Symbian Roadmap Redefined: FP1 IS Carla; N8 To get Both FP1 & FP2

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The following bit of information comes from– An Italian blogger who recently attended a Lumia 610/900 launch event in Italy; he got some very interesting pieces of information regarding practically all the current Handsets that were announced last February.

The most interesting of which is the fact that “Nokia Carla” Which was supposed to be the successor to Nokia Belle is no longer a thing, apparently Belle FP1 is the same as what Nokia Carla could have been (with other changes maybe coming in FP2). The other interesting fact is that the N8 our beloved Retired Camera Phone king will be getting a “FP1 Lite” as Jay mentioned earlier today (lite obviously due to it’s ridiculously under-powered CPU- I still can’t get over the fact that the Asha 302 that I was playing with had more power- Insert Jeremy Clarkson shouting POWER!~); however he also mentioned that the N8 would get a second update or Belle FP2. FP1 on the N8 will mainly feature the new browser as well as the new Nokia social (maybe the new status bar notifications integration for messages?).


Here’s the original post (after running it through google translate)- whoever he was talking to seemed quite open about Nokias roadmap and plans:

What are the actual dates of the output of the phones announced today?

Then, the dates are approximate because it depends on our willingness volume (said in a nutshell: to fill the warehouses of stores NDR) but by June they will all be available on the market.

The 610 is already out in white and black version, when will the next color?

The other colors will be available within 3 months.

Can you tell me something about 610 NFC?

610 NFC is a different version from that produced at this time and will be available around the end of August.

To answer this question … definitely not upgrade to Windows 8 Phone Lumia also cover the market today?

We say that this is not a question for Nokia but it is a question for Microsoft(I asked the question but I’m sure that will come … I’m a mentalist expert! ahahahah NDR)

A few days ago a story circulated on the net when he was told that Nokia would bring an application to bring the exchange of files via bluetooth on Nokia Lumia, confirmation?

This I swear that I will not say I know! I was not informed about it!

As Nokia is contributing to the development of Windows Phone 8?

We are of course very important partners for development and we are intervening in many areas to bring their own experience of Nokia to Microsoft and then be able to create and innovate with them.

More details on the processors of 808? Models, acronyms and more technical information …

As for the 808 are secret the details of processing, but they are powerful processors, has well 3: for the graphics processing, one for the processing of 41MP and one who supervises the processing of the software.

The contents of the sales package contain dell’808 enclosures with cover lens and tripod?

The sales package is similar to other phones (earphones, charger and USB cable) , you mentioned accessories are sold separately.

One can say that Symbian FP1 and Symbian Belle Carla or this latest update will be released in the coming months?

Then: Carla is no longer a name we use. FP1 is pretty much that was once called Carla.

Nokia Italy is satisfied with the sales results in our country, particularly Lumia?

Clearly, the Lumia is reaching a moment of popularity that meets and makes us proud every day to go to work and produce something that will delight our consumers.

My interpretation/Notes:

  • Phones announced today = Lumia 610 & 900- released in June which is less than a week away now.
  • The Lumia 610 with NFC will come in August (isn’t that when WP8 is supposed to come out?? Which supports my previous theory
  • Microsoft sure have the wraps on the whole WP8 situation, nobody knows what’s going on!
  • Partners in Development of WP8 = Some Nokia UI customizations???????
  • More vague sales references, hope they really are good.


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