Nokia Lumia 900 wins best outdoor readability test, congrats Nokia CBD

| May 8, 2012 | 106 Replies

The Verge reports on some info by DisplayMate that crowns the Nokia Lumia 900’s display as the best for outdoor readability.

The DisplayMate Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light for the displays ranges from a low of 15 (HTC Desire) to a high of 90 (Nokia Lumia 900). From both the Lab Measurements and the Screen Shot Viewing Tests (below) the top performing device for display viewability under Bright Ambient Lighting is the Nokia Lumia 900. This results from a combination of its high screen Brightness and low screen Reflectance, which Nokia calls ClearBlack technology.



Nokia really did step up where things counted with their Clear Black Display technology – something that actually counts in the usability of phones when we’re outdoors. It makes the displays super readable outdoors but also the blacks melt into the bezel (when AMOLED) helping even LCD screens.

I like how I don’t have to cover up the phone’s screen to see what’s on it. This is just something that cannot be appreciated on paper.

There was another story back in April that I don’t think I managed to write about – it was another Display Mate test showing that Nokia Lumia 900 had the lowest reflectance, something that also helps in general usage of the phone.

Source:displaymate via

Cheers stylinred for the tip!


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  • Janne

    Congrats Lumia 900!

    I may actually have to consider the Lumia 900. I was going to skip it, but I can feel it drawing me closer already…

    But then there is the 808 in the mix as well. Ah too many devices to enjoy in this world!

    • DamielRohie

      I have the Lumia 900 and it is amazing. If you could I would wait to see what Nokia drops at Nokia World this September. could be absolutely amazing.

  • Deep Space Bar

    nothing special we’ve seen this almost 2 years ago on the c6-01,e7,c7,x7 and this year. 603,701..etc,,beats me why all the excitement

    • Jay Montano

      I think it’s special in that Nokia can continue improving CBD and still be on top in this particular feature.

      Or is it not special because it’s related to Lumia? Were it a different phone perhaps, it would be worth cheering about? Sorry it was a lumia bro.

      I think it’s cool anytime a Nokia is recognised, especially when it’s technology that could go on any of their devices.

      • Deep Space Bar

        they didn’t praise about it on 800 nor 710 ….so don’t jump at me with my well know hatred of these capitalist corporations

        • Jay Montano

          Is it possible because it’s not just CBD on it’s own but AMOLED CBD (hence not 710) and that the 900 might have a better screen (non pentile, possibly brighter than the 800?

          Can’t we just celebrate the fact that it’s Nokia and folks from TheVerge thought it was cool enough to mention it? I don’t know why you’re always coming down on Lumia related posts to scream ‘nothing special’ when if the same was said about a different handset, you wouldn’t try to be so down about it all the time.

        • Mark

          Oh shut up. If this had been a Symbian device you would have been throwing cartwheels.

          It’s not that meaningful but it’s a nice award.

          • Jay Montano

            Again, not an award. Just a test where a Nokia was on top 🙂

            • Mark

              Fair enough. The point remains it’s a nice bit of positive news. I’d be equally glad if it was the N9 or a Symbian device that came top.

              • Jay Montano

                True 🙂

                This being a NOKIA blog and all, we like a lot of positive NOKIA news, regardless of what NOKIA that’s about 🙂

                There’s enough doom and gloom and stress for this place of hobby to also turn into a turdfest of misery 🙂

                p.s. folks, there’s a difference between constructive criticism and moaning/whining 🙂

                • Janne

                  Well put, all positive Nokia news are reason for celebration, from all platforms!

          • deep space bar

            can you read cause i mentioned 800 and 710 where not mentioned and the 800 HAS AMOLED AND CBD :/ asshole

            • Mark

              Way to miss the point.


            • DamielRohie

              Actually the 800 has an AMOLED pentile display which isnt nearly as good as the 900 display.

    • Janne

      “nothing special we’ve seen this almost 2 years ago on the c6-01,e7,c7,x7 and this year. 603,701..etc,,beats me why all the excitement”

      Because our favourite team won an award?

