Engadget on Nokia 808 PureView ”New Benchmark for Mobile Imaging” (+Vs iPhone and HTC OneS)

| May 24, 2012 | 24 Replies

Now this explains why Engadget’s Nokia 808 PureView sample post consisted of merely 2 lines. They just wanted to share the images first and then discuss it later in a separate post.

Mat Smith from Engadget takes a look at the Nokia 808 PureView’s capabilities, comparing it even with the iPhone 4S and the HTC One S. Now one thing we did already note is the difference in quality between pictures from Engadget and SlashGear, thus indicating that differences may be human introduction. With Myriam and the new Engadget team, they’re a lot more aware now of how to use the cameras from Nokia and so can give a fairer representation on how they do.

Engadget’s Mat seems to be very pleased. Here are some choice quotes:



  • this looks to be the new benchmark for mobile imaging
  • Nokia 808 PureView is also capable of capturing a mind-boggling amount of small detail
  • Nokia’s smartphone gave a far more realistic composition of the landscape picture we’ve cropped here from eight megapixels.
  • One S seemed to focus better, its colors are a little oversaturated and that also adds some noise into the mix. (Note – remember some focusing issues in the cake picture, Engadget vs SlashGear? Not sure what might have been causing this)
  • The lack of noise and superb sharpness truly stood out here.
  • we found that Nokia’s PureView 808 seemed to focus in on the detail better than its rivals (interesting.)
  •  we wish we had more time getting to grips with the 808 PureView
  •  interface on the 808 PureView was far more accessible and quick especially compared to its iOS and Android rivals
  • One-touch zoom on 5-megapixel images, by simply swiping across the display, is an addictive
  • ability to hold your finger on the screen and change focus modes was also a boon
  • browsing gallery previews and transitioning to the full images were swift

The difference in resolution would of course be even greater if the 808 was set to full resolution – although that would require optimum lighting conditions to show the extreme detail. PureView is more something that is ready for all conditions.

Well there you go. 😀 Thanks Engadget!

Well done Nokia 808 PureView!

Source: engadget

Cheers steelicon  for the tip!


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  • Jill

    They like the Interface (Cam or have they started liking Belle ?) .. They like how the Images in the Gallery open up fast & all.

    Of-course Belle FP1 is fast & especially on 808.

    Sidenote: I look at Belle & i kind of see how much potential it carried for further development. I guess thats all over now.

    • Jay Montano

      Like I said, I feel (I haven’t used it so it’s just a feeling) that FP1 sorts out a lot of the issues I had with S^3 (even Belle), and that combined with more oomph from the 808, it looks to be a great mobile experience. Especially since the insane camera just makes up a huge ton (e.g. balances out maybe my wishes for wanting a higher res screen).

      • deep space bar

        who ever did the slight web layout change congrats

        • snoflake


        • zymesh

          im seeing large avatars now!

      • Jill

        Hope they keep on developing it in the form of small small updates. That will be worthy of Nokia.

      • Recruta

        I am using FP1 for some time with my 701. I still have a N8 running on Belle. The difference is quite significant, both in terms of speed and functionality.

        The only gripe regarding FP1 is still related to the web browser. It’s never been as good as it is now, but it’s still not good enough.

        This is my ONLY gripe. Other than that the interface is absolutely quick and responsive. I am loving Belle FP1 to be honest. If it was a woman, all she would need to become perfect is a nose surgery.

        • goosepig

          Thank god for Opera then 🙂

  • anonymous

    i liked the shot in the parking lot coming from the 11th floor of zeiss building, the number is very clear and also the cracks… XD …

    and also one of the commentors sharpens and over saturates the image of the tower and boom… hehe…

  • Glad to see Engadget tinker with the device without doing what they did to their Nokia N8 review and sample video.

    • deep space bar

      yep that was stupid

    • Michael88

      I think at they did it again. People don’t read the article, they only watch images and the only conclusion is that:

      – Pureview isn’t that good
      – Htc one s takes better images

      • deep space bar

        only cause it runs symbian…this is the same shit i’ve been mentioning….patriotism and propaganda

        • KeiZka

          Most of them don’t even know it has Symbian in it… They just loooooove that saturation and candy land images!

  • Dave²

    I can’t get my head around the pictures, they look terrible when compared to other 808 galleries.
    Maybe they were using full resolution and not PureView mode. Or a smudge on the lens.

  • Mathias

    Wow, for a critic Engadged doesn’t like criticism very much them selves. I merely questioned their independence based on N8 fiasco and instaban.

    • raz0rz

      This happened with me as well. I posted how the pictures looked terrible compared to other 808 pictures I’ve seen and how they made them look as bad as iPhone 4S and HTC One S and they immediately banned me.

      • Janne

        Apparently something similar happened when Engadget posted the Nokia PR video about PureView few days ago and made snide remarks about it in the short blog post. They banned a bunch of commenters reportedly and then apparently deleted all comments!?!?

        If true, shame on you Engadget.

  • Rock

    They should have used the full res shot on the church tower comparison.

    • Lord US

      What you mean is that using the actual PureView for the image makes it worse compared to the original 38 Mpix picture?

      Let see, what was the selling argument with 808? Resolution or PureView that can be done later with some software?

      You wanted the full resolution instead of PureView?

    • Janne

      Just some musings on this topic:

      I would think that one upside of shooting in PureView is that the oversampling is done before the image is compressed to JPG. Surely this benefits the quality, rather than processing the JPG later.

      Unless 808 supports RAW?

      Also, ability to shoot with PureView will make managing the file sizes etc. easier for most people.

      • Lord US

        Sure, that’s the way it goes. You get a slightly better downsized image if the processing is done before compression. What the people are complaining about is the fact that you lose details as the image size is reduced when using the PureView.

      • As per @phonedaz, a.k.a., Mr. Damian Dinning, no RAW support.

  • Janne shows 808 PureView now too, without any tiles. 😉

    Now, where is my pre-order?