4M sold, 7.6M iPhones, 1.8 non iPhones (BlackBerry, All androids etc).  It would be very difficult for anything to beat iPhone at AT&T. There’s not much room to move around in the non iPhone section, but anything coming out on top is very decent, especially considering this is a Nokia in the USA.

April’s Hottest Selling Smartphones: AT&T’s #2 — Nokia Lumia 900

We’ve heard good things about sales of the Nokia Lumia 900, but now we have some evidence to back it up. The first Windows-based LTE device caught fire at AT&T in its debut month, landing at No. 2 on this list. The price is certainly nice – just $100. Now we’ll see if it can stick around for a while. via WMPU

Both Cyan and Black Lumia 900 appear in Amazon’s Best Sellers list (top 10) as of right now. via WMPU


We can only hope that this trend will continue at AT&T and elsewhere when the Lumia 900 is available. The competition gets even tougher – hopefully they will still consider the Lumia as an option.

Cheers everyone for the tip!


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  • Mark

    That’s pretty cool. It’s going to have some tough competition now though with the One X and the SGS III. Also the iPhone is still going to take at least two thirds of sales.

    But, yeah, positive news!

    • arts

      i doubt how long they can stay there. (top i mean)


      900 is priced very competitively.

    • viktor von d.

      not really because the lumia is set at a lower price point. while the one x and the sgs3 compete directly, nokia doesn’t really have a competitor at that price range. i think nokia battles now the low-end-mid-range androids which make up the bulk of all non-iphone sales at at&t. i think in q2 nokia will have very good sales, the same in q3

    • DesR85

      One X will be a tough competitor, I agree, but I’m not too sure about SGS 3. Based on some of the pictures and previews of the latter, its design looks rather ordinary when compared to the S2. Even its camera is just average as pointed out by Anandtech (not sure if they can improve it much by then as it will be released on 29th May in Europe) The only stand out features I see are its Siri copycat, the S-Voice, the eye sensor and a slightly larger screen.

      It does have an impressive spec sheet, though, and not to mention smooth UX when compared to the S2. Probably enough to sell on its latter points but if I were to look at the phone based on its design, I’ll surely have second thoughts about getting one and would rather choose the S2 instead. Just my opinion, though.

  • Keith too

    It’s pretty awesome what is happening for the Lumia’s on AT&T now. It’s going to be interesting once Verizon joins the fray as well.

    It is also worth noting that the black Lumia 900 reclaimed the no. 1 spot on Amazon’s AT&T best seller list yesterday. The cyan is also moving back up after dropping quite far down from being out of stock.

    • Keith too

      Oops, I should have used a shortner.

  • Viipottaja

    I wish they used the Cyan version though… The black is too difficult for most folks to recognize.

    • John

      The white one is just sexy.

      • Viipottaja

        Yes, but there are many other white phone.

        • Dave

          Yeah like the ugly SGSIII, but I keep going to verkkokauppa just to play with the white L800, it’s soooo beautiful 🙂 (no money to buy it alas)

  • So Vatar

    AT&T’s Q1 numbers are:
    5.5 Mio smartphones sold, 4,3 Mio iPhones.

    Leaves 1.2 Mio non-iPhone smart phones for the rest of the crowd.

    So, we are now in Q2, what will be a success for sold Lumias on AT&T?

    Assuming the overall AT&T smartphone sales increase slightly, iPhone keeps its share, then about 1.5 Mio smartphones are up for grabs.

    Assume Lumia will be top dog: Will 1 Mio Lumia’s sold on AT&T in Q2 be considered a success?

    And what will happen when the new Samsung devices and the new iPhone hit the market?

    • arts

      wpcentral did a survey on who was buying the lumia 900 and about 30% of android and 20% was from apple.

      it does not show how many were previous wp owners thou, but from those that were coming in, well, it shows a pretty healthy growth.

      this is for the us.

      and honestly, 1 million or not its a start. that’s how i feel anyway.

    • Keith too

      I don’t believe they could get 1 million just on AT&T in a non-holiday quarter but they are defintely convering iOS users as well as Android so while unlikely it is not impossible. But the AT&T buzz was enough to make Verizon sit up and take notice and it would be huge for them to start pushing WP as well.

    • Viipottaja

      If it is 1 million, its a definite success! That would be half of what they sold worldwide in Q1, in terms of Lumias. And being the #1 non-iPhone phone would be equally significant.

      I suspect the volume will not be that high though. Perhaps more like 600,000 or so.

      Q2 Lumia sales will be very interesting – its the first quarter in which they’ve had Lumias out in a wide range of countries. Really hope they can double again to 4 million…

    • inept

      I think half a million Lumias in the USA for Q2 would be substantially “exceeding expectations.” This includes the 710 and the 900.

      If Nokia could sell 1M L900s in Q2 that would be an absolutely astonishing success. Knock-your-socks-off and blow-off-the-barn-doors success. It’s highly improbable, though.