      • Deep Space Bar

        nothing meaningful

        it’s like the awards shows after they where rewarded the first time for the same thing years later….everyone knows about it already specially after 2 years pretty much..not much bang since it’s a regular now

        • Jay Montano

          Why is it not meaningful? It’s not really an award. It’s just a test that was performed and amongst all these new devices, a Nokia came out on top.

          It’s always significant for me and for this blog when ever a Nokia is recognised – yet every now and again you’ll just shine your frown and phrase of ‘nothing special, blergh blergh, let’s all be miserable’

          • Deep Space Bar

            they need more that’s all…this tech has already been established….they need more right now jay….it’s just annoying to see something recognized when it already was done…just because it was on another platform

            amoled+cbd was first on c6-01 and c7…..after that nothing now on lumia and glory glory praises and it on previous models too….i think this is just to market and glorify the 900 since it just came out and the samsung trophy 2 is coming out on the 20th at the same price point as the lumia’s or some shit like that….i’m just seeing through the bs

            • a3x

              I understand what you are trying to say.

              But, was the a-hole word really necessary on the above comments? Come on man, be nicer.

              Your points are totally valid, and I agree. CBD has been on the field for almost two years, obviously this CBD highlight from The Verge helps the Lumia 900 with some market push. In plain words, another reason to go and buy L900.

              But, who knows? Maybe CBD was improved for the current generation of Nokia Phones, deep space bar.

              Similar to the Gorilla Glass version 2. There’s new ad campaign from Corning promoting Gorilla Glass 2.

              But yes, I agree man. Earlier Symbian phones with this technology should have been given proper praise for it from major tech news.

            • Jay Montano

              “it’s just annoying to see something recognized when it already was done…just because it was on another platform

              amoled+cbd was first on c6-01 and c7…..after that nothing now on lumia and glory glory praises and it on previous models too

              Hi there,

              Let’s clear up some misconceptions which you seem to be spreading.

              1) CBD was continually recognized. From inception to new models.

              2) CBD was tested, when it was on the Symbian handsets and later when it went on the N9 and then when it went on the Lumia. In this particular latest test, they had the 900 which was the top in their test.

              Did you have any issue when they tested CBD on the N9 and praised the N9’s display? Did share you protest that praise on the N9 was unwarranted because it’s nothing new and E7 was praised before?


              3) The overall experience from the screen is not simply just the CBD.

              The guys in the source did a test on displays of current handsets they had available. A Nokia won on a particular test, plenty of the features attributable to CBD, but perhaps also the AMOLED has improved since then.

              What’s your problem man? I see you come into Lumia related posts all the time just to whinge and spread smarmy, backhanded comments. It’s unnecessary and just not plain nice.

              We like to celebrate a good Nokia thing, and are even more happy when it is recognised by mainstream blogs. Here, this technology is being recognised on the new Lumia 900, but will also be noticed in the 808 when it is also on sale.

              For some reason, the moment you get a whiff that it’s Lumia, you just fill on your haterade. So please, for consistency sake, the moment CBD on 808 is also praised, please feel free to thrash it because you know, it’s nothing special. I think it’s pretty special that those that specialise in screen technology, those that produce their own screens, those that are praised for having some of the best screens, can still be bested by Nokia or that a Nokia can be mentioned along side them (Even in this obscure category).

              Perhaps you can mature a little bit?

            • snoflake

              I don’t believe C7 is in fact full CBD when announced at MWC 2010 I think it was C6-01 and E7 with CBD, C7 shared screen with N8 and was too late to get CBD onto that batch of screens I think it did get a different coating to N8 which had some anti reflective properties as well as oleophobic

            • Clint_ZA

              Dude, seriously, what are you on about?!

              As far as I am aware this was not a finding which was released by Nokia, nor Jay. This is, as far as I am aware, an independently run website that tested screens and decided the Nokia Lumia 900 was best. So they happened to miss it on the C6 and C7. Perhaps they, like many it seems, were not even interested in looking at Symbian and it needed to be on a WP first before they’d give it a punt.

              Who cares though. They decided it was the best screen according to them and so be it. Should Nokia/Jay/everyone else contact them and say it is not right as previous phones had this screen too? So what!

              And if you are so concerned about the public falling for marketing then you should really be targeting Apple! They make everyone think that everything they do is first on the market even when the rest of us have been using it for years!

