Nokia Marketplace instead of WP Marketplace seen again

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Back in April, we saw a video that showed a Nokia Lumia with a Nokia logo for Marketplace.

This was later re-mentioned as something that will come (and not simply a simulated screen error).

Now TheVerge confirms that this is indeed the case, spotting another Nokia marketplace on a Nokia Lumia 900.


This tile works the same way, updating you with the number of app updates available.

Tom Warren reiterates that this was part of the original plan – to have a Nokia specific store in the WP Marketplace infrastructure.

Don’t worry. This won’t technically cause fragmentation. All apps can still work on any WP, it’s just that Nokia are working to bring exclusives for Lumia users, and those apps will show up only at Nokia marketplaces. There is already a section in marketplace for each manufacturer (e.g. Nokia Collections) but this would make it more prominent that this is about Nokia. With Nokia the only manufacturer really putting an effort into WP, why the heck not. Lumia is synonymous first with tiles and Metro now.

Also of interest is how this gives a bit more strength behind the rumour of BT file sharing for Lumia, one of the many features our readers have mentioned the Lumia needs to get from previous Nokias.


Cheers Prashant for the tip!


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  • Pedrokas

    you can also see it in thes video of Lumia 610 on youtube.

    • Jay Montano


      • Pedrokas

        you welcome 😉
        There was a typo there :\ “thes” was meant to be “this” but you get the message lol

  • MoritzJT

    The first squircle on WP?

    Let’s hope they finde some balance between tiles and squircles 😉

  • Chen Zhe

    If the “marketplace” is customized by Nokia, why it is not called “nokia store”? Or is it just replaced by icon?

    • Janne

      I think this is just a new icon.

      However, during MWC 2011 Elop did say they were planning on bringing a version of Nokia Store to Windows Phone. I’d expect this to happen around Windows Phone 8 in the fall if this is going to happen. In the meanwhile, a new icon.

      Just my speculation. Who knows what will happen on this front. I’m just pretty sure we haven’t seen their full plans on this yet, simply because they haven’t had time to complete everything.

      • Viipottaja

        I hope they don’t mess it up if they do do that though.. the Market Place works really well (well, at least compared to the only real experience I have from the N900 store… lol) and it would be a pity if the Nokia Store was not at least as good.

        What it might be in the end is just the “Nokia Market” section of it which would have Nokia’s own apps and any exclusive 3rd party apps”, a bit like the “Nokia Collection now”. OR just prominent Nokia branding.

        In addition -and this is probably more important – Nokia may be able to provide wide spread operator billing based on its existing Symbian operator billing arrangements, which other WP OEMs may not be able to do.

        • mdev

          Did it ever occur to you that the market matters also because in the future it will be one of the main sources of revenue? It’s not just about branding or “Nokia section”, it is about the 30% of the sales.

          Granted, right now they are insignificant and most likely will stay this way. But if you really believe that WP has a future, Nokia is obliged to try and take a part of the app revenue stream. Of course, if one considers Nokia as disposable “jump starter” for the “beloved” WP platform, this is not an issue. Probably that is why Elop don’t care about this.

  • housseinn


  • deep space bar

    why not just have a dedicated nokia section on the lumia instead of this….it seems to me IMO that someone is pushing something over someone else

    • Jay Montano

      There is. It’s called ‘Nokia Collection’. This seems to be just a tile change. Could be something else in future but at the moment it’s not.

      • deep space bar

        so why are they doing this then ….it makes no sense if there is already a section in the marketplace…’s like forced entery

        i know it’s a nokia phone but it’s not their OS anymore

        • Pdexter

          Brand identity. Symbian wasn’t Nokia’s OS either till 2008.

          There is appearantly plans to add some other unique stuff.

          There also possibility that Nokia will add some security meassures around it’s own apps on Windows Phone 8./Marketplace

    • Janne

      There is a dedicated Nokia section in the Marketplace. I think for the moment this is just an icon. Over time, if the original plan publicized at MWC 2011 holds, we well see a Nokia Store on Lumias as well – integrated into the Marketplace somehow. Just a storefront or something bigger, who knows.

      • Janne

        I think = I guess in this case. :)

  • Jules

    My Bro, went to ask about Lumia 610, as the Nokia store is closed, he went to other mobile shop. The sales person says the Lumia 610 gets hanged alot . Now please tell me he is joking 😛 .

    Question | any chance of the rumour of Bluetooth transfer for Lumia will come to lumia 610? as 610 is low end WP

    • Janne

      Jules: If the rumors are true, I’d expect the Bluetooth transfer to come to the 610 too. I’d personally say the chances of getting that app are overall quite high – and very, very, very high that 610 gets it too when the app comes.

      But this is just my estimation. I see no reason why 610 wouldn’t/couldn’t get the app. In fact, considering the target market for both 610 and Bluetooth file transfer I’d expect 610 to get it before any other model from Nokia, if the release were to be staggered somehow. :)

    • Dave

      I’m sorry, is “gets hanged alot” a good thing or a bad thing?

      • Jules

        Bad thing

    • Pdexter

      Thinking it’s mostly needed in countries like China, i would expect 610 to get it first.

    • Viipottaja

      By hanged you mean freezes/crashes? Weird as my Lumia 900 has not crashed once in the month I’ve had. Not a single time. And yes, that’s a revelation in itself after the fairly frequent crashes I have had on all my previous smart phones.

      I guess it could be related to the 610 having less RAM. But could also be just a faulty unit. Or a bug they need to fix.

  • aikon171

    It’s just a different icon.
    AFAIK, all Chinese version Lumias have this icon