Windows Phone/Lumia in China – Yay or nay? Possible 7% Marketshare in China?

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I was rather skeptical to read the WP blogs saying that WP was apparently getting some initial traction in China.

Oh you know I’d of course like it to be true, but I’m not too convinced as evident by my rather hesitant title.

Both WMPoweruser and WPcentral are reporting that WP has exceeded iPhone’s share in China. Now, for some context, I don’t think iPhone isn’t doing that well anyway in China (not as easily available, though people had been going crazy for it).

The source they both cite says:

The Windows Phone, which has recently been available in China, has two months after launching a market share of about 7 percent, according to Microsoft. Slightly larger than Apple’s iPhone, which accounts for nearly six percent.

Michel van der Bel, COO Greater China Region at Microsoft, expects the market share is sure to grow. “We’ve only just begun.” He expects a lot of the new smartphone and PC tablet because of their multitasking: “Our smartphone and PC-tablet hybrid, which is suitable for the consumer, but also easy to insert in an existing business infrastructure . This allows us better than most competitors respond to the consumerization of IT .

Is there an error in translation somewhere. 7% after two months? The only place this traction is seen is in Finland. It’s possible that it’s 7% of the sales taking place at one operator but it’s mentioned as China as a whole. iPhone BTW is on 6%.

Neowin and TheNextWeb has also interpreted the same source as 7% for the entire chinese market

Actually, no not just Finland. Apparently Windows Phone is doing well in Russia too.

Hopefully this translates into positive sales numbers for Q2 2012 for Nokia Lumia. More Lumia models is expected in China, hopefully making it to more operators.

Cheers DamielRohie and Viipottaja for the tip!



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