    • I think what spcial about it that the zombified consumers in US will come to know the brand quality of Nokia, which was invisivle before. I know US is not centrer of the world but management at Nokia must have strong reasons to think like it so it will be good for them, hence good for Nokia in term of gaining good brand name.

  • arts

    they ate comparing a new device with old tech thou. X know why they dif that.

  • steveb

    This is pretty useless as

    I assume there will be some kind of ‘value pack’ for those who already bought lumias but in the context of above I do not see reason to buy any lumia phone and it would be nice if this site stated that explicitely.

    • Jay Montano

      I wonder – does the phone explode or break upon confirmation that it will not get a particular update (though it may still get updates of its own).

      Here’s a phrase I like to quote Dr_Zorg on:

      —-To be completely fair, I don’t get this obsession with OS “updates” which essentially change the OS from the ground up and make it more difficult to run on old hardware.

      If you buy a phone, it’s best to do so going by what it can do right now, at this very moment, than by what a company promised or hasn’t promised for the future.——

      I do understand some people wanting to get this phone only if it would get WP8 as an update. Perhaps they’d be better suited waiting. Most customers wanting a smooth, simple, reliable experience for the whole 2 years will get that . I’ve never noticed mine slowing down no matter how much I put on it, something I was not able to achieve on previous Nokia platforms.

      • Skyfall

        “-To be completely fair, I don’t get this obsession with OS “updates” which essentially change the OS from the ground up and make it more difficult to run on old hardware.”
        Then why older iphones always receive new software updates which change whole look of phone for years? why nexus series phones receive new software update which change whole look of phone?
        same thing with Nokia N8 and all

        • arts

          why not quote zorg for his reply? Haha.

          Anyway just would like to point out that the iphone most certainly did not have major ui changing updates. The iphone get what the device can support.

        • Jay Montano

          I was just trying to give another opinion. BTW, Dr_Zorg was actually talking about updates for the N8 saying that folks should quit whining about getting Anna/Belle/FP1 etc and be happy with the phone as it is on sale. If you’re not, don’t buy it.

          I understand the reasoning from both camps. I also want to add that unlike the n8, WP is already super fast, and it does not slow down over time. Updates were useful for Symbian because some bits were inexplicably slow, there were stability issues. Folks got mad becaus those things did not get fixed (on time). Lumia gen 1 is on decent foundations and will get updates (though perhaps not the main one). We’re not too sure really but we know nokia is constantly working on software updates with WP.

          • nn

            The problem is that WP7 is unfinished stop gap (or we can hope, still can’t compare to WP8), even Nokia is now pitching that WP8 is where it really begins. So yes, if you like WP7 as is, then buy it. But there is far more people who don’t like it and even if they appreciate the remnants of N9 design in Lumias, the unavailability of upgrade is yet another reason why not buy WP phones from Nokia and at least wait, if not buy something else straight away. WP isn’t in position of Symbian or Android and can’t afford to continually add reasons why not to buy it, however small the reasons are.

            BTW, do we officially know if WP8 apps are going to run on current WP7 phones?

            • Harangue

              WP8 apps on WP7 is unlikely, unless it is coded in a way to do so. With WP8 it is expected that more API’s will also be released along with other WP8 specific elements.

              If an app uses certain API’s that WP7 doesn’t support the app won’t work properly or not at all. It was a similar process with the Mango update, apps released after Manog often required Mango in order to work due to usage of newer API’s.

              However, it isn’t certain that WP7 won’t get any update beyond Tango. It is highly likely that it will receive an extra update beyond Tango. It might not be full on WP8 with the W8 kernel, but a downscaled version that adds certain API’s that will make it possible for newer generation apps to run on it.

              As it stands now it is however all speculation about what will happen. It is all rumour vs. rumour right now, so lets what that developer conference in June will bring.

              • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

                From what I’ve heard, WP7.x devices will get a update which would allow WP8 apps to run on them. Some of new features maynot run but it won’t crash the app…

      • dss

        If the OS was mature enough, a small update wouldn’t matter that much. Lets say.. Belle > FP1 scale.