      And that’s ignoring some compelling new competitive entrants.

      The OneX and SGS3 are going to prove stiff competition and they will pressure the L900, even though they will ring in at higher price points. The OneX is stunningly beautiful and very powerful and the SGS3 is the same, plus it has the valuable Galaxy brand and some very interesting software features specific to Samsung.

      • The S3 is stunningly beautiful? Hahahahaha …. no. The S3 is getting lots of hate on all sorts of Android and Samsung websites and blogs, and rightfully so. It is an ugly, cheap design. It’s like Nokia making a Windows Phone 8 Pureview phone using the design of the 808 Pureview or C7. A flagship phone needs to have a flagship design, and the S3 does not have a flagship design. I think S3 sales will suffer, especially once Iphone 5 hits and Nokia’s WP8 product barrage hits.

        • Samsung failing so badly with the S3 design gives a perfect opportunity for Nokia to take advantage of. It also means bad news for Samsung with the iphone 5 coming soon.

        • Guest

          ” The Galaxy S III is… well… it’s ugly. There’s really no other way to put it. But why? Why is it ugly? I don’t mean aesthetically, why is it ugly,I mean, “How did something like this ever make
          it out of Samsung’s design studio?” I’ll tell you how, it was never in the design studio. This phone design was born down the hall, in a room where the door sign reads “Samsung Legal.”

  • Clint_ZA

    Did you read those reviews on the link through to the Nokia Lumia 900 page on Amazon?! Wow! 296 reviews, 261 of them 5 stars! And full of praise.

    • Keith too

      The 296 reviews is quite amazing when you consider that is the most on AT&T’s top 100 and many of the phones on it have been out for more than a year–it is indicative of the passion the Lumias and Windows Phone are eliciting.

      Also noteworthy, if you click on the Top Rated list to the right you’ll notice that 4 of the top 5 phones are Windows Phones.

    • Hypnopottamus

      Wow! Elop must have a lot of time on his hands. How can one stand to write 261 reviews! :p

      Coming from Symbian and then Android, my Lumia 900 is treating me pretty good! I’m loving it!

  • Deaconclgi

    Great commercial!!! (especially since I am moving 4 states up)

    I’m glad to see Nokia in the commercial.

    HOPEFULLY they wont switch the Lumia 900 out with another phone like they did with the E71x.

    They had a commercial with the E71x, a guy using it on a bus/train and after a few weeks, the SAME commercial aired but instead of the E71x, a blackberry was being used!!!!

    I kid not.

  • Doffen

    The US carriers should be afraid of the Apple dominance as it threatens their control over the phone market and eats in to their profits. Apple demands heavy subsidies and takes the profits from after marked sales.

    • Viipottaja

      They are/don’t like it and are probably happy to have a 3rd option. At the same time, they can’t afford not to support iPhone heavily and it does generate a lot of revenue and customers for them – the record on profit is apparently not quite as clear. Now that competition is catching up with Apple though, there should be more real competition and choise.

      • They like a 3rd option, but Microsoft itself is pushing around the carriers in some ways. For example they won’t like the deep Skype integration in WP8, but will be forced to go along with it.

        Fact is, carriers have years now have been way too greedy and have been trying to expand their influence way too far into areas they have no business being in. Carriers are nothing more than dumb pipes, and they should not pretend they are much more than that, or try to be much more than that.

        Carriers have tried to expand too far, and now are getting attacked on all fronts in all areas by a variety of companies. VoIP companies, streaming TV over internet companies, Microsoft, Apple … they are all just examples of how carriers are being attacked from all angles.

        Plus, if carriers try and limit or restrict popular features that many customers want, there will be huge customer backlash. Carriers are now trapped by Apple. The iphone is too big too ignore, and customers demand it, and carriers are forced to play by Apple’s terms. Soon this will happen with Windows Phone, just watch. Once it becomes big enough, carriers will be forced to play by Nokia and Microsoft’s terms.

        Plus, if the rumors turn out to be true, and Apple expands into having their own TV/cable product as well as Apple becoming an actual carrier or service provider themselves (this is a huge rumor), then that will turn the carriers upside down.

        At the end of the day, customers will win and carriers will lose.

  • jcar302

    I think nokia and MS need to come up with some more strategies to get non believers to try out windows and the l900 for longer periods than just experimenting in the store.

    No way in hell anyone can go back to the iphone screen after using the Lumia for 2 weeks or more.
    While i know the iphones resolution is better, the size makes a world of difference, so does the fact that the picture looks like it’s on the glass of the 900 and on an iphone it looks like it’s under the glass.

    I even have friends that went to the 900 that want to go back to their iphones but can’t because of how small the screen is.

    I know there is alot of haters here, but i really do feel that if you give the L900 a genuine try for a few weeks, that you won’t be crying about how you miss symbian.

