Camera Test: Asha 302 (Surprisingly Good) #SmartPhoneLiteWeek

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To be honest I wasn’t expecting much at all from this little feature phone, I was completely dismissive of it’s camera and even cheated on my No Lumia week by taking a couple pictures of a document with the 800 to avoid having to use the Ashas camera. So you can imagine that I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the output quality of it’s 3.2 MP sensor.

The Video quality is quite decent FOR A FEATURE-PHONE- (keep in mind that people who purchase these phones aren’t really looking for an alternative to the Pureview, they just want something that works). The Asha 302 can pump out a maximum of 480p resolution which isn’t too shabby (I was honestly expecting the maximum to be 360p); the color reproduction while filming was spot on, no over saturation or under saturation; the green of the trees and the ugly mud brown of the dirt is exactly what it should look like. I was also impressed by the zoom in it’s video (and camera)- I’m not sure what the max zoom is (I think around X4??) but first of all it can zoom in while filming which is something neither my Lumia 800 nor the N9 can do, also the fact that it could film something that’s almost 800 meters away is a whole different story.

Here’s the video (seriously check it out!):

As for the camera it’s honestly the most you can ask for from a feature phone; the phone lacks a flash of any kind meaning you should probably stay away from dark places, but all in all the camera quality was quite decent in proper sunlight- some random samples below (keep in mind I suck at photography).

*As always to view a picture in full resolution just click on it then click again!

Random Overview shot (this is what Jordan looks like)

A second Horizon view- Quite decent results in proper sunlight.


Image at full zoom- obviously bad; but I was impressed by how far a simple phone like this could zoom in.

Random close-up; the Phone obviously doesn't have any Macro mode but once again quite decent for a 3.2 MP sensor- you can even make out the letters on the Bolts/Nuts



Extremely low-light image- nothing special.

Semi-low light image and a reminder of #SmartPhoneLiteWeek (everybodies asleep)

Side Note- today is the last day of my #SmartPhoneLiteChallenge and all I can say is that it wasn’t too bad at all; over the past week I used less than 20 Cents worth of data thanks to the super data compression on the Asha (mostly only used Whatsapp push email and opened MNB twice- but that’s still quite impressive). If I was the type to carry two phones/Two sims the Asha 302 would be a main contender for slot #2.




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