        Here we are talking bigger update than Anna > Belle. Win8 is supposed to bring a whole brand new kernel.. and bunch of functionality. I wouldn’t buy the 900 if Win8 is not coming for it. It just doesn’t make any sense..

        • Mark

          Sure. That’s why I didn’t buy a 5800 because it wasn’t going to get S^3.

          Oh wait.

          No-one cares. Really.

          • snoflake

            Nope that’s why (after N97 abandonment) I wouldn’t buy new S^3 device (bought 2nd hand) after N97 failed because thought Symbian updates and support were unreliable and obviously app backward compatibility is part of that equation and it’s why I almost certainly won’t buy the 808 at it’s price.

            It’s part of the value proposition of a new handset – at GBP129 in UK the L710 is a pretty fair proposition even if it doesn’t get upgraded (plus been out for 6 months already).

            The L900 being released with <6mos til major software update with uncertainty hanging over it much less fair value at it's price.

            The ongoing support is one of the value components in a top end flagship like iPhones Galaxies et al, Nokia have a much more chequered tack record sometimes good N8 (on other S^3's) and sometimes not so N96, N97……

            The WP8 upgrade is pretty major and as some have commented finishes off and OS that at the moment is not fully rounded off. If the new Lumia 900 you bought in June doesn't get it I think some are going to be a bit peeved. Certainly enough to stop me spending any real money on a WP device at mom.

    • Janne

      “I do not see reason to buy any lumia phone and it would be nice if this site stated that explicitely.”

      I see plenty of reasons to buy Lumia phones. Best one would be that I actually find them useful and like them. But if you want WP8 assurances then I agree, wait for the WP8 devices.

      • Deep Space Bar

        what’s so specially about w8 honesty don’t see anything special about it :/ wait for something that no one seen but talked about means nothing

        • Hypnopottamus

          Okay. Well what’s so special about Carla? Same reasoning.

          • deep space bar

            i don’t know what it looks like so i don’t mention it duh

            all we where told is that it looks like belle and it’s faster and sleeker

        • Janne

          First and foremost my point is that many people buy devices to use them, not to update them. Of course future-proofing is nice but not mandatory for all users.

          As for why Lumia, the user-experience is really unique with Metro, hubs and all. I like it. Woz likes it. 🙂

          But I get it, it is not for all and some need to wait for clarity on the updates and so on. But for others it works already today.

    • Dave

      According to Paul Thurrott, Mango was not released until January 2012.

      Just sayin’

      • snoflake

        Incognito already been through this and I can’t be bothered to dig it out but Thurrott was much much less adamant than that and hedged his view about . On the WP8 issue he seems pretty clear cut of course there may be some subtlety to it like going to get WP8 features but not called WP8 etc etc.

        What concerns me is the new App availability is going to be curtailed for legacy devices if WP8 apps not backwardly compatible (and it seems unlikely) as the pool of WP7 devices is relatively small (see how few get updated once released) that devlopers will just focus on W8/WP8 going forwards.

    • Mark

      Who cares? Like most people in Europe and the US I refresh my phone every 12 to 18 months.

      In any event no-one outside a few nerds actually cares about upgrading the OS. That’s why Android has the largest OS share despite there being multiple versions.

      • Harangue

        Come on now, a ‘who cares’ is not the right way to put it. Like you I also switch phones on a 12 month cadance. Yet I can understand that there are a lot of people still going for 2 year contracts and although it might not be a deciding factor for them, it would be very nice if they received a newer/better/faster version of their phone software midway through their contracts.

        I do agree that most non-tech people don’t really care nor know about upgrading their OS. However, awareness of it is growing. With software like Zune and iTunes that automatically check for updates, people will become more aware of software updates. Also they read more and more about in the media, so it will become a point even for non-techies.

        • snoflake

          It’s not most people in UK, average contract length is I believe now over 18 months i.e a very significant number of contracts taken out are 2 years (I believe it is the majority).

          So upgrades are a concern for this and the reasons I’ve outlined above to you.

          • Mark

            All the carriers will allow you an early upgrade after 15 months if you stay loyal.

            Again, Android sales suggets that OS upgrades are of little importance in comparison to upgrading the handset itself.

