GSM Arena, Blind Test revealed.

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The results are in for GSM Arena’s blind test. The point for such blind tests is really to see what pictures came out best, not playing the guessing game of what device took what based on known performance.

I really liked ‘E’ the best and thought it was PureView until I remembered that the Olympus PEN E-PL2 was also in the mix. Surprisingly E was PureView, correctly guessed by many of our readers. Sharpness, low noise, detail are fantastic – but the colours by default do tend to be a little cooler.

Quite fairly, CDB was were the worst performing.

  • A. Nokia N8
  • B. Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III
  • C. HTC One X
  • D. Apple iPhone 4S
  • E. Nokia 808 PureView
  • F. Olympus PEN E-PL2

Quite a lot of people got their guesses correct this time, but it’s hardly a surprise – the 808 PureView has quite an advantage over its smartphone peers in terms of resolved detail and processing, so it’s easy to tell its pictures apart.

In fact a lot of people couldn’t decide which photos came from the Nokia cameraphone and which from the Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera, which is a huge compliment to the Nokia camera division on its own

That’s quite a feat when people find it difficult to distinguish between a camera phone and an Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera. GSM Arena is still compiling the results of the users preferences. It would be a shame if any of C, D, or B appears in the top 3.

Previously the N8 also demolished an advanced compact megazoom. It’s great to see Nokia with the 808 continue putting up a great challenge to dedicated cameras.

Now you can plainly see why ‘Nokia Rabid Fanboys’ may get a little annoyed when some people try to say that 808 vs iPhone 4S are equal or it that it’s personal preference which one has a better camera. Clearly no. That’s like saying it’s personal preference whether a Bugatti Veyron is faster than a VW Beetle.  Nokia is comfortably taking the imaging crown here against all other camera phones. No contest. It’s a little unfair perhaps for such comparison on that category.

Cheers efekt for the tip.

Update: Check out Damian’s response :p Remember when Olympus folks said this 41mp PureView stuff was nonsense. LOL. How about results speaking for themselves 😀 It does produce great pictures, it does contribute to quality, it is making a difference in performance.


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