NFC Image share and mobile payment (Mastercard/Visa) for Nokia 808 PureView

| May 24, 2012 | 15 Replies


Quick heads up on the Nokia 808 PureView again, this time concerning the NFC feature. Namely image sharing and mobile payment. NFC image transfers have been seen before on Nokia Belle devices. Nokia has apparently already applied for Mastercard and Visa accreditation.

Source: Engadget

Cheers steelicon and prashant for the tip!


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  • arvi

    I hope “that thing”(I don’t remember the technology that Nokia made about Bluetooth file transfer I don’t remember if it is 1GB in 1minute or something) to be materialized in future Nokia products using NFC.

  • goosepig

    Is this just for 808, or all Belle devices with NFC?

    BTW, where the chuff is this 808?!! Nokia and their delayed launches eh… some thing never change with Nokia, even post-Elop. I am ready to buy!!! 🙂

  • Jill

    Why all this when this is the last Symbian device with all the future plans for updates being cancelled ?

    • JGrove303

      Because Symbian should have a full load of abilities and features as it is sent off into the wild, to come back a man one day!

      In all seriousness though, probably because the 808 is going to sell all over and sell pretty well. Symbian has been Nokia’s testbed for a lot of tech. Best to figure it out on junker before blowing it on their mass market comeback devices.

  • Great article, like always! I am very much impressed with your work..

  • DKM

    Nokia Belle with FP2 will be the last as stated so will the OS be a complete OS where other OS’s have to catch up.

    I still feel that symbian is the strongest OS out there in terms of customization and features.

  • Waqas Ahmad Khan

    I am still depressed and annoyed that why nokia does not just release its hardware in time and why not everywhere instead of just few selected markets? 808 was announced in February and still be are talking about it as if it is something alien and see Samsung galaxy sIII was just announced a week or two back and is already hitting allover the world, even in Pakistan where a week earlier Nokia released two to its failed feature phones.

    P.S: No wonder why Samsung took over Nokia.

    • zymesh

      Nothing new here since N8 their last NSeries flagship was delayed for half a year….

      As for the NFC thing, im not sure if that has any purpose yet for most people. Here in the Philippines i havent seen any use for a NFC device or card.

  • Madratz

    Nokia’s gonna launch the Lumia 900 in Singapore this Saturday 26th May. Guess its gonna be the next 2-3 weeks after that for them to launch the 808.. =(

  • twig

    If they applied for visa/mastercard shall we say it’s on 8? Maybe even on new 40/n9?

    • James

      It won’t come to the N9, it doesn’t have a secure-element that supports SWP.
      It MAY be possible to add a SE/SWP with a mSIM, sticker, or dongle…
      But even then Nokia would have to add some kind of support into the fw I imagine.
      I’m murky on the exact details/requirements though….
      808 has SE/SWP, as do quite some more recent S^3 handsets, & there’s the 610NFC coming too.

  • Jason

    This is all great news to me as all of these Nokia deals will find their way to Windows Phone and the platform will take off.

  • Madratz

    Oohh.. Wow.. Is MNB launching its mobile pages this very moment..?? Or is my N9 not rendering MNB correctly..?

    • Madratz

      Not liking the new mobile pages at the moment.. Doesn’t seem to allow me to see what I’m typing.. Have to resort to Opera Mobile with Desktop enabled.. =\