        • Mark

          “I do agree that most non-tech people don’t really care nor know about upgrading their OS.”

          Which is why it doesn’t matter. All people care about is if they get a couple of new features which they get through firmware. WP7.5 will get a feature pack that will support as many of the main WP8 features as the hardware can manage. In the overwhelming majority of peoples’ eyes that’s all that they’ll care about.

          It’s an absolute non issue because if it was no-one would buy and Android device and obviously they do.

  • Hypnopottamus

    Although this technology (CBD) isn’t exclusive to the Lumia 900 (nor was it the 1st to have it) this goes a long way into showcasing some of the advantages of the Lumia 900 over other devices.

    I have picked up the Lumia 900 and the display IS very nice. I use to hate how I could NEVER use my other devices outside (I live in sunny California) without much difficulty, even using the brightest setting. Now with my lumia, I don’t even have to switch any settings. Just go outside and use it! Pretty awesome device.

  • Janne

    And here we go again. Another perfectly nice Lumia-related thread being spoiled by people who just can’t control their venom. Didn’t your mother teach you that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all?

    • Mark

      Exactly. Any other blog would ban them.

      I appreciate Jay’s views on this but personally I come here less and less because it’s all so negative. I mean, yes, express one’s views on Nokia’s strategy by all means, but do it in the appropriate topics, don’t turn every bloody topic that mentions Lumia, WP or Elop into another carbon copy of a hundred others.

    • bjes

      The topic is about Lumia 900 with CBD. It’s perfectly valid to discuss whether to buy it or wait for WP8 phone. Don’t act like as if you are the final word in everything. It’s getting overbearing.

      • arts

        er no.

      • Jay Montano

        Actually the topic is just about screen technology. Is has absolutely ZERO to do with the OS underneath it. This is simply showing progression of Nokia displays and CBD. How on earth it got on to WP updates is beyond me but that is completely off topic. How on earth it became such a negative squabble is also beyond me.

        I try to keep this place censorship free with no deletion of comments, but I hate the way the same few people keep trying to derail discussions.

  • Skyfall

    what is the use of cbd display when you unlock lumia’s display to see nothing but over stretched pixels due to very low PPI thanks to Microsoft’s still catching up with competition game

    • Janne

      Where were you when Nokia released the E7 and the 808 (4″ 640×360) with a worse PPI as Lumia 900 (4.3″ 800×480)? Are the E7 and 808 also “what is the use of cbd display”?

      Well how about this: beautiful blacks and color reproduction in sunlight. That is the reason of using ClearBlack display.

      But go to the 808 thread to complain about PPI, because it is worse on 808 than on the Lumia 900. And 808 is even a newer device! Horror! How can they release that crap!


      • Skyfall

        Janne I hated symbian^3 last year….I sold my N8 after 3 month of use and currently I have Lumia 800 which works average on display’s part as enough PPI for its 3.7″ screen

        • Jay Montano

          I think SGSII still looks good on WVGA. If you start getting used to iphone DPI/720p then you might start to notice. I would agree that I would definitely want more pixels, but WVGA is not unusable. Definitely more so if nHD can still be ok to many on upcoming 808.

        • Janne

          Fair enough. BTW: I expect the Lumia 900 screen actually look somewhat better than your 800, because it has a lower actual resolution PenTile screen. Maybe it is that what you are seeing. I moved from the 800 to the 710 partly because the PenTile screen on the 800 just looked less sharp than the RGB screen on the 710. And 900 is RGB AMOLED, so it should have both RGB sharpness and AMOLED color reproduction, best of both worlds so to speak. And of course CBD… should be nice.

          And I do agree Windows Phone 7.5 specs mean it is still catching up to the competition. Unfortunately nothing we can do about that until Apollo hits later.

          • Janne

            Oh and Skyfall, apologies if I grouped you with people you didn’t belong with or misread your original point. Happens too easily here.

        • Harangue

          It seems to me that the Pentile layout of the 800’s screen is to blame here. I have a 710 here as well for comparison and that seems far crisper than my 800 does. Eventhough the 800 is better overall, it sometimes lookes washed out compared to the very strong contrasts of the 710’s LCD screen.

    • Matias

      Wow, you must have great eyesight!

