Nokia N8 Vs. iPad3/New iPad: Video Quality Comparison

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N8 Vs. iPad 3

Earlier today I entered an “Apple Store” for the first time in my life; walked up to a nice salesman called Tom and asked him for an iPad 3; don’t worry I’m not defecting to team Apple but in my opinion the iPad is one product that till now hasn’t been matched in Design or function. The main reason I purchased an iPad was I grew sick of my touchpad (running android) and wanted something more useful, the other major factor that influenced my purchase was Facetime- My mom stopped using Skype the day she got an iPhone, forcing me to facetime her off my brothers iPhone everytime I wanted to speak to her.

I honestly had no idea that the iPad 3 supported 1080p recording (as it only packs a semi-decent 5mp camera) but apparently it does; I understand it’s unfair to compare two “genres” of devices, let alone one that can’t record 1080p to one that can. but for the sake of finding out which is better I did (mainly because I needed to know which is better for filming my unboxings and reviews).

Just two quick points about the iPad:

  1. The video capture angle is alot less than that of the N8; meaning that it ends up filming objects that are further away (as if it’s constantly zoomed)
  2. Secondly the AutoFocus on the iPad is REALLY REALLY good (and the tap to focus is also quite effective).

Special thanks to ROCK for the awesome intro animations!

iPad Sample (remember to view in 1080p):

N8 sample (Also switch up to 720p- please and thankyou)

*at some places the sound faded out cause of the awkward position I was holding the phone/tablet in meant that I was covering up the microphone.

Honestly for the time being I’m going to start filming with the iPad; but make no mistake the iPad is by no means a Camera; it’s over 10 inches, very unwieldy and if I ever see anyone filming with it in public I WILL point and laugh, but it takes good videos, and I think that’s the point. Hopefully once I get an 808 that’ll be my new base camera as I expect it to stop all over the iPads recording abilities.


*I got the white iPad for the sole purpose of matching it up with my stormtrooper once I get one 😀


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