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Nokia AGM location, Helsinki Fair Centre

This is a follow up of Janne’s Nokia AGM post.

Now over to Janne:

Just a couple of notes from Thursday’s Nokia AGM that got lost in all the hooplah about he said, she said. These are obviously not really news to anyone following Nokia closely, but still further confirmation of what is in the pipeline in the near future:

For Lumia Stephen Elop listed several new features that are coming to address customer feedback. He made a point out of this, clearly in certain markets (I think India) Lumia’s missing features are hurting it. The ones he mentioned were Wi-Fi tethering, vCard support (which he mentioned was a very much used/requested feature), DLNA for connectivity to e.g. smart televisions (Elop was asked about Smart TV connectivity support and he mentioned DLNA as an answer), panoramic photography (I think this is already out in the Nokia Creative Studio) and finally data and call counters that are missing from Windows Phone. I don’t think this was an exhaustive list, just examples of what is coming soon.

Mobile phones

On mobile phones he confirmed that Nokia is announcing new products during the current quarter – and from the wording (he discussed countering the Chinese cheap-Android competition) I took this to mean the new swipey, full-touch experience based on Series 40 aka codename “Sonic”, for which a manual leaked recently. Meltemi was not discussed or mentioned during the AGM, if I recall, suggesting that it is not coming until much later.


I spoke of this a bit in my previous post, and clearly not much was said on tablets, but Stephen Elop was asked about (now ex-) chairman Jorma Ollila’s comments that Nokia’s tablet strategy was “on schedule” to Financial Times. He said they don’t comment on future products, but immediately went on to discuss Windows 8 tablets. So, in my opinion, take that as confirmation Nokia will come out with Windows 8 tablets “on schedule” (read: fall). Later it was asked if Nokia will tune the look and feel of Windows Phone and he said they want to receive the full benefits of the Windows 8 halo effect on Metro. So expect Nokia’s Metro devices to retain Live Tiles instead of Live Squircles – Elop actually gave the example of turning tiles to round balls, but dismissed it as detrimental for them considering the Windows 8 Metro halo effect. They want to be associated with that blizzard. He did say they will tune and complete the experience in other ways, but expect the basic look-and-feel of Metro remain.



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