      • Deep Space Bar

        lol i tell people the same Damn thing

        wtf are you looking at to need full hd resolution on your smartphones phones…ithat’s the main reason why thsee Damn batteries is so shit on all these devices

        people are too spoiled these days demanding for nonsense in these phones,360×640 is fine 480×800 better but fuck hd screens
        and types of screens like anyone can tell the REAL difference…you can tell the difference just by looking at it even though they are all viewed under a microscope :/

        • Jay Montano

          To an extent, it depends upon how good your eyes are, yes. For some even WVGA is too much. I can still remember hearing people complaining about the need for N900 to have WVGA – I just found it nice that I didn’t have to zoom in as much when reading articles – more information visible.

          I don’t own a HD screened phone but I know based on what I’ve seen that I can appreciate the higher resolution (though preferably on larger display too).

          For me, WVGA is good but I would like more.

          • Deep Space Bar

            they all look the same pretty much to me although the screen on the n900 seemed sharper cause of the gpu…but that’s about it nhd is fine they just need bigger font nothing else

            • Jay Montano

              After N900, I really could not use N8 browser – well for several other reasons, but also because of the screen. Opera on tiny font helped but still no WVGA from N900.

              Same with reading PDFs etc. Needed to zoom out more in N8.

              • deep space bar

                browser is different though, i was able to use both fine from my n900 to N8

                i honestly don’t get these screen BS it seems like a super gimmick

                n900 was dull cause of the plastic/resisitive screen

                the N8 is brighter cause of the AMOLED

                • Jay Montano

                  “browser is different though”

                  That’s exactly why I said ‘well for several other reasons’. It was a combination of having a different browser and the fact it was only nHD. MicroB would have been awesome on the N8 but even so, it would be nicer with WVGA.

                  “i honestly don’t get these screen BS it seems like a super gimmick”

                  Which Screen BS seems like a super gimmick? I dunno, I look at these screens evolving and can see brighter, bolder, more vivid colours, deeper blacks. N9 looks great with it. Many people said the screen was something to behold, incredible. I wouldn’t call it BS gimmick.

        • Sonny

          I too find it hard for people who say the more ppi a screen has the better but geezes if a 10″ tablet with 1080p resolution give you say about 220ppi what the hell will a 50″ fullHD TV give? dont even talk about the screens in cinema’s and that stuff blows people’s mind but technically it has a very low ppi.

          • amcieks

            Are you watching TV from 30-50cm distance like if you’re looking at a smartphone? I believe not.. I guess one shouldn’t be comparing those two things this way.

            • deep space bar

              it’s unneeded

  • Jill

    Finally CBD gets recognized. Its so much important for a phone. I remember not buying an N8 because it didnt have CBD.

    The tech sites like GSMArena now should start mentioning CBD in Display ‘Type’ rather than in ‘Protection’.

    • Janne

      CBD is really great. And you know, just sidetracking a little on PPI and 808, I was amazed how good the 4″ CBD AMOLED looked on the 808 at Nokia AGM. The 640×360 resolution should absolutely suck pants in 2012, but in reality, it did not. The screen with the slightly curved glass, deep blacks, bright colors looked absolutely stunning. And of course I used the E7 for quite a while too, and while the PPI of course is lowish, an otherwise great screen offsets that a lot.

      I would take the 808 screen over my old iPhone 4 Retina washed out LCD any day – and I expect my opinion to be similar of the Lumia 900 once I get my hands on it to try it out. The PenTile screen in N9/800 is a bit of a mixed bag, though, but luckily 808 and 900 are RGB.

      • manu

        cant wait for an hd amoled cbd will be awsome.

        • Deep Space Bar

          not needed but wanted and wants are never really a good thing sometimes

      • James

        The only RW-use that the L800/N9 “clearly” lose out on compared to the 900 is small text.
        Especially for certain txt/background color combos.
        And even that depends a lot on the person.
        That’s it… Lets be clear about that…

        The big sub-pixel config. advantage is minimized by the lower PPI.
        To the point whereby in anything but the aforementioned…
        One cannot perceive of any notable differences.
        We know this from the countless comparos last yr between the L800/N9 & the SGSII.

