Nokia N8 Vs. iPad3/New iPad: Video Quality Comparison

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N8 Vs. iPad 3

Earlier today I entered an “Apple Store” for the first time in my life; walked up to a nice salesman called Tom and asked him for an iPad 3; don’t worry I’m not defecting to team Apple but in my opinion the iPad is one product that till now hasn’t been matched in Design or function. The main reason I purchased an iPad was I grew sick of my touchpad (running android) and wanted something more useful, the other major factor that influenced my purchase was Facetime- My mom stopped using Skype the day she got an iPhone, forcing me to facetime her off my brothers iPhone everytime I wanted to speak to her.

I honestly had no idea that the iPad 3 supported 1080p recording (as it only packs a semi-decent 5mp camera) but apparently it does; I understand it’s unfair to compare two “genres” of devices, let alone one that can’t record 1080p to one that can. but for the sake of finding out which is better I did (mainly because I needed to know which is better for filming my unboxings and reviews).


Just two quick points about the iPad:

  1. The video capture angle is alot less than that of the N8; meaning that it ends up filming objects that are further away (as if it’s constantly zoomed)
  2. Secondly the AutoFocus on the iPad is REALLY REALLY good (and the tap to focus is also quite effective).

Special thanks to ROCK for the awesome intro animations!

iPad Sample (remember to view in 1080p):

N8 sample (Also switch up to 720p- please and thankyou)

*at some places the sound faded out cause of the awkward position I was holding the phone/tablet in meant that I was covering up the microphone.

Honestly for the time being I’m going to start filming with the iPad; but make no mistake the iPad is by no means a Camera; it’s over 10 inches, very unwieldy and if I ever see anyone filming with it in public I WILL point and laugh, but it takes good videos, and I think that’s the point. Hopefully once I get an 808 that’ll be my new base camera as I expect it to stop all over the iPads recording abilities.


*I got the white iPad for the sole purpose of matching it up with my stormtrooper once I get one 😀


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Hey, my name's Ali- Currently a fifth (and final) year Dental Student from Chicago; studying in Jordan. I love all sorts of gadgets almost as much as I love my cookies! Be sure to follow my Twitter handle @AliQudsi and Subcribe to my Youtube for the latest videos - no pressure. Thanks.
  • Maaaaas

    An android tab?

    • vali

      android tablets suck, in the tablet market nothing can outmatch the ipad. before i bought mine i tested the Xoom and Galaxy tab and they are shameful products. For a phone i had the N8 and now the E7, i couldn’t bare the iphone 4, i sold it after 3 months of using it

  • Diego Cruz

    I have both (N8 and iPad 3) and iPad is an excellent machines but camera is pure shit.

  • Dave²

    It’s always good to see just how good of a job Nokia’s imaging team did with the N8 at only 720p it records video and audio better than the new ipad at 1080p.

    • Harangue

      Actually, pictures are good with the N8. The videos however are nearly always worse than what other lesser cameras (lens wise) can do. Same goes for the iPad, it seems to be smoother, more focussed and more stabilized.

      I experienced the same with my 800 vs. my former N8. Picture wise the Lumia sucks, bad color reproduction, poor focus and generally a pretty amount of noise. The N8 is always crisp pure and as what you see with your own eyes. Video wise however the Lumia is batter than my N8, far more stable seems to capture light just a bit better, only focussing is better with the N8. The Lumia can’t keep a good focus when switching from near to far objects. Adjusting is either to slow or not happening at all.

      TL;DR: N8 rules still pictures, but isn’t nearly as good in the video department.

    • Well, while I’m pretty much pro-Nokia, I need to chime in: the N8 delivers far(!) worse image quality than the iPad 3.

      The iPad 3 has out-of-this-world resolution (check out for some, as opposed to most “comparison” videos out there, reliable(!!!) and scientific test at ). The N8, on the other hand, can’t deliver resolutions near up to the Nyquist limit.

      • Of course, my post only refers to video resolution. The N8’s still shots are WAAAAY better than those of the iPad 3 (and even those of the iPhone 4S). It’s “just” at the true(!) video resolution that it sucks: it can’t deliver 720p resolutions.

