Impressive Macro Photography With the Lumia 900

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Quite a large “Miniature” model of Chicago

The other day I stopped by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago just to have a peek around and see what’s what in the world of science and industry (must keep on top of these things); on the first floor of the museum was a very large Model city of downtown Chicago, complete from the sears towers, to the El train, to the little pedestrians in the street; all immaculately painted and crafted onto a huge exhibit. I took a couple pictures just to remember it when I noticed that the Lumia 900 took REALLY good macro photos compared to the Lumia 800 which frankly kinda sucked and couldn’t keep in focus on anything close than the moon. The Lumia 900 however took some excellent close up photos as well as some VERY impressive video capturing (especially since the lighting was less than optimal).

Super awesome tip: When taking macro images on a Lumia phone rather than press to focus (on the screen) hold your finger on the object you want to focus AND KEEP pressing on the object until the photo is captured (don’t tap and release- keep the screen pressed)- I didn’t know about that until recently and it made a world of a difference in the resulting images.

Here’s a video sample of some super closeups plus a tour of a miniature Chicago.

And some Macro Images (I know it’s no pureview; but there are some decent shots there):

This is the only macro image I took with flash; it gives off nicer colors but the colors aren’t “true”- also the flash was reflecting off the glass barrier

I don’t know which is more impressive, the details of the model; or the fact that the Stormtrooper was able to capture them (This lady is in the lower left corner of the first image in this post)

You can practically see the individual dust particles on the car.

All the above images are seen here….

This is the design on top of the windows of the building in the image above. Looks pretty darn sweet.

Try and spot the cow that’s in the next photo (it’s in there somewhere)

This cow couldn’t have been more than 5 mm High…. (flash might have been used here I think)




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