        • James

          Oh & the other notable adv. I guess is the fact that it’s a bigger screen than both.
          But that’s one that really depends on the person…

        • Janne

          I actually started to notice PenTile more and more on N9/800. Especially white browser backgrounds were bad. I now use 710 as my daily driver which is RGB. PenTile was not the only reason of course, I like the appearance of 710. Personally I’d prefer larger RGB with lower PPI than PenTile since at least RGB is consistent and does not create such patterns as PenTile.

          Just a personal experience, not trying to extrapolate from it. I know many people and devices use PenTile just fine.

          • James

            There are several metrics by which you compare.
            It’s just not as simple as you’re asserting…
            It depends entirely on use case, & to-some-extent the person’s eyesight.
            It’s only notably better for the use case stated, & to varying degrees.
            That’s all there is to it, the comparative info/data’s out there.
            (Referring to SGSII/900 Vs L800/N9)

  • weirdfisher

    I think Nokia should use a more attractive name for CBD technology. Most people dont think it is something really matter.

    • Jay Montano

      True – though succinct, it needs something catchy.


    • Sonny

      I think CBD is good enough. look at samsung with super amoled and super amoled plus! what the F…? Most people dont even know what the difference between led and lcd is so how does that work for samsung? At least nokia actually say your phone will have a clear black display, meaning clear deep blacks.

      • Dave

        The whole “plus” thing is especially stupid. They should call Pentile “amoled-minus” and leave RGB be the standard amoled expection.

    • Skyfall

      Nokia should call it as “NokiaCBD” instead of Amoled CBD

  • ashkan

    I like Lumia 900 and I would like to buy it. but the price is very expensive compare to other flagship phones (one x, s3, 4s).

    I think £ 629 is too much for Lumia 900. the price shouldnt be higher than £ 450.

    • Jay Montano

      I agree ashkan, £629 is too expensive. I expect the price to go significantly lower. What’s going well for the Lumia 900 right now is that it’s a very well priced phone for everything it delivers.

  • zymesh

    based on my understanding, RGB is better than Pentile since Pentile screens have more spaces in between pixels. N8s screen (3.5 inches with ~210ppi) looks better and more detailed than a HTC Nexus One (3.7 inches with ~252ppi)

    N8 is RGB while Nexus One is Pentile. A lot of people dont know how good RGB screens are even in under Par ppi if your comparing it to newer phones(2012). Lumia 900 even with 2010 tech screen still looks better compared to a large Galaxy s3 4.8 inches since its pentile in general.

    Just my opinion on screen tech and from what im seeing from microscope shots of the pixels.

    • Deep Space Bar

      that’s the problem….you can only tell by looking under one to find out….so most of these screens are a waste of time and money

      • zymesh

        not really, try comparing a pentile and a RGB screen on normal distance. RGB looks better if same size and same ppi.

        as for the screen comparison as a waste of time, i agree on that as well since i have seen E7 and with that bad ppi compared to retina display.. E7 is ok and not that ugly and far out like comparing a cheap pentile screened androids to a nokia 5800 screen. On normal use its still nice to the eyes.

        as for 808s RGB CBD but low ppi, im pretty sure its capable. too much ppi doesnt really do much imo. You wantch videos on a small screen and wont really know the difference.

        • deep space bar

          do you need it really it and the only difference it does make is reading in sunlight……and nothing else the rest is power consumption

          i can see the differnce but it’s a VERY useless want cause it’s not needed

  • Sonny

    according to gsmarena the lumia 900 and htc titan are on par on sunlight legibility but the lumia beats it in every other screen department. So im a bit bemused that it won this test but good on you!

    “The Nokia Lumia 900 has a serious advantage over the HTC Titan II in the display department. Along with a better pixel density of 217ppi (the Titan II has 199ppi), the Lumia 900’s screen offers better contrast and viewing angles than the HTC offering. It is also easier on the battery. As far as sunlight legibility goes, the two units are on par – good news for the Titan II.”


    nice, nokia is hitting home runs with the 900,

  • Janne

    My personal guess is that Nokia will make both Series 40 full-touch and Meltemi part of the Asha family. They will then have the Asha for basic users and emerging markets and Lumia for the middle and high end.