    • Grazy

      you don’t always need 1080p anyway! Sky for example only broadcast in 720p and on my 46″ samsung it looks very nice! maybe if i had a 60″ I might see the beneifts of 1080p. It’s probably more dependant on the bit rate of the recording if anything!

  • Yemi

    Welcome to the iPad 3 Nokia phone club lol. I’ve got a black one with my N9. Now it’s time to jailbreak your iPad to do what your N8 can do out of the box

  • Yemi

    SpeAling of iPad, I recommend an app called flipboard. Can you make your mobile mynokiablog page compatible with flipboard?

    • Aliqudsi

      Actually flipboard was the first app I downloaded, even before Facebook. The mnb page is compatible, just search for it (under rss feeds) and it,MIT works perfectly with pictures and all,

  • Bfrenz

    Hey,Good to see as an iOS user.. Have fun with lots apps. Enjoy buddy..

  • Grendell

    I think it was good to point out how good the ipad 3 was and how it still dominates the market despite a lot of participants in that segment. I love the functionality it provides and its great for the kids as well. Much as i like it though, the iphones don’t tickle me that way. Had a 4 and 4s sold both and kept my N9. Its also annoying to have to periodically clear the board of open apps one by one just to avoid slowdowns on the iphones. Though the camera (and it hurts to say this) IS better on the 4s than it is on the N9.

    • Aliqudsi

      Well said, I lvoe the flexibility of the iPad (and it’s screen) but the iPhone never did anything to me; I think it’s cause iPad apps look nicer? I had a 4 for a month before I forgot where I left it (from how little I used it, then I gave it back to my dad).

  • j

    oh i see the next favourite combination of nokia fans in future:
    nokia 808 pureview and ipad…

    • alexander65536

      that will be an insult really to the 808, dnt u think ?

      • Grendell

        Perhaps not. The ipad 3 may actually be one of the few devices that can do the 808’s images and videos justice at least in its form factor and at full file size. Its my go to device for viewing output from my dslr.

        • Lord US

          Somehow I get the impression that your intention is to use the full resolution of the 808 and forget the PureView effect? You probably tried to say that the iPad 3 is a great device for images both full resolution and with the PureView effect with a low pixel count.

          It’s actually very interesting that the latest incarnation of the iPad has roughly 50% more pixels compared to the Full HD television with 1080p. Now is there any easy way to get those pictures from the 808 to the iPad with some clever trick as if you were using the iPhone and iCloud? That would be really great!

          Nokia should really make one of those tablet computers and fast. It’s a shame you have to get a tablet from a competitor if you want to show those pictures for a bunch of people.

          • “Now is there any easy way to get those pictures from the 808 to the iPad with some clever trick as if you were using the iPhone and iCloud? ”

            JB + AirBlue Sharing (BT)


            CCK + importing via the microSD card

            • Lord US

              Those are not so easy solutions for getting the images. BT is extremely slow for large images the 808 produces. Using a memory card requires lot’s of work. Besides we should be living an wireless era.

              Now the iCloud can use wlan to move the pictures from one device to another. The images can be synced while the user is still shooting for more and the iPad gets the data with a minimal delay. I’m sure someone has been wondering how the same or equivalent could be done with an iPad and a camera phone from another manufacturer. Now the real question is whether that technique has been implemented or where I’m able to get a solution similar enough?

              Yeah, the 808 and the new iPad would make a great team!

              • “Those are not so easy solutions for getting the images. BT is extremely slow for large images the 808 produces. Using a memory card requires lot’s of work. Besides we should be living an wireless era.”

                It might be easy to write a Wi-Fi server utility for iOS (actually, a lot of image viewers – for example, Photo Manager Pro – already support upload via both FTP and HTTP) and the 808.

                With Photo Manager Pro, this could even be scripted / automatized: surely there’s an FTP client for Symbian. Just start it, it automatically searches (multicast discovery) nearby FTP servers so that you don’t need to change the IP address each time you reconnect, connects and uploads the images. At least an order of magnitude faster than BT.

