Video/Gallery: Asha 302 Unboxing + Asha Challenge #SmartPhoneLiteWeek

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Hey Guys, Today I received  my trail 302 from the Nokia Connects guys (shout out!), basically the whole reason I have one is because me @psychomania666, @alsiladka  and a couple other guys on twitter are doing this challenge thing were the only phone we’re going to sue all week is this piece of S40 goodness, the Asha 302. So here’s an unboxing video, a gallery and an update of what I’ve gone through so far.


Honestly the 302 is quite the looker, I find it bears a close resemblance to the More recently launched Lumia 610; but that could be due to the chrome border/finish. The black/Dark Grey device has a very premium look/feel about it that would make you second guess it’s price.

Spec wise the 302 has a 1Ghz processes (I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that i’s more powerful than my N8), a 3.2 MP camera (don’t expect any miracles- if you like I’ll upload some samples later), Micro SD Card supported (up to 32GB) and the usual BT, WiFi Etc.

On selling point alone the feel of sliding this phone into your pocket is more than enough to be a notable feature, I’m serious the curves of the body can’t help put a smile on your face as you slide it into your pocket.

Worth mentioning that the Asha range comes preloaded with Whatsapp- which would make it one of the first device to come with a CROSS-messenger platform Semi-built in.

Woes of Day one:
A couple hours ago my Asha 302 arrived, and #SmartPhoneLiteWeek commenced, after a quick unboxing I moved on with setting up my email accounts, whatsapp, social etc… The first problem I encountered was that No matter what I try Gmail refuses to link up to the phone- even though there are some pre-set options that enable you to just slam down your password and Email and get moving, I always end up with the same error, till now I haven’t been able to resolve it (if anyone know please drop a comment).
The second and much more critical issue was that of contacts- Recently Mail For Exchange was released for the Asha 302- however the variant that Nokia Connects sent me isn’t yet supported (Gradual roll out); meaning I would have to find another way to copy my contacts from the World Wide Web, what I tried:
  1. Simple copy through Nokia Suite- issue was that my contacts on Nokia Suite weren’t updated with my latest Lumia contacts (since WP doesn’t sync through it)
  2. Downloading MFE – which was unavailable
  3. Downloading .CSV file from Gmail and moving that to the phone- Failed
  4. Installed the older NOkia PC Suite and attempted to copy the .CSV file through it- Also failed
  5. Re-Downloaded the contacts in Vcard format and tried copying them through Pc Suite- Which also failed.
  6. At the brink of desperation Richard Dorman (@Sheridan01) ‏Suggested I copy them through my N9 to the 302- this worked however multiple contacts where only partially copies (names and emails minus numbers = defeats the purpose)
  7. I tried porting them onto the Asha off my Lumia but was faced with an unsupported file error.
  8.  In the end I gave up and used the partial contact info off the N9 and added the vital contacts manually. Thankfully it’s only for a week.
Blatant lies of a successful transfer, I WANT MY NUMBERS!



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