Days 1-3 with the Asha 302 #SmartPhoneLiteWeek

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Hey guys, so this is just a random update on how things are coming along with #SmartPhoneLiteWeek; for those of you who missed out on the last episode it’s where I only use an Asha 302 for the next week or so, here are some random points about my transition so far.

  • I quickly became accustomed to the keypad (Which is quite excellent) even though I’ve never been a fan of hardware Qwertys the Asha ‘s is very simple to get the hang of; as I previously mentioned my only beef I were pressed to mention one is that the Spacebar is a tad bit stiff. Overall however it’s an excellent KB.
  • Whatsapp (which is essential to me) is quite functional on the Asha, capable of running in the background (supporting push messages) as well as the ability to shortcut a specific conversation to the homescreen (like a widget which takes you directly to a specific convo.).
  • As the point of these Feature phones is to provide cheap data consumption everywhere on the phone you have the option to compress photos or data be it when uploading downloading or browsing (although honestly photos look bad enough WITHOUT compressing them)
  • I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could easily hook up the 302 to my cars bluetooth system and Receive/Dial through it without having to touch the phone, also streaming music to the cars stereo was a breeze and worked flawlessly- however the track details weren’t all completely sent (only the songs name appears on the info, compared to the Lumia which copies the songs name, album, artist etc.) while at the same time my friends E52 failed to send any info about the tracks and would cut out intermittently while playing.


Sorry for the crap quality but I took this with the Asha while driving, so conditions were less than ideal. point is track name was available to the cars system

  •  The 302 also natively supports uploading photos to Flickr out of the box (part of it’s Nokia Social) which is a feature that isn’t available on S^3 devices.
  • Battery life so far as expected has not been an issue, running on 2.5 days with multiple phone calls, texts, Continuous WiFi connection, Bluetooth constantly on, about 3 hours of Music streaming on Bluetooth and yet I still have a bout a bar of battery left.  If only my Lumia could get the same usage out of it’s similar 1400 Ma battery.

Honestly so far the only things I miss about a full featured smartphone (particularly my Lumia) are:

  1. Wordament– it has practically become my addiction playing it before I sleep and while waiting for anything at all
  2. A reddit browser- particularly Baconit
  3. The ability to open links which are sent via whatsapp.

Well that’s about it so far- I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted.

Also if you guys want a bit more #SmartPhoneLiteWeek read what @Yash has to say about his week so far over at UnleashThePhones


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