Barrons: A number of hangups for Nokia

| June 1, 2012 | 52 Replies

Let’s take a look at this story from Barrons where according to their research, Lumia was a ‘hot phone’ 4-5 weeks after launch but had cooled down after in favour of the newer Droids, apparently taking the consumer mindshare.

In terms of the USA and the Nokia Lumia 900 black and cyan frequently shuffle around the rankings, but have – amazingly, remained consistent in their placing. I have no idea what proportion of sales Amazon contributes.

During launch weeks, there is usually quite a lot of advertising going on around with the Lumias, but after that they kinda fizzle away. Where’s this rolling thunder we’re supposed to be hearing about?

Barrons also finds that regarding Windows Phone, it has not had a ‘significant’ positive inflection in global WP demand. Perhaps there is some significant positive demand in a rare few locations but what we need is for this to translate globally.

As such they are sceptical about ‘windows 8 handsets’. W8 handsets huh?

We have one more month of Q2 left.

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Source: barrons

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