    The unifying force is Java apps, with higher end supporting Qt (Meltemi). The UX is similar on all Ashas, but of course some will be 30 dollar Series 30/40 devices and at the top maybe 200 dollar Meltemi in the 300 or 500 model-range.

    Elop said some overlap with feature and smart phones so 500 level Ashas and Lumias are not impossible. And as time goes on Series 40 will replace Series 30, and eventually Meltemi will replace all of them. That is how I’m guessing.

    But of course I have no idea how Smarterphone plays into this. Speculation being they got them only for the personnel/expertise, but who knows.

    • Janne

      Crap. Wrong thread, delete please. 🙂

  • Rustyknight17

    It`s great that the Lumia 900 won the test , Nokia really needs this! I note in passing , however that the 701 wasn`t included …
    Firedragon , good point ! The USA is a lucrative market though hardly the most important . It`s` good that Nokia is finally breaking into it . So why not introduce the 808 and the N9 into the USA and make more money ? Oh wait …
    All this said , steveb and DSB , u do raise good points , Nokia needs to do more .Of course , in all fairness , WP is still immature and Nokia hasn`t had a chance to really impact WP design as yet . hopefully WP8 will change this .
    Another point here , expanding upon the last one , is that the Lumias r functionally inferior to the Belle pHONES AND THE n9 . Nokia needs to correct this ! Again , WP is still immature but they need to up their game , hope WP8 will do this . Meanwhile , Nokia needs to interoduce all phones to all markets , with a few exceptions lol ..
    Again , I`m glad to see that Nokia`s making a splash ! Cheers !
    Oh and Jay , I do buy my Nokias for what they can do now . By the same token , updates r always a part of the decision .I like to keep my phones at least 18 months . for example , IMHO , it doesn`t make sense to buy a L900 if it`s going to be obsolete in a few months , i don`t have that kind of money ! Again , congrats to Nokia !

  • Paul Grenfell

    Just like my old E7.. so the wheel has been reinvented just because its on Lumia? What about 808?

    • Jay Montano

      Well Paul, this isn’t actually anything to do with Lumia. The technology happens to be on a Lumia.

      Perhaps we can all look at the bigger picture instead of whining?

      CBD on E7 – praised
      CBD on C6-01 – praised

      CBD on Symbian praised.


      CBD on N9 – praised

      CBD on Maemo harmattan praised.


      CBD on 900 – praised

      CBD on Lumia praised.


      CBD on 808 – when it’s available, I’d expect it to the first PureView’s CBD to be praised too.

      What’s wrong with that? Why can’t we be happy that Nokia things are being credited? That they’re being acknowledged? Why must there be an instant ‘uh no wait, it’s Lumia so I must badmouth it instead’?

      Would you rather the Nokia came last?

      I see that this comment applies to you too.

      All this does is recognises Nokia’s CBD and the overall high quality displays Nokia delivers. Isn’t it a great thing that time and time again it will still have its great merits? I really can’t fathom why in every single damn post there has to be whining or smarmy comments. Why some people have different ways of reacting to the same news simply by finding out it’s Lumia related is just beyond me :/ Credit where credit is due. This credit goes to Nokia’s AMOLED CBD. Stop trying to belittle everything guys.

      • Paul Grenfell

        Jay, i guess im just deeply hurt with Nokia Australias decision to ditch the 808 in favour of Lumia.. Which you could imagine is a deeply sore point with many us Symbian fans.
        I mean no disrepect to Lumia , its nice in its own way and no doubt will be popular, but Nokia have done the wrong thing in Australia.
        Yes, i take your point and apologise.

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  • stylinred

    wow who’d have thought this news would spawn such a debate….

    this is encouraging news for Nokia, Lumia, and most of all Clear Black Displays we should all have something positive to glean from the news

    you guys are being ridiculous to turn this into a negative 😛

    • 101

      well this is encouraging news not just for lumia but all nokia phones as we may see CBD not just in the high-mid end devices, it might appear in their future next billion low-end devices as well hopefully

      • stylinred


  • sk

    wow great, L900 wins against 2 year old phones. Great achievement for nokia L900

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