    • mike

      Well said, even though I miss many features from my N8… I now own a black l900…and liking it..but to be honest the screen and apps are the things that will probably make me stick with n8’s camera blows the l900 away by miles and I miss the joiku tethering, side loading of some apps, 10 unlimited data plan and customizations..

    • So Vatar

      I am one of the guys playing with the Lumia only in the store for a while. I was not impressed.

      What I did not try:
      How does the Lumia react if you’re using Nokia Drive (navigation) in you car and you accept a phone call via bluetooth. Does the screen switch to phone? Does it continue to show me where to drive? What happens after I’ve finished the call? Does the Lumia switch back to Navigation?

      I agree, there should be a program that let’s me try the Lumia if even only for a day (without me signing up for a 2 year contract already).

      • JGrove303

        most retailers on contract will let you return the phone within 15 days or 30 days in the States

        • So Vatar

          Yes, after you give them your SSN, run a credit check, and you sign tons of paper. just to test a phone? I don’t think so.

          • So Vatar

            Just to add to that: When I test drive a new German luxury car they ask for my drivers license and wanna see proof of my insurance. Off I go with a +$50k car.
            To test a Lumia with my car? They want SSN, run a credit check, and you sign a 2 year contract which you might be able to cancel afterwards.

            Maybe you find that normal for a $100 device, I do not.

          • Mark

            Uh… yes? There are various consumer protection acts that allow this, certainly in the UK. The states is the same.

            • So Vatar

              Allow what?

      • jcar302

        Can’t answer your question about the nokia drive, because i’ve only used mine as a passenger and i didn’t get any calls, i have a couple dedicated nav systems so…
        But in someone elses car it worked really well, but lacked many of the options (that are coming) that a real nav unit has.
        My main complaint would be that it’s not smart enough to find roads when you spell them wrong.

        As for signing up to try the phone, you have another option, buy it straight up, then return it if you don’t like it.

        It’s really not that unreasonable to sign up to get the phone and sign the contract, if you are already an ATT user they won’t really run your credit btw.
        I’m guessing you made this statement because your credit is not great (which is ok, many of us have been there). If it is good, you should have nothing to be concerned about.
        As i said, this OS to too different from android and symbian (i consider them similar) and iOS to get a feel for in the store, you need a good week at least. That’s when you realize both android and symbian waste way too much time.

        • So Vatar

          I am not on AT&T. Honestly, I do not find WP interesting enough to go through any hoops. I tried it in the store, did not like it, and that is it for me.
          My comment was a reaction to the statements that some people think if consumers try the Lumia for a while in real life conditions, more might be willing to switch. If this is the case, Nokia and AT&T should come up with a program to let consumers easily try the device for a few days. That’s all, not more, not less.

          • Keith too

            I believe you have your mind made up already so there is probably not much point. But you need to try it longer than in the store. Setting up a Windows Phone and getting the tiles, colours, contacts, which live tiles to turn on and where to put them is an art form and the UI is stunning if you give it a chance. Like Steve Wozinak said–Windows Phone is like your friend instead of tool but it does take to a while to learn how to set it up and personalize it.

            AT&T retail employees are the best example backing up jcar’s point. At first there was a lot of resistance but it appears that a large number of AT&T’s frontline employees have been seduced by Windows Phone on the Lumia 900 by using for a while and now they are steering customers towards the Lumia 900 instead of away from anything running Windows Phone. Now we just need to get more of the world’s cell phone sellers to try it.

          • jcar302

            You don’t want to jump through any hoops? Sign up on amazon, ATT didn’t approve my upgrade through amazon (for some unknown reason) and those idiots sent me the phone anyway.

  • spacemodel


  • This is excellent news! Not surprised though. The word since the 900 release on AT&T has been of great sales. The 900 has now been released for roughly a month now, and it still continues to be in the Top 10 best seller list on Amazon. This is a great sign.

    Haters can complain as much as they want, but Windows Phone is here to stay, and Nokia is definitely here to stay. Nokia is not going anywhere, as the 900 has done wonders for the Lumia line so far and for Windows Phone in general. Verizon has confirmed they will push Windows Phone in a few months, and this will only help carrier support grow. The two biggest carriers in the US will soon be heavily supporting Windows Phone and Nokia’s Lumias and this is great news for Nokia.

    • Plus, AT&T recently confirmed they are going to spend even more on 900 marketing. That combined with the Magenta version coming in time for Mother’s Day means the 900 will continue to be popular.

  • Reonhato

    The Samsung WP phone just leaked (GSMARENA). Seems to be S3 inspired at least. Samsung sure has so many baskets. 😉

    • arts

      not sure if its a wp apollo or wp8 thou. looks typical sammy i guess. =x

  • Janne

    The operator boycott is real! AT&T is refusing to mention Nokia phones by name in their advertising!