                BTW, only very few of the other, current (deidcated) cameras (mostly those of Samsung) support Wi-Fi transfer (unless you use Eye-Fi) and none of them support OBEX.

                • CS

                  Put this App on the 808 and it will act as a web server to the photo gallery. Then long-click on each image on the iPad and “Save Image”.

            • Grendell

              Unfortunately I’m stuck with tethered transferring of files.

  • Deep Space Bar

    welcome to the first walled garden.

    • Mark

      Welcome to a device that does exactly what it’s supposed to do flawlessly.

    • You can always jailbreak… check out this article on what jailbreaking is capable of (windowing with Quasar and the like):

      A jailbroken iPad 3 is a VERY nice and useful device if you do install the top jailbreak tweaks (Quasar etc.)

      • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

        Jailbreaking is altogether a different thing for iDevices. It brings out the actual power of the devices but it is against the Apple principles & only a minority do jailbreak their devices.

        • Well, people that don’t jailbreak would hardly use the additional features of Cydia apps. (speaking of non-geek people – after all, the majority of iOS users aren’t geek, just the opposite.)

          (typng this on my iPad 3.)

          • Aliqudsi

            Inalreadynjailbroke it, first thing I did. But I have no intention of hacking it mostly just fptontry apps before buying them, the only hack/mod I MIT consider is the sliding fingers on keyboard Asa cursor, if you’ve seen it.

  • co

    ipad is ugly desgined compared to N9,ipad looks like some thing from a decade ago,but it is functional

    • “ipad looks like some thing from a decade ago,but it is functional”

      Yeah, it has a screen. In that, it indeed reminds tablets from exactly a decade ago.

      BTW, have you ever handled a, say, HP TC1000? (A 2003 tablet – the, back then, lightest one. I have: I’ve had a TC1100 – the 2004 update of the TC1000 with a decent stylus – for several years and used it as my main tablet, almost just like and for the same tasks as my iPads now, before iPads arrived.) Pretty much different from the iPad 3 in every respect, isn’t it?

    • Lord US

      The iPad seems to be functional as you told us. The design may be a bit boring to someone but it’s certainly not a design from a decade ago. It’s actually a new and original design what it comes to leaving out the unnecessary.

      It’s strange how the N9/Lumia design does the same by leaving out the unnecessary but still adding some mildly annoying bells and whistles the iPad is missing.

      The iPad seems to have a big problem with handling several users.

      • “The design may be a bit boring to someone but it’s certainly not a design from a decade ago.”

        Yeah, the author of the post you replied to doesn’t seem to have ever handled a pre-iPad tablet, and most certainly not one from 2002/2003… the iPad 3 is vastly different from anything from that age.

  • iControl You

    Welcome to the iTunes world ! Warning you may be disappointed as you won’t be able to upload your full 41MP images to the iPad3 on iTunes.

    iTunes will reformat your image to 4608 x 3072 resolution –

  • John

    Nokia N8 camera will **** all devices camera except 808.
    Nokia is King 😀

    Guys 180 Greatest – awesome hand picked wallpapers for your Nokia N8 over here :×64-full.html#axzz1wEHtRF6y

    Thank -_-

  • stylinred

    i bought my mother an ipad2 when they came out and she loves it but she only uses it to watch videos… :/

    anyway ive played with it and as a tablet i think its pretty darn good if you have a place for it… im either on my laptop or my phone and dont feel the need for one

  • torcida

    Hi Ali,

    what phone belle running is that in your “supporting film”!?

    thx 🙂

  • ebirah

    I got a Le Pan android tablet & it works great at a fraction of the cost.

  • John

    can you make a post of my office…
    I mean your home office like lifehacker and all big blogs do

  • James

    Massive “Android only” fanboy Mee-Gone is conspicuously missing from this thread.
    I wonder why…… 😉

  • CS

    Technically the N8 should have better audio, but the wind is giving the N8 a hammering here. Try the audio inside?

  • Nokia n8 simply rocks, i prefer it over any other device. The display is also awesome
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