MOAR APPS! Nokia Announces New WP Apps at CTIA

| May 8, 2012 | 27 Replies

APPS APPS APPS! ECOSYSTEM! Nokia has just announced some major partnerships with some of the largest Mobile Application developers that will bring loads of Apps to the Windows Phone Platform, and some exclusively to Lumia devices.


  • The PGA Tour app – exclusive to Nokia Lumia for 12 months from launch
  • ESPN – exclusive to Nokia Lumia until May 2013
  • Rovio – titles starting with Angry Birds Space join the original Angry Birds game in coming to Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone consumers- it would seem that Nokia and Rovio put any conflicts about ditching Symbian after getting the Angry Birds guys to commit behind them, and are now moving forward making this world a better place- one green Pig at a time.
“Nokia is one of our longest-standing partners, and Windows Phone and Lumia are of strategic importance to Rovio. We are very committed to bring our games to Lumia devices, and are looking forward to delighting our fans on the Windows Phone platform,” said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio
  • EA – bringing leading game titles to Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone consumers– Electronic Arts (EA) will continue to deliver leading game titles to Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone consumers, including FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Jam, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR®, Mirror’s Edge and Yahtzee. These games join titles such as Need for Speed(TM) Undercover, Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit, The Sims(TM) 3, Spider Jack, and MONOPOLY which are already available in Windows Phone Marketplace.


  • Groupon – Exclusive to Nokia Lumia for 6 months from launch
  • Tripdots – Exclusive to Windows Phone customers for 3 months from launch
    Tripdots helps vehicle owners optimize their driving behaviors while connecting with other vehicle owners and sharing driving efficiency achievements via social networks. The app lets users monitor the operation of their vehicles to enable cost savings through better understanding fuel economy.  Everyone can participate in the MPG Leader Board game, and information is only sent to drivers after their trip is complete.


  • PayPal app for Windows Phone


  • AOL Entertainment Hub – exclusive to Nokia Lumia for 6 months


  • Time Magazine app for Windows Phone
  • Newsweek – The Daily Beast app for Windows Phone
  • Box app for Windows Phone The new Windows Phone app from Box, the company focused on providing workers with simple, secure sharing from anywhere, will be available to Nokia Lumia consumers this Summer. With support for nine languages, Box for Windows Phone will enable users across the globe to browse, search and share files from their account.

I just think it’s worth pointing out that Some apps are starting to LAUNCH off of WP rather than being ported to it, which is definitely a good sign of a strong ecosystem (now well over 80K apps).



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  • arts

    no flipboard? 🙁 owh well, one step at a time.

  • Jay Montano

    Where’s the image from? Instagram and Pandora would be good. I don’t have use for either but they’re long lasting popular apps. There are alternatives of course but many would like the original.

  • KeiZka

    Uh? Wonder if there were other incentives beside how the sales began in US…

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  • Heron

    I just need Line by Naver and Path, damn it. XD

    • Matias

      I remember reading that they have started the development of Path for Windows Phone \o/

  • manu

    windows phone need some good lags behind other os in hd games. It need games like nova,9mm,,dead space ,gangster etc.

    • Just Visiting

      Actually, there are enough great indie titled games, not to mention popular XBox Live games to draw new users to the platform, as well as keep the majority of WP users more than happy 🙂

      No doubt, the game selection in the Nokia Store is just but one reason why I’ve ready to shelve my N8 for quite some time now.

      • twig

        just downloaded ARMED.

  • manu

    windows phone need some good hd games it lags behind other os in hd games. It need games like nova,9mm,,dead space ,gangster etc.

  • Just Visiting

    Awesome 🙂

    I’m really close; close to dropping $500 Benji’s to get the Lumia 900 off contract.

    • twig

      I spent $449 plus tax and I love this 900. It takes a day to get used to the big tiles but day 3 you cant go back to small icons and be happy. My att gal owns an apple and android. As she showed me a local app on her android the icons looked so bad compared to the huge color filled 900 start screen. Its then you realize you just cant go back.

      • Just Visiting

        I can only imagine 🙂

        The main thing holding me back from getting the Lumia 900 is that I haven’t been able to get clarity(at least from some of the forums) on whether or not I can keep my existing plan (it’s paygo, 0.10/talk min, $5/50MB data – per month). I’m not signing a contract, and I’m definitely not paying more than what I currently do for voice and data for a device that I purchase off contract.

        I’m going to, soon, drop by ATT and see if they can transfer my current phone number AND plan over to a microsim (I don’t need a 4G microsim as 4G is not important to me at this point). If they can hook me up, I think it may be ‘a go’ 🙂

  • kunwar

    still ESPN and nokia music are not available in india 🙁

    • turdworldindian

      Nokia Music is. In fact, if you use N9, they pushed out an app update thingy two weeks back.

      And even the cost of sound tracks seem reasonable. Selection of tracks were shitty though — all bollywood crap.

  • Doug

    Wtf, I came here to see an announcement for Pandora, and there isn’t one.

    • Hypnopottamus

      Yeah. Having an official Pandora app would be cool. However, there are some really good 3rd party ones also. I myself am not a huge Pandora fan. There are at least other options for streaming. Last FM and Tune In Radio are pretty good. There are also a couple of pretty good Shoutcast streaming apps available.

  • Rustyknight17

    JV , the Nokia store`s is getting better all the time , over 100K apps … Now if we can Nokia to give Meltemi , Symbian and Meego this kind of suppport , though they r doing better …


    great news, more incentive to try out lumia’s,

  • jammy

    I already read this news on other tech blogs, but clicked this article thinking nokia also announced pandora and Instagram for Lumia, and other tech blogs might have missed this announcement………..

  • kan

    I dont understand this strategy. How much is Nokia paying for exclusivity? Nokia are the biggest WP maker – only Samsung could possibly challenge them but I am unsure how committed they are. So if they are the biggest WP maker then there is no point in going exclusive as the competition is nowhere in termsof volume. In faact it should be MS financing this.

  • Roney Wd

    I just checked a new game in the store for iOS; it’s very challenging and a fun to play. Its name is “Save the Builder”.

    Check out the trailer here:

    And here is the link for Store