WP Marketplace hits 100k milestone

| June 5, 2012 | 56 Replies

Windows Phone Marketplace chart

Rafe over at AAWP, has put together a great post about the growth of the WP Marketplace. According to his calculations, over 300 new apps are published daily. That’s a great effort and a testament to developers.

Key points

As of June 3rd, 2012:

  • 100,145 apps published to the Windows Phone Marketplace over the last 20 months
  • 88,371 apps live (available for download, total across 60 countries)
  • Windows Phone reached the 100,000 milestone faster than Android (24 months), but slower than iOS (16 months)
  • 23,825 publishers (developers)
  • Proportion of quality apps (rated five or more times) stable at 8% (UK rating) 12% (US ratings)


Windows Phone Marketplace Visbility

There is a fantastic write-up by him, along with some more great graphs that I won’t go in depth with. But I suggest taking 5mins to read it as it’s been well researched. Kudos to Rafe for the effort!

Source: AAWP


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