White Nokia 808 PureView Retail Box with Magnetic Gorillapod and Camera holder!

| June 8, 2012 | 46 Replies

Hey check it out. It’s the Nokia 808 PureView. It comes with an official Joby Magnetic Gorillapod Tripod as well as an 808 camera stand. Equivalent price at £379. Not bad at all.


i am from united arab emirates and i just had my nokia 808 white .. though to share some pictures with you

inside the box mini tripod


the price is 2149 emarati dirhams which is equal to 585.240 USD

The 808 PureView comes in its own standard packaging but the whole pack in itself comes in another box. That’s pretty neat, no? There’s a leaflet stuck to the top showing additional very useful accessories such as the camera cover and charger stick.

Cheers Khaled for the tip!


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  • Edwin

    Nice treat =)

  • That must be some custom packaging from the vendors because standard sales package doesn’t include them. 🙂

    • Arun

      the standard packing box is inside this external box with tripod and stand!

      • yes, that is what I meant.

  • SSs

    who is Elina? a chick or a guy?

    • okama

      Elina is a finnish chicks name

  • Raffle time!!! =))

  • Quantom

    Darn. This should be the standard packaging for all 808s.

    • Madratz

      Its so OBVIOUS..!! Thanx.. =S

    • Pdexter

      Those accessories are not cheap. Phones price would need to be even higher than it is now and If Nokia would make it cheaper, they eould lose money selling this. Plus some of us already have that stuff.

      Good option, but certainly not standard.

  • Madratz

    Ooh… I’m so jealous.. Bought a pre-ordered white 808 here in SG for approximately the same price and no free goodies at all.. Not even for a pre-order..?? 😛

    Wanna add, I find that the touchscreen on the 808 is more sensitive than it was on the N8. I’m more comfortable using the Nokia SU-36 stylus on the 808 than I was on the N8. Good for ColorizIt and the like..

  • Alex Kerr

    Nokia seriously need to sort this out as the standard pack for the 808, and put it on sale in the UK and USA. (complete with mini USB and HDMI adapters please)

    NOKIA? If you’re reading this, SORT. IT. OUT. (please)

    £379 is GREAT value.

    Ball’s in your court Nokia, do you want to sell phones, or don’t you…?

    • goosepig


    • Dave

      I agree – something like this (at least with the back/camera cover) should be standard with the 808.

      I’m not sure Nokia do want to sell any phones these days. Sure, they make all the right sounds (at times), but they’re actions and general idiocy in marketing knows no bounds …

      • Pdexter

        What’s the problem? here’s the option to buy the package.

        The idiocity would be forcing people to buy this and pay more for something they don’t need, have already. Or Nokia could of course sell these by losing money…

        • Quantom

          Agreed. Give consumers the option but not make it standard. At least it’ll be cheaper than buying all the parts individually.

  • Alex Kerr

    Anyone know if this pack can be bought in a shop in the UAE? (or elsewhere?) – ideally the black version actually.

    Or imported to the UK?

  • sk

    will they deliver in India with same package?

    • ashok pai

      if its the same pack and at around 30k, a gorilla pod would be a huge value addition. I bet people will do a lot more with a cool camera built in

  • stylinred

    my god why does the uk have to wait so long :/

    any brother in the uae would care to help a brother in canada out? 🙁

  • Janne

    This reminds me of Nokia’s first camera phone kit, the one before 7650… Which was an official bundle of Nokia 9210 Communicator and a VGA Bluetooth digital camera. Both came in their own packs but were stuffed in a bigger Nokia box. 🙂

    This was in 2001.

    • Ali Abdulla

      it was a infra red camera if i remember correctly :), not bluetooth

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  • Janne

    I’m thinking Nokia intends to sell this pack to camera stores. Would make for a great product in all markets. Perhaps even U.S. will get it through that channel?

    • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

      That would be indeed a good idea. To show people the power of the camera.

      • “That would be indeed a good idea.”

        Which means it certainly won’t happen. Elop doesn’t like good ideas. Especially when it’s about Symbian (or MeeGo).

  • birju

    wow u lucky dude 🙁 i want one

  • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

    The price in the UAE is very good indeed but iirc, UAE doesn’t have local taxes like VAT on these products. Including that would bring the prices nearer to the prices in other markets..

  • Waqas Ahmad Khan

    BREAKING NEWS for 808 Pakistani fans:

    Nokia is said to be holding a Nokia Pureview 808 preview event for select bloggers and journalists tomorrow, after which the shipment of Pureview is likely to start with in a week or so.

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  • leon

    indonesia got this tripod and usb charger as bonus for IDR 6.5 million

    quite expensive

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  • seki

    you can easily get a flexible tripod with a universal phone holder (clamp style) from china eg for hardly any money .. certainly under $20
    I haven’t found a nice leather case for it yet (are you seeing this Noreve?)
    As for the battery booster .. the Nokia is nice but over-priced .. you are better off getting a proporta.

    Its really disappointing they don’t include hdmi or usb 2 go cable in the standard box .. but I have them already 🙂

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  • Clearly , Nokia should rethink about this and include these in the normal sales package too