Nokia 808 PureView Night Time Long Exposure

| June 20, 2012 | 19 Replies

We’ve previously seen some long exposures from the 808 PureView in daylight with the ND filter.

At night when light levels are very low, taking long exposure snaps (sans ND filter) can create some really creative light streaks, as well as making night look like day.

You would normally need to set up the camera on a tripod as long exposures requires the frame to be dead still. I’m not sure how long the 808’s long exposure mode is but generally people can work all the way up to 30s or more.

During this time the sensor is gathering in all the light, a bit like a venusaur gathering light for solarbeam (I don’t know why I made that comparison). The longer the time allowed, the brighter the picture. Normally for really long exposures, you would tweak the settings to get a lower ISO and smaller aperture. This reduces the amount of light going to the sensor to prevent over exposure and a wash of white if you have too much light.

I’ve been wishing for long exposures on Nokias for a while. During the N900 hacks scene, a group did modify the Nokia N900 so that people could draw with light and the N900’s long exposure mode could record all of that into one picture.

It seems in the above picture you can achieve some long exposure but not quite long enough to produce that single slight stream.

You can create other effects too, such as ghosting (where someone goes into a picture and moves away producing a transparent ghost). You can play about with motion in this.

Not long exposure but a nice shot with the 808

Cheers Ahmed for the tip!


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