Nokia Drive (3.0) & Nokia Transport (2.0) Upcoming Features:

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Nokia Drives last update brought offline navigation to all; which is great- so what’s to come in 3.0?

  • the application “learns” based on the style of driving
  • Time travel and the density of traffic movements are tracked in real time, displaying information on the “live tile”
  • Automatic determination of time of day, with the change of colour scheme cards
  • Manual adjustment of routes
  • Off-line favourite lists with the possibility of fixing tiles on the desktop.

And for the newly released Nokia Transport:

  • Search for public transport using the user’s location.
  • Displaying nearby transportation: buses, trains, trams, subways, taxis, marked stops
  • Show the route with transfers
  • Support Schedule in 87 countries around the world
  • Support for fast access to Favorites
  • Advanced Search
  • Saving query history
  • Change the query without a new route
  • Faster search and installation of the route
  • Optimized application performance

It seems like a pretty nice changelog to come (soon hopefully) but one feature I’d love to see (and is frankly pretty important) is the ability to navigate to a Favorite through Nokia drive (as of now favorites don’t sync between drive & maps)- up till now the best Favorites/search integration I could find is still on Symbian, (at least the N9 can sync with the Symbian favorites- WP doesn’t recognize any of your favorites or routes stored online).



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