TMO Round-Up: Latest N9 Apps and Hacks

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Fairly busy Uni schedule, got this semesters finals over the next 3 weeks, so I am putting all these into one megapost. I frequently scan through TMO and check out, as well as test out, some of the latest N9 Apps and Hacks out there.

First up we have a theme. The theme is called Black75, and makes the whole UI have a dark appearance. Check out some of the screen shots below. It looks quite good, and suits the N9 (white in particular). (Note: The font in the images is not the font that you will see. You will see your standard Nokia Pure Font).

Next we have an app.

The app is called QuickEdit. What it does, is allow you to edit the Quick Shortcuts on your N9 (dragging from bottom of the screen and holding the window half way). There is already an app like this, known as Shortcuts, but it seems that there has been quite a few issues with PR 1.2, and that development has apparently ceased.

It does the same thing. Launch the app, and select what apps you want to add to your Quick Shortcuts.

Here is the cool hack stuff.

On the N9, the status bar has so much potential, yet Nokia has locked it. Lucky for us, MAG has unlocked the status bar, paving way for hackers/developers to create applets that integrate into the status bar (just like Bluetooth, WiFi, DLNA etc. currently do). It requires the device to have inception (or be running in Open Mode – after having both, I suggest Inception is the better one, as some apps running on an Open Mode system cause unforeseen side-effects). To utilise any applets made in the future, you must first install the package that is listed in this thread on TMO. (The unlocked status bar also has an alarm applet by default).

Also, MAG has been nice enough to create a Brightness applet, which simply adds the Brightness Slider (found in Settings) into the status bar. Obviously, just install the package from this thread, incept it as well, and slide the brightness up and down to see a change in the device’s brightness.

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