Dangerous Waters: Using Wazapp (unofficial Whatsapp Client) to Promote N9 Sales

| June 3, 2012 | 41 Replies

Nokia in Bahrain have apparently been pushing Wazapp (the unofficial whatsapp for N9 that isn’t even available in the Nokia store); as an official solution to Whatsapp on meego

“the wait is over go to”

@EverythingN9@tgalal this was at nokia store, in Bahrain. Glad to see wazapp being used to sell ‪#N9‬

I have no problem with Nokia trying to push the N9 sales; however promoting an unofficial client that’s not even available in the marketplace seems a bit “weird”; first off I doubt the whatsapp people are happy about their services being reverse coded to get access to the servers and what not, second Nokia has a VERY tight relationship with Whatsapp; first constantly promoting whatsapp over BBM with the “Drop the Pink Campaign”

Then preloading whatsapp on all S40 devices giving them cross platform chat out of the box, Personally I don’t know the extent of their relation nor do I know if there have been other moves to promote Wazapp through official Nokia channels but I think this is some murky water to be treading in.

*Note: they could easily jut put an ad “Inquire inside about whatsapp on the N9” where the salespeople could fill them in; but banners and posters (whether spelled wrong or not) are dangerous.


Thanks for the Tip Tangarr


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