Lumiappaday #213 : Twabbit demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800 (twitter client)

| June 15, 2012 | 8 Replies

This is my first Lumiappaday so all constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged.

Twabbit is a fun and exciting Twitter Client for WP. It utilises the Metro UI really well and has customisable features that make the user experience significantly enjoyable. I’ve been lucky enough to try the beta of it for some time now, so some of the features I mention may not yet be published, but I try to highlight those in the video.

#213) Twabbit

Price:  £0.79 (Free trial also available)



Developer Blurb:

Twabbit is a fun full featured Twitter client for Windows Phone. It is fun because you can customize a lot of it to your own taste, it even vibrantly changes colors according to your theme.

It is full featured, and here’s why, in random order –

  • 1. Fetch tweets at lightning speed, even with just an EDGE connection
  • 2. Persistently present new tweet button that enables you to compose from anywhere inside the app
  • 3. Quick reply bar for replying swiftly to conversations while viewing the tweet you are replying to, at the same time
  • 4. Support for multiple twitter accounts
  • 5. Support for user customizable single touch as well as multi touch gestures
  • 6. Tired of nagging hashtags or other social apps invading your timeline? Just mute them using Twabbit’s “under the hood” mute feature!
  • 7. Upload pictures swiftly without having to worry about the network and just downscale them automatically Supported picture upload services – Twitter, TwitPic, yFrog Supported picture previews – Twitter, TwitPic, yFrog, Instagram, 500px, pinterest, EyeEM and virtually any link that ends with a .jpg or .png.

A lot more fun features await you inside Twabbit. Download and enjoy the fun twitter experience!

QR Code


Design: 10

Usability: 9

Performance: 9